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Constructivism and the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence: Understanding China's Contemporary Role in Cambodia

Sophie Diamant Richardson
A study of Chinese foreign policy.

Methods for enhancing and tuning phonon transport at solid-solid interfaces

Timothy Stephen English

Integrated Simulation Platform Development for Connected and Automated Vehicles and Evaluation of Mixed Traffic

Lian Cui
With emerging technologies of Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV), various applications are being developed to help drivers with different driving tasks. Due to the ignorable reaction time and accurate control of CAVs, most of the transportation issues, such as traffic safety, congestion, and energy economy, are expected to be improved. In the meantime, there are public concerns regarding vehicle automation including system liability, deliberate interference, and interaction with human drivers. Therefore, this dissertation aims to...

Application of Real-Time Clinic Data and Patient Surveys to Patient Flow Modeling in an Outpatient Oncology Center

Ethan Haswell
Even simple outpatient health clinics present operational challenges, and patient flow generally involves projecting and coordinating scheduled and unscheduled patient arrivals. Outpatient oncology centers are even more complex, as patients generally utilize a number of services during a single visit. Previous studies in this domain have focused their efforts on improving patient waiting times while reducing physician idle time. This study uses stakeholder interviews to identify a number of relevant performance indicators. Responses suggest that,...

Exploring BtuB in Escherichia coli via a new direct spin labeling approach and electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy

Thushani Dilanka Nilaweera
The TonB dependent transporters (TBDTs) are sophisticated machineries which enable active transport across the outer membrane (OM) of Gram-negative bacteria by utilizing the inner membrane’s proton motive force through the TonB complex. Significant research has focused on understanding these transporters within isolated systems that do not truly mimic the physiological OM nor possess the required vital protein players for TBDTs to properly function. However, recently it has been possible to study a TBDT, the vitamin...

Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Monolayer Phase Separation on Noble Metal Nanoparticles

Steven Merz
Monolayer protected nanoparticles (MNPs) have a wide variety of applications from catalysis and photonics to biosensing and drug delivery. However, characterization of ultrasmall MNPs (<10nm) has proven difficult with traditional experimental techniques, making the synthesis and design of these ultrasmall MNPs challenging. Our work looks to develop simple and robust characterization methods using both experimental and computational techniques. Experimentally we use Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) to assess nanoparticle shape and size and Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption...

Sacrifice, scapegoat, vampire: the social and religious origins of the Bulgarian folkloric vampire

Bruce Alexander McClelland
Vampire narratives known in the West from literature and film derive many characteristics from folklore of the Balkan and Carpathian regions of Eastern Europe. It is generally agreed that the folkloric vampire is of Slavic origin, and that the Slavic term vampir gained currency in the First Bulgarian Empire around the tenth century. However, clues in the folklore and the historical record suggest that the vampire was not originally a demonic person who returned from...

\"From Herland to The Handmaid's Tale: The Complicity of Women in Oppression\"

Jane Ellen French
This paper examines the complicity of women in the oppression of other women considered "less fit" in Charlotte Perkins Gilman's Herland (1915) and its sequel With Her in Ourland (1916). It traces this to Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale (1985) and its 2017 Hulu television adaptation. The paper argues that each of these texts, over the span of roughly 100 years, offer a whitewashed version of feminism that allows white, middle and upper class women...

A Systems-Theoretic, Model-Based Methodology for Identifying and Evaluating Resiliency Strategies for Cyber-Physical Systems

Bryan Carter
Despite their name, cyber-physical systems (CPS) possess unique characteristics that limit the applicability and suitability of traditional cybersecurity techniques and strategies. While software systems can be secured using defensive measures, the physical and component interactions inherent to CPS require them not only be defended against, but to also be resilient to cyber vulnerabilities. Given the complex nature of CPS, the identification and evaluation of appropriate resiliency strategies must be handled in a targeted and systematic...

Improving System Performance via Design and Configuration Space Exploration

Chong Tang
The runtime performance of complex software systems often depends on the settings of a large number of static system configuration and design parameters. For example, big data systems like Hadoop present hundreds of configuration parameters to engineers. Many of them influence runtime performance, and some interact in complex ways, which make the configuration spaces for such systems large and complex. It is hard for engineers to understand how all these parameters affect performance, and thus...

Investigation of Chiral Tag Rotational Spectroscopy for Absolute Configuration Determination

Taylor Smart
Rotational Spectroscopy has seen many improvements since the 1970s, from increases in sensitivity, to decreases in sample consumption and time. While it has seen widespread use in diastereomer analysis, it has faced inherent challenges in enantiomer detection. For this reason, techniques are being developed that would allow for the use of rotational spectroscopy in enantiomer analysis. In this thesis, the use of a chiral tagging method was investigated for its ability to use rotational spectroscopy...

The Role of Wettability, Surface Roughness, and Rock-Fluid Interactions on Multiphase Flow Dynamics in Geologic Carbon Storage

Bo Liang
Geologic carbon storage (GCS) is a process where CO2 emissions from power plants and other point source emitters are injected deep into the subsurface to avoid their release into the atmosphere, where they contribute to climate change. Within the porous rock formations of the deep subsurface, CO2 will displace connate brines creating complex multiphase flow conditions that are impacted by rock characteristics. The connections between the interfacial characteristics of rock surfaces and fluid flow are...

