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Department Chair Instructional Leadership at Independent Schools

Jaime Osborne
Department chairs can serve as crucial connections to teaching practice, and yet their role as intermediaries is typically not used effectively for improving instruction. The literature on independent schools suggests that understanding how the capacity of department chairs develop as instructional leaders is a need, given that independent schools exist in a competitive environment (Evans, 2013; Fish & Wolking, 2019; Orem, 2017; Torres, 2013; Torres, 2017). In this capstone project, I researched the ways in...

Prisons of Freedom: An Interdisciplinary Study of Contemplative Practices in Great Perfection Buddhism

Flavio Geisshuesler
This dissertation scrutinizes the dominant appreciation of Buddhism as a religion of freedom and the concomitant celebration of contemplation as a self-liberating, happy, relaxing, skillful, and present-centered practice. Relying on a transdisciplinary approach that integrates traditional textual-historical analysis with emergent investigations from the cognitive sciences, it exposes the pervasive trope of imprisonment in Buddhist descriptions of meditation. More specifically, it targets one of the most famous Buddhist traditions, the so-called “Great Perfection” (Dzogchen), to critically...

Sensing the Physical World Using Pervasive Wireless Infrastructure

Elaheh Soltanaghaei Koupaei
WiFi connectivity is ubiquitous nowadays, specially in the new era of Internet of Things (IoT), where the majority of physical devices, home appliances, and vehicles have some kind of network connectivity. On the other hand, recent developments in wireless technologies have transformed the role of wireless signals from a pure communication medium to an enabling tool for non-intrusive sensing. Radio signals propagate along multiple paths and reflect from objects before arriving at a receiver, so...

Solving Human Centric Challenges in Ambient Intelligent Environments to Meet Societal Needs

Erin Griffiths
In the world today there exists a large number of problems that are of great societal concern, but suffer from a problem called the tragedy of the commons where there isn‘t enough individual incentive for people to change their behavior to benefit the whole. One of the biggest examples of this is in energy consumption where research has shown that we can reduce 20-50% of the energy used in buildings if people would consistently modify...

Gendered Power in Studio Ghibli's Shojo: Subversion, Containment, Reinscription

Keira Myers
A theoretical feminist media reading of the depiction of gendered power in Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli's three films Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Princess Mononoke, and Howl’s Moving Castle, followed by psychoanalytical analysis of otaku subculture and its appropriation of said films with respect to real-life gendered social issues in present-day Japan.

Mock Stroke Code Simulation for Registered Nurses in a Rural Community Health System

Kay Bonyak
Background and Purpose: Nurses play a key role in rapid identification, critical treatments, and timely care of patients with acute stroke. Although nurses are best placed to identify signs and symptoms of stroke, they may not be prepared to activate or participate in a stroke code due to lack of knowledge and self-confidence. The use of simulation in nursing education can increase knowledge and self-confidence when caring for acutely ill neurological patients. The purpose of...

Targeted Education to Improve Delirium Screening Among Neuroscience Patients

Kim Dube
Abstract Delirium is a significant clinical concern that results in longer hospital and intensive care unit lengths of stay; increased morbidity, mortality, and healthcare costs; and is associated with long-term cognitive deficits and neuropsychological disorders. Considering healthcare system burdens and poor patient outcomes related to delirium, there has been emphasis on early recognition of patients experiencing delirium. The literature supports the importance of screening for delirium at the bedside and identifies tools used to meet...

Culturally Tailored Diabetic Self-Management Education in the African-American Type 2 Diabetic in a Faith Based Organization

Barbara Schimming
Abstract Diabetes Mellitus is a major public health concern in the United States (U.S.). It is well documented that minority groups are at higher risk and possess higher disease prevalence in the U.S. Specifically, the African-American community suffers with a higher prevalence of diabetes, morbidity, mortality and disease burden than most other minorities and the white community. The literature supports that self-care activities to manage diabetes translate into better glycemic control. Moreover, education programs based...

Evaluation of Biochar and Compost as Soil Amendments for Nutrient and Sediment Runoff Control

Paige Johns
An established Best Management Practice (BMP) for stormwater management in Virginia is the tilling of compost into roadside soils to improve soil matrix stability and porosity, encouraging infiltration and reducing runoff. An alternative soil amendment that functions similarly and may also offer additional nutrient-sorbing properties is biochar, the carbon-rich solid component of pyrolyzed organic material. Biochar has been widely studied as a soil amendment in both agricultural and stormwater-management contexts, but its properties can vary...

Conflict Breeds Conflict: Evaluating the Relationship Between Retaliatory Measures of State Repression and Political Dissent

Alexis Jihye Yang
Repression is a tool used by states not only to quell political dissent, but also to suppress and deter support for insurgents. To do so successfully, states strategically employ different forms of repressive measures to achieve their means. However, while the literature is in agreement that there is a positive relationship between dissent and repression, the mechanism behind this process remains obscured. The significance of understanding this mechanism lies in its potential contribution towards developing...

Walking and Talking the Gendered State: Women, Security and Authority in Karachi, Pakistan

Fauzia Husain
This dissertation draws on an in-depth examination of the experiences and routine practices of three groups of state-employed women security-service-workers charged with extending state capacity by serving and regulating women citizens in Karachi, Pakistan. Drawing on 120 interviews and hundreds of hours of field observations, I construct two specific explanations for the glass ceiling these women experience. First, I outline the symbolic problems these women face in occupying state-based security-service roles, which are understood in...

Sigma-1 receptor and the control of inflammation

Dorian Rosen
The endoplasmic reticulum resident protein sigma-1 receptor is druggable and controls inflammatory outcomes during acute inflammatory insults.

Understanding Processes Occurring in the Upper Atmosphere of Mars Using NGIMS Data Analysis

Hayley Williamson
Two main processes in the present Martian atmosphere are examined using the data from the Neutral Gas and Ion Mass Spectrometer (NGIMS) on the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) spacecraft, orbiting Mars since late 2014. Because of the prediction that Mars atmosphere might have been lost due to its interaction with the solar wind, maps of average atmospheric densities at altitudes of 180-220 km are created using the NGIMS data for three species: O,...

The Look of Forgiveness

Thomas Berenato
“The Look of Forgiveness” shows that a confrontation with the theology of forgiveness inspires formal experiments by three important British poets of the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries. The poets under consideration are William Blake, Gerard Manley Hopkins, and David Jones. The study derives its insights from attention to their respective manuscript archives. It concludes by noting the significance of a poetics of forgiveness for criticism.

\"Reimagining Ethics through World Literature.\"

Christian Howard
“Reimagining Ethics through World Literature,” examines world literature as a site of ethical exchange that cuts across cultures, political groups, and historical and national boundaries. Because global narratives – or more specifically, works of world literature – embodies diverse cultural, political, and ideological views, it acts as an extreme or radical example of transcultural exchange. “Reimagining Ethics through World Literature” thus proposes that both writer and reader are participating in ethical activities through the production,...

Magnesium and Magnesium-Oxide Primer on 2024-T351: Assessment and Characterization of Mg-Based Protection Mechanisms

Raymond Santucci
Aluminum alloy 2024-T351 (UNS A92024) is a naturally-aged precipitation-hardened light-weight high-strength aerospace alloy commonly employed in aircraft airframes for commercial and military application that is susceptible to localized corrosion in the form of pitting, intergranular corrosion, and trenching. Corrosion induced damage must be prevented with an actively protective coating system that can protect macro coating defects that expose this structural alloy to corrosive environments. For this reason, a Mg-rich primer (MgRP) coating was developed for...

Lineage Tracing Provides Novel Insights Into the Cellular Mechanisms of Atherosclerosis

Richard Baylis
Atherosclerosis has been the focus of biomedical researchers for nearly a century. Our understanding of the disease has followed a stepwise function – such that the development of a new technology results in a large improvement in our understanding. Inflection points along this timeline have included techniques for human histopathological analysis, cell culture, large epidemiologic datasets, hypercholestolemic animal models, genome-wide association studies, and many others. When I entered Gary Owens’ research lab, they had just...

\"Promised Cycles\"

Robin Sarkin
A collection of short stories and poetry dealing with issues of motherhood, adolescence, and gender.

De la contre-utopie: (essai sur le roman de la decadence depuis l'attentat contre Charlie Hebdo)

Eric Essono Tsimi
A la suite de Mark Lila qui pressentait qu’avec Soumission naissait un nouveau genre, à la suite d’un jeune chercheur canadien qui constatait dans ses travaux de thèse que les nouveaux romans d’anticipation français seraient des « pseudo-utopies » ou protoutopies, nous appelons genre cette forme littéraire spécifique qu’incarnent Soumission, Les Evénements, et 2084. Et nous nommons contre-utopie ce genre en effervescence. Nous avons construit notre objet tout le long de quatre chapitres, en faisant...

\"Less-than-Human\" Tragedy?: Ecologies of Suffering in Contemporary Tragic Drama.

Kelli Shermeyer
This dissertation forges an intellectual and performative alliance between tragic drama and the critical school of posthuman theory, emphasizing their shared interest in entangled agencies, cyclical destruction, irreparable loss, and the interactions of human and nonhuman entities. It explores what we stand to gain by broadening the category of tragic actors to include figures often indexed as “less-than-human” (or “less-than-fully-human”): children, animals, and forces of nature. Readings of contemporary plays focus on the reverberation of...

The Red Hill community; a study of four negro neighborhoods

William Leap
A study of the Red Hill Community.

The phonologies of American English and contemporary standard Russian: a contrastive analysis for the 21st century

Anna Rachel Stauffer
This dissertation offers a detailed contrastive analysis of Contemporary Standard Russian and General American English. The guiding principle, that the goal of contrastive analysis should not be as it traditionally has been, i.e., purely pedagogical, but that it should also serve as the basis for general hypotheses of Second Language Acquisition (SLA). This more ambitious goal has two consequences: a) it ceases to require that the two languages compared have a pedagogical relationship, and b.)...

Evaluation of Functional Outcomes Following Modification of a Tissue Engineered Muscle Repair Technology for the Treatment of Volumetric Muscle Loss

Ellen Mintz
Skeletal muscle has an incredible capacity for repair following injuries where muscle architecture (basal lamina and ECM) and cellular components (satellite cells) remain intact. However, the removal of muscle beyond what the body has the endogenous regenerative ability to repair is the definition of volumetric muscle loss injuries (VML). These injuries lead to permanent cosmetic and functional deficits for which there are no adequate surgical or rehabilