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Inter-ethnic cooperation at the local level: Arab-Jewish coalition-building in Israeli municipal councils

Elena Grissom
Although national platforms of inter-ethnic cooperation have been explored, little attention has been given to areas of cooperation at the local level. Do local politics provide more space for inter-ethnic cooperation than the national level? If so, what causes variation in cooperative patterns from one city to another? This study examines patterns in Arab-Jewish coalitions in city councils of mixed Israeli cities, where an Arab minority lives tensely side by side a Jewish majority. Using...

Aestheticizing Identity and Commodifying Place: Chinese Wallpaper and the British Atlantic in the Eighteenth-Century

Tabitha Sabky
The vast consumption of Chinese wallpaper in British culture in the eighteenth-century resulted in a substantial amount of this material surviving today as a central component of British heritage. The use of Chinese wallpaper at a time when political, social, economic, and cultural changes were constantly being negotiated in comparison with one another, helped to create an aesthetic that represented what it meant to be English. As a product of cross-cultural exchanges, chinoiserie, as a...

Building Baltimore: The Shaping of Baltimore City's Religious Landscape

Meghan Page
Social politics play a critical role in Baltimore’s early nineteenth century religious architecture. The best way to examine this dynamic is through an urban topographical lens, mapping the development and growth of the City. No previous analysis of Baltimore’s religious architecture and social politics exists on this scale. Architecture is a window into the mind of its builders, architects, commissioners, and community. Through observing a building’s features, along with those in its surroundings, one can...

Woke: Performing Progressive Whiteness in a Racially Liminal Time

Gabriella Smith
Whites in the United States still live relatively segregated lives, where the interaction with people of color is limited, a lingering privilege of whiteness. This dissertation explores how whites with limited interactions with people of color think about racial others and understand their own white racial identity. I found that even among racially isolated whites, “woke” emerged as a way of performing a racially progressive white identity. Woke performances are distinct from the dominant color-blind...

Supportive Teacher-Child Interactions For Preschool Children Who Display Disruptive Behaviors

Pilar Alamos Valenzuela
This dissertation is comprised of three independent studies, each of which examined observed teacher-child dyadic interactions in preschoolers rated by their teachers as displaying elevated externalizing behaviors. Paper 1 applied an implementation science framework to identify patterns of teachers’ practices—in the context of a teacher-child relationship intervention—that were associated with improvements in the quality of teacher–child interactions. Paper 2 examined the extent to which teachers’ dyadic interactive behaviors enhanced preschoolers’ positive engagement with tasks in...

The vision of romantic tragic drama in England, France, and Germany

Jeffrey Neal Cox
The romantic achievement in tragic drama has been obscured by standard views of dramatic history. We have seen these plays either as a lamentable detour on the road to naturalism or as an episode in the "death of tragedy." Romantic drama arose in opposition to the remnants of neoclassicism and to the new bourgeois drama. However, the romantics also wrote at a. moment when the drama was on the verge of being dismembered into the...

Wicked bible

Kevin Joseph McFadden
A compilation of poems.

The architectural practice of Vertner W. Tandy: an evaluation of the professional and social position of a black architect

Carson Anthony Anderson
An Evaluation of the Professional and Social Position of a Black Architect. Vertner Woodson Tandy (1885-1949), a New York City architect, like the vast majority of his black contemporaries, functioned professionally in a city whose cultural and economic life was largely segregated along racial lines. In Manhattan's black community, Tandy was highly regarded and considered part of its elite. He lived with his family in the most fashionable and expensive section of Harlem, and was...

Last things and last plays: eschatology in Shakespeare's romances

Cynthia Marshall Ann
In Renaissance England people thought more often and more hopefully about the end of the world than we do today. Popular expectations of an imminent Last Day were, for the most part, literal: Christ would descend, the dead would arise and be judged, and the faithful would be led off to a new reign of peace. The events of Doomsday were familiar from the scriptural readings for the Elizabethan Burial Service, they were described in...

Excavations at Fort Chiswell: an archaeological perspective of Virginia's western frontier

Thomas Claude Funk
This work analyzes the results of The Fort Chiswell salvage project. This project was a joint effort of the Laboratory of Archaeology of the University of Virginia and the Virginia Historic Landmarks Commission acting in cooperation with the Virginia State Highway Department. The University of Virginia's Laboratory of Archaeology role was retained to conduct necessary excavations of the Fort Chiswell site and analyze the resulting materials.

Toward a common mythology of placement of students with emotional or behavioral disorders

Betty A Hallenbeck
The purpose of this study was to reveal the beliefs of professionals regarding the educational placement of students with emotional or behavioral disorders. This study was guided by two research questions: (a) Do professionals involved in changing educational placements of students with emotional or behavioral disorders (EBD) have a common set of beliefs regarding the placement change process? (b) How do professionals' beliefs compare to legal and best practice guidelines for making placement decisions? Using...

Risk-Cost Benefit Analysis for Access Reconfiguration of Transportation Networks

Marwan Alsultan
The design and operations of surface transportation will be subject to major rising trends, including autonomous vehicles, economic development, and advanced logistics systems. Among the known remedies, access management is used to control vehicular ingress and egress to adjacent property, where the main goal is to preserve the safety and capacity of the transportation network. While access management can assist in protecting billions of dollars in current investments in the transportation infrastructure, it is typical...

The Impact of Pre-service Science Teachers' Implementation of Engineering Design Integrated Science Teaching on Student Learning Outcomes

Laura Pottmeyer
The purpose of this sequential explanatory mixed methods study was to examine the impact of engineering design integrated science (EDIS) instruction student learning outcomes in both science and engineering design. The implementation of the study and interpretation of the results were guided by the Opportunity to Learn (OTL) theoretical framework (Kurz, 2011), which says that student learning is impacted by the opportunities provided to students to learn the curriculum. The OTL framework has three main...

Making all things new: thinking with and beyond the political theologies of Reinhold Niebuhr, Martin Luther King, Jr., and John Howard Yoder

Karen V. Guth
This dissertation advances discussion about political ecclesiology in the United States. Scholarly reflection on the "church's politics" abounds in Protestant social ethics, public theology, and feminist theologies. Yet, each field seems content to think through the issue alone, calling into question whether it has been explored satisfactorily, much less imaginatively. Given this lack of engagement, the dissertation hosts a conversation between these fields to develop a new kind of political theology. It first draws on...

A. F. Velʹtman's Salomeja: a case for the nineteeth-century picaresque novel

Uliana Fischbein Gabara
The aim of this study is twofold: it is an examination of one of Vel’tman’s best works, Adventures Drawn From the Sea of Life: Salomeja, and thus a study of the art and craft of this undeservedly forgotten writer; it is also a generic study which applies and evaluates recent works in the theory of the picaresque novel and places Vel’tman’s work within the tradition. From this procedure emerges support for the approach which views...

The Effect of Lethal Radiation and PDGFBR Signaling on the Contribution of SMC in Atherosclerotic Lesions

Alexandra Newman
Thrombosis after rupture or erosion of unstable atherosclerotic lesions is the leading cause of death worldwide. However, despite decades of research, the factors and mechanisms that control lesion stability are poorly understood. Human pathological studies have shown that lesions containing a thin fibrous cap and an abundance of CD68+ relative to ACTA2+ cells are at risk for rupture. CD68 is presumed to be a marker of macrophages (MΦ) and ACTA2 is the most common marker...

The family war: motivation and commitment in the American Civil War

Aaron Charles Sheehan-Dean
This study explores the reasons why Virginians made themselves Confederates and fought the Civil War. It focuses on soldiers and their families, tracing the evolving motivations that inspired the war and emerged during the fighting to prolong it. Virginians came to secession and war reluctantly but once committed they pursued an independent Confederacy with energy and diligence despite massive human and material losses. My goal has been to understand what drove this commitment to independence...

Autism and sign language: analysis of the signs used by autistic children

Brenda Chafin Seal
Since autism was described in 1943, different approaches have been attempted to improve the communication of low-functioning autistic children. sign language has enabled many to communicate thoughts they were unable to communicate with spoken language. Some autistic children, however, have shown little to no success in learning sign language. One explanation for their failure to learn signs is that they have motor apraxia, a disorder in which programmed movements of the limbs are impaired. Analyses...

Milton and the Drama of History: From the Revolutionary Prose to the Major Poems

David Andrew Loewenstein
From his early polemics to his major poems, Milton envisions history as a dynamic, often dramatic and iconoclastic process. His revolutionary prose works reveal that conflict between opposing ideologies can both generate and frustrate reform. The antiprelatical tracts of the 1640s express an ambivalent response to the millennial vision of history: such tracts as Of Reformation and Animadversions depict history not merely as progressive, but as a turbulent, degenerative process riddled with tragic conflict. These...

Gentrification in Charlottesville

Catherine Griesedieck, Alex Hassler & Rita Cliffton
This paper builds upon the study by the University of Virginia on affordable housing and gentrification in Charlottesville from 2000-2010 by focusing on the changes that have occurred from 2010-2016. The study uses GIS analysis on Census Tracts to understand the changes in racial populations and income distributions across neighborhoods in Charlottesville with particular focus on traditionally African American neighborhoods- 10th and Page, Fifeville, Ridge Street, and Rose Hill. We find that there have been...

Interdisciplinary Rounding and Associations with Team Collaboration and Practitioner and Patient Experiences: Does Design Matter?

Genevieve Beaird
Abstract The first two decades of the 21st century brought a surge in popularity for interdisciplinary rounding practices on hospital units as a means to promote collaboration and patient-centered care. However, there are still challenges to full-scale implementation rooted in the historical dominance of physicians over rounding practices as well as increasing complexity of hospital care. This dissertation includes four manuscripts addressing the topic of interdisciplinary rounding. The first, a literature review, concluded that while...

The Role of Mechanics, Degradability, and Topography on Oligodendrocyte Precursor Cell Fate in a 3D Poly(Ethylene Glycol)-Based Hydrogel

Lauren Russell
The myelin sheath is a critical tissue component in the central nervous system (CNS) enabling the fast and efficient communication of neurons. This myelin sheath is the primary tissue component damaged in demyelinating diseases such as multiple sclerosis. Oligodendrocyte precursor cells (OPCs) give rise to myelin forming cells, oligodendrocytes, however current in vitro tissue models fail to adequately represent OPC and oligodendrocyte phenotypes, preventing the development of therapeutic strategies to reverse demyelinating diseases. Traditional tissue...

Evaluation of Metal-Rich Primers for the Mitigation of Intergranular Stress Corrosion Cracking in Highly Sensitized Al-Mg Alloy AA5456-H116

Matthew McMahon
The efficacy of sacrificial anode-based cathodic protection for the mitigation of intergranular stress corrosion cracking (IG-SCC) is evaluated in highly sensitized Al-Mg alloy AA5456-H116 in a variety of conditions to inform the design of sacrificial coating systems for use in naval service. Specifically, the robust ability of applied cathodic polarization via potentiostat to successfully mitigate IG-SCC is demonstrated utilizing linear elastic fracture mechanics (LEFM) testing. The IG-SCC mitigation can be achieved despite increased Mg alloying...

Campus Compute Cooperative (CCC): A Service Oriented Cloud Federation

Md Anindya Prodhan
With the ever growing demand for computational resources, universities struggle to provide the cyber-infrastructure (CI) required to satisfy the needs of their researchers both in terms of quantity and diversity. Purchasing resources for peak demand for all resource types is not always plausible, and more importantly not at all efficient. Renting capacity from the commercial clouds can be an alternative, however, commercial clouds expect to be paid and are often very expensive. In this research,...

Hidden in plain sight: Spatial patterns in Late Woodland shell midden archaeological sites across Virginia’s Eastern Shore

Courtney Roark
Shell middens are archaeological deposits that form when people eat large amounts of oysters and other shellfish. For the Native American communities that lived on the lower Delmarva Peninsula during the Late Woodland period, shell middens were often gathering places for ceremonial feasts. In a highly diverse estuarine seascape, understanding the particular environmental characteristics of midden locations can inform what these community experiences may have been like, and how these social activities may articulate with...

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