The regulation and maintenance of of IgE+ B cells in galactose-alpha-1,3-galactose allergy

Kelly Cox
The prevalence of allergic disease has increased at an alarming rate in the past few decades, affecting both children and adults. Despite numerous attempts to understand the mechanisms which drive sensitization to innocuous antigens, the factors that lead to the development of allergy remain unclear. Although a number of pharmacological agents have been developed to treat allergies, these treatments are largely aimed at reducing allergic symptoms. Additionally, the mechanisms which maintain allergic sensitization are not...

Assessment of the Utility of Laplace's Equation for Modeling of Localized Corrosion

Chao Liu
Connection between dissimilar materials are frequently encountered in complex structures involved in aviation and aerospace industry. In a typical aircraft structure, aluminum-alloy-based airframe component and noble fasteners such as stainless steel is one of the most common couples encountered. When the aircraft is exposed in an aggressive moisture environment such as rainfall, fog, splash, or salt-enabled deliquescence, a thin layer of electrolyte or droplet can be established on the dissimilar materials assembly surface. If the...

A critical biography of Thomas Fuller

Dean Belden Lyman

Parenting from the inside: assessing a curriculum for incarcerated mothers

Elena Hontoria Tuerk

Behavior Model Recovery in Agent-Based Environments

Roy Hayes
Complexity science is a new field of study that seeks to understand complex systems. The term complex systems refers to a system that is made up of individual components, which have non-linear interactions with each other, resulting in unpredictable, emergent properties. To better understand these systems, researchers use agent-based models that use a bottom-up approach to simulate complex environments. Observed emergent properties are recreated in agent-based models by providing agents with a set of rules...

Reagan's Middle East: Lebanon and the Evolution of U.S. Strategy, 1981-1985

Alexandra Evans
This project evaluates how the Reagan administration’s diplomatic and military interventions in Lebanon shaped American perceptions of threat and opportunity in the Middle East. Drawing on recently declassified records, it demonstrates that the experience forced U.S. policymakers to acknowledge new security concerns beyond the dominant Cold War contest and to reconsider their presumption that military power alone could deter adversaries from challenging American interests in the region. Lebanon therefore illustrates a moment of transition in...

\"The natural sin of language\": poetic authority and the Christian lyric

Alan Jacobs
"The Natural Sin of Language": Poetic Authority and the Christian Lyric By the time John Donne and George Herbert became the chief architects of the Christian lyric in English, the increasing prominence of English Protestantism had provided ample doctrinal justification for a poetry of the individual's spiritual experience. Nevertheless, the practical and technical problems generated by the complexity of the task were and still are enormous. The Christian lyrist--in Donne's time or our own--assumes a...

Semiotic drama: the expansion of meaning in Conrad's fiction

Alison Elizabeth Wheatley
Joseph Conrad focuses in his important early stories and novels on temporal, spatial and social contexts as contribu­tors to meaning, rather than simply on language as the sole direct access to truth. Sounds, silences, and other aurally perceived signs become prominent in this process. Newly significant elements of drama emerge in the ·search for a semiotics of experience. Drawing on writings of Belsey, Bakhtin, Wittgenstein, and others, this study examines the way characters, narrators, and...

Voces que matan: narradores violentos en la ficción latinoamericanan contemporánea

Ana María. Mutis

Thomas Hardy and the aesthetics of regionalism

David Long Havird
Thomas Hardy believed that the regional character of his work, far from limiting its universality, actually made it profoundly universal. This study of four novels <Under the Greenwood Tree, Far from the Madding Crowd, The Return of the Native, Tess of the D'Urbervilles> and selected poems strips away much of the local color and social realism and finds the symbol for Hardy's regionalism in the venerable country dance, the archetype of what he calls, in...

The rhetoric of humor: Mark Twain and the art of the tall tale

Henry Brunie Wonham
The "text" of a tall tale functions as a "pretext" for the interpretive confrontation that its performance inspires, and it is this confrontation that lends the form its significance as a folk ritual capable of affirming the values of a community against outsiders. In his early writings, Mark Twain worked to dramatize this ritual by depicting yarnspinning performances in which his characters either gain admission to the tall tale's privileged interpretive community--like the narrator of...

Rhetorical centrism in the presidential campaigns 1960-1972

Allen Gillispie Trigger
Any rhetorical study of the speeches of presidential candidates has relevance to the discipline of political science. A major concept which. has dominated the study of American politics is that of the political center. Candidates from this view must shape their appeals to satisfy moderates without offending either liberals or conservatives. However, an examination of the campaigns: of 1960, 1964, 1968, and 1972 reveals that candidates do not simply appeal to the middle. Instead I...

Lumped parameter approach to stability analysis

Sudhir J Shah
A structural stability modeling technique based on representing the in-plane forces as discretized or lumped parameters is developed and applied to various structural members. Calculations of elastic critical loads for such structures as frames, curved beams, circular plates, and shells of revolution are performed and compared with solutions obtained using other methods. A new discrete model, which is called a modified Rigid Body Spring Model, is developed and described with its application for nonlinear analysis....

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