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The Historicist Requirement for the New Houses of Parliament: Gothic Revival as National Identity in 1830s Britain

Jane Trask
On October 16th, 1834, a fire broke out at the Palace of Westminster in London. The reconstruction of the Houses of Parliament after this fire reveals a great deal about the cultural moment in which it occurred. In the competition held to identify the new design, it was required that all designs submitted must be in either a Gothic or Elizabethan style, a controversial decision in a context dominated by neoclassicism. In this thesis, the...

Of Fals Ymaginacioun: Poetic Hypocrisy in Anglo-Arabic Letters, 700-1400

Sherif Abdelkarim
Broadly defined as the significant break between word, deed, appearance, or intention, hypocrisy might be the most overlooked and least understood “sin” in medieval literature. An odd one out, this moveable vice defies canonical classification: hamartiologists have attached it to Pride, Envy, Vainglory, Avarice. Seldom is hypocrisy named hypocrisy. Yet the vice’s active agent, the hypocrite, runs rampant in public, wearing a gaudy array of cultural and ethical markers. What gives literary hypocrites notable edge...

Electrochemical Detection of Rapid Adenosine changes in the Brain

Ying Wang
Adenosine is an important molecule in the central nervous system that modulates neurotransmitter release and induces neuroprotective effects during physiological and pathological conditions. Rapid adenosine release has been discovered using fast-scan cyclic voltammetry, which is a paradigm shift for the understanding of the time course of adenosine. However, there are still questions associated with the mechanism of rapid adenosine formation and its functions on a rapid time scale. Here, pharmacological tests as well as transgenic...

The role of Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor (MIF) in anti-tumor immune responses and metastatic niche formation in breast cancer

Kristen Balogh
Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor (MIF) is an inflammatory cytokine expressed by most cell types, which functions as both a cell signaling molecule and a chemokine. MIF is known to have an intrinsic enzymatic activity as a keto-enol tautomerase, however the substrate for this activity in vivo is unknown, and the importance of this activity in the biological function of MIF is still debated. Overexpression of MIF has been found in both the serum and primary...

The Local Practice of Global Aspirations: Ethical Self-Making in Contemporary Chinese Educational Volunteerism

Chenyu Wang
This dissertation explores how the educational development work enacted by foreign-educated Chinese students in rural China reflects contemporary Chinese thinking about the meaning of an educated person. I use ethnography as the methodological orientation, because my goal is to explicate the emic beliefs, knowledge, and practices concerning rural education in China. Data in this dissertation come from a total fourteen-month ethnographic fieldwork in a volunteer education development organization in Beijing and a county high school...

Nelly Dean and the governess: a study in ambiquity of vision

Thomas Richard Hagwood
This study questions whether the narrators Nelly Dean and the governess are "villains" of their respective stories. Did they consciously or unconsciously, mislead the unsuspecting reader to make false value judgements?

The failure of the American Colonization Society

Valerie Jean Conner

Walter Duranty and the reporting of the Russian famine: 1932-33

Lonni Ann Fredman

Music, dance, and female creativity in early twentieth-century American performance

Mary Elizabeth Simonson
Music, Dance, and Female Creativity in Early Twentieth-Century American Performance By Mary Elizabeth Simonson A plethora of female performers emerged within American art and entertainment in the first decades of the twentieth century. Creating and staging pieces that combined music and dance in venues ranging from opera houses and concert halls to vaudeville theaters and film, these women were ubiquitous, popular, and a significant part of tum-of-thecentury American musical life and culture. Actively adapting and...

\"The blessed echoes of truth\": catechisms and confirmation in Puritan New England

Agnes Rose Howard
This dissertation analyzes the role of catechesis in Puritan New England. Although other studies of early New England have noted the importance of catechisms, they stop short of a systematic examination of these documents and their usage. Placing New England catechisms in their European Protestant context, I examine the content and practice of this form of religious instruction. Employed in colonial churches, families, and schools, catechisms taught children the fundamental elements of Puritan theology, including...

Beyond the five senses: magical realisms in Haiti, Martinique, and Guadeloupe

Stephanie Nicole Hopwood
This dissertation, entitled "Beyond the Five Senses: Magical Realisms in Haiti, Martinique, and Guadeloupe," examines the catalystic role ofmagical realist fiction in the representation ofcreole culture in three former French Caribbean colonies. I argue that the writers whose prose works I analyze employ a magical realist fiction for historical, cultural, and aesthetic purposes. Though their methods and styles differ, the commonality between these French Caribb~an authors lies in their rewriting ofnational history to account for...

Photodiodes for Applications in Quantum Information and Microwave Photonic Systems

Jizhao Zang
Photodiodes are widely used in quantum optical and microwave photonic systems. This dissertation focuses on three topics: high quantum efficiency photodiodes, a photovaractor for optically modulated scatterer, and investigation of AM-to-PM noise conversion. For the high-efficiency photodiodes, we achieved 98% ±0.8% external quantum efficiency at 1064 nm. At bias voltage of -5 V, the 3 dB bandwidth is 7 GHz and the dark current is ~10 nA. The dark current at low bias voltage is...

Scott's sympathetic imagination and the quest for moral order in history

Richard Allen Robinson
Walter Scott followed the "philosophical historians" in regarding progress as an equivocal blessing. Looking at eighteenth-century Scotland and revolutionary France, he decided that the development of primitive communities into a modern nation both brought civilization and wealth and impoverished the truths that unified and regulated the old communities. He feared that progress might end in a congeries of isolated, selfish individuals. Wary of reform divorced from a sense of how communities cohere over time, Scott...

\"Dishes and Dusters\" and the Dangers of Domestic Femininity in Louisa May Alcott's Little Women

Victoria Tovig
Something strange has happened in the past fifty years: despite Louisa May Alcott’s background as an abolitionist, suffragette, and spinster encouraging a view of a more liberal minded Alcott, the past half-century’s critical evaluation of her most well-known work, Little Women, demonstrates notable disunity on how to interpret the text. Following a feminist reevaluation of Little Women after the discovery of Alcott’s thriller novels in 1975 by Madeleine Stern, scholarship has primarily used Jo’s marriage...

“What’s Happening Now is Bigger Than What I Can Write About:” The Unintended Consequences of U.S. Foreign Policy Toward Iraq and Syria from 1990-2014 as Understood through the Writings of Nuha Al-Radi and Samar Yazbek

Mary Combs
This paper examines the unintended consequences of U.S. foreign policy toward Iraq and Syria from 1990 to 2014, specifically with regard to its impact on Iraqi and Syrian civilians. The paper takes both a chronological and thematic approach to the U.S.’s foreign policy decisions of the time period and organizes the information into the following five sections: The Gulf War (1991), Embargo and Sanctions (1991-2003), Operation Desert Fox and Bombing Campaigns (1998-2003), the Iraq War...

Exploring Teachers' Fidelity of Implementation of Gifted Language Arts Curriculum

Melanie Caughey
Fidelity of implementation (FOI) describes how well the delivery of an intervention follows a protocol or program model as the developers intended. FOI is an emerging area of focus in gifted education, where the primary interventions studied are curriculum units for use in both gifted and general education classrooms. Researchers have identified problems with teachers’ ability to implement units with fidelity that need to be addressed for the use of gifted curriculum to become more...

Systems Biology Approaches for Studying Phosphatase Activity in Coxsackieviral Heart Disease

Millie Shah
Viruses are ancient pathogens that infect host cells and hijack their intracellular machinery. Most viruses, like the cardiotropic picornavirus coxsackievirus B3 (CVB3), engage several intracellular signaling pathways during infection through the expression of viral nucleic acid and proteins. During acute infection, these perturbations serve to condition the cell for optimal viral replication and release, while also avoiding immune surveillance. In chronic infections, where virion release is rare, these same perturbations cause long-term cellular dysfunction. For...

Trajectories of Family Instability and Disruptive Behaviors Across Early Childhood: A Prospective Study of At-Risk Families

Sean Womack
Economically marginalized families are at a particularly high risk to experience instability in the form of residential mobility, family structure instability, and incarceration of parenting figures. Previous research has linked instability in early childhood to later behavior problems, but little is known about the longitudinal relationship between instability and behavior problems. The present study uses data from 731 families recruited to be at high risk for child behavior problems on the basis of socioeconomic disadvantage,...

The equiblibrium ultracentrifuge

Henry Marshall Dixon

The human rights committee : a regime analysis

Alan Mitchell Parra
The UN Human Rights Committee was established in 1976 upon entry into force of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights on 23 March 1976. Since that time the Committee has earned a reputation as the preeminent international, treaty-monitoring body. Composed of eighteen individuals serving in their individual capacity, the HRC has played an essential role in the transformation of the UN-centered regime from a promotional to an implementation regime. Through its consideration of...

Exploring the relationship between perceived coaching styles and sport-confidence among college student-athletes

Henry Lee Harris
Based on Chelladurai and Carron's (1978) multidimensional model of sport leadership, this study examined the relationship between perceived coaching behaviors and athlete self-confidence among college studentathletes. Two hundred and twenty-three athletes, representing seven team sports from a large northeastern university served as subjects. The athletes assessed their coach's leadership style and behaviors using the Leadership Scale for Sports (Chelladurai & Saleh, 1980), and their confidence using the Trait Sport-Confidence Inventory (Vealey, 1986). The five leader...

Shadows of dominion : white men and power in slavery, war, and the New South

Alfonso John Mooney, IV
This dissertation is a group biography that traces the lives of four white male slaveholders from Virginia who fought in the Confederacy and their tumultuous personal relationships with fantasies, ambitions, and realities of power through the nineteenth-century South. It assesses how their conceptions of and designs for gaining economic, political, and social power ground against a postwar world in which such forms of power, no longer anchored by slavery and Civil War command, seemed fleeting...

Developmental needs and student engagement in an alternative high school

Jeffrey N Jones
Developmental Needs and Student Engagement in An Alternative High School America's public high schools provide instructional and developmental support for the country's emerging adolescents. But for some students, this support falls short of fulfilling their educational and social needs, leading to academic failure and school disengagement. While there has been much interest in the dropout phenomenon, much less attention has been given to programs designed to prevent school dropout. This twopart research focuses on how...

\"Essays on Pricing Dynamics: Evidence from the Brewing Industry and from Amazon Marketplace\"

Yanchi Yu
This dissertation studies pricing dynamics using evidence from the US brewing industry and from the Amazon marketplace. In the first chapter, I analyze the relationship between market structure and inter-temporal price discounts in the U.S. brewing industry. Most studies assume that consumers face constant product prices within a month or a quarter. However, consumers can respond to price discounts and strategically adjust their shopping behavior. Firms exploit consumers' responses to temporary price discounts to inter-temporally...

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