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Geology of Goshen Pass and environs in Rockbridge County, Virginia

Jay Anderson Rothenberger

Magnetic bearing synthesis for rotating machinery

Eric Harvey Maslen
Design of magnetic bearing suspensions for rotating machinery is invest~gated with special attention to the issues of modeling, actuator capacity requirements, and feedback controller design. A consistent approach to modeling the various components of a magnetic suspension system: rotor, amplifiers, actuators, sensors, and controller is developed based on the state space two-block form. This permits easy and automatic assembly of the various systems needed for this analysis. Actuator capacity requirements are determined with reference to...

The politics of school desegregation: the case of Pittsburgh public schools, 1965-1980

Tracey A Reed

Real queer: lesbian modernity and American realism

Dona Loraine Yarbrough
This dissertation complicates most histories oflesbian literature in English, which place the origins ofmodem lesbian narrative in "Sapphic modernism"- avant-garde, experimental writing from the 1920s and 1930s. In the vast majority of lesbian and queer literary criticism, nonnormative sexualities are assumed to be best expressed through experimental forms, especially in discussions ofwork from this early period. However, ifwe look not at modernist but at realist lesbian texts from the same period, texts which have received...

\"That ladies would take example\": gender and genre in Eliza Haywood's didactic writings

Anna C Patchias
OF THE DISSERTATION This study ofEliza Haywood's didactic fiction and nonfiction offers a close reading ofone ofthe most important and prolific writers ofthe eighteenth century. It shows how Haywood broke new ground by experimenting with genre and form as well as with theme, content, and point ofview. Most importantly, it also examines how, in a period when virtually every text advertised itselfas morally instructive, her conduct books in particular explore the moral and pedagogical complexities...

Modern epiphany from Wordsworth to Joyce

Jay Brian Losey
"Modern Epiphany From Wordsworth to Joyce" In this dissertation, I trace the origins and development of modern secular epiphany. In chapters devoted to Wordsworth, Pater, Conrad, and Joyce, I note the subtle changes that have transformed the romantic moment, what Wordsworth termed a "spot of time," into an aesthetic concept Joyce named "epiphany." Its versatility as a psychological concept--one that transcends generic boundaries--distinguishes modern epiphany from religious moments and discloses a continuity in British literature...

Description and Cost Benefit Analysis of Proposed Enhancements to ALMA

John Josephs
The Atacama Large Millimeter Array, or ALMA, is a conglomerate of 66 giant antennae located in the Atacama Desert of northern Chili. Through advanced computing, these antennae work together as a single telescope to pick up radio signals from stars, planets, or other galaxies. Since beginning operations in 2011, ALMA has played a major role in scientific discoveries propelling the field of astronomy. With ALMA’s extreme sensitivity and resolution, astronomers have been able to create...

A Full Polarization Analysis of NGC 3665

Evan Sheldahl
In this thesis, I analyzed Very Large Array (VLA) L-band observations of the Stokes cube coming from the active galactic nucleus (AGN) of the lenticular galaxy NGC 3665. Its data come from the ATLAS 3D Survey, a highly spatially resolved dataset of 260 early type galaxies (ETGs). I present intensity maps of its non-polarized and linearly polarized emission as well as optical R-band and interferometric CO(1-0) molecular gas data. The way in which the molecular...

Gravitational Wave Emission from Tight White Dwarf Binary Systems Formed Through Common Envelope Evolution

Juan Carlos Velasco Barboza
With the upcoming launch of the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA), the next natural candidates for merger observations are White Dwarf binaries. Current stellar mass candidates for gravitational wave sources suggest the existence of a mechanism which turns high period systems into low period ones. That is, if we hope to see mergers of such low-mass objects within the age of the Universe. In this paper we follow Iben.Jr,Tutukov.(1986)[1] to explore the different possible channels...

NASA Public Opinion and the Federal Budget

Layla Bryant
This paper will explore the implications of growing economy in GDP per capita and public opinion about NASA on the budget granted to the agency each year. These trends are interesting and relevant to the Astronomy and Astrophysics community through the funding aspect and the public association of NASA with Astronomy and space. Using data from the General Social Survey, U.S. Gross Domestic Product, Office of Management and Budget, this paper explores relationships between public...

Callisto's Dynamic Atmosphere

Marcus Smith
This paper presents an analysis of the atmosphere of Callisto and discusses how the Jovian system molded, and continues to mold Callisto's atmosphere over time. Before the analysis the general properties of Callisto and the atmosphere is reviewed and a literature review of pertinent information regarding the Callisto's atmosphere and previous scientific simulations of the atmosphere. These simulations and observation data for the atmosphere provide a basis for all the parameters used in all of...

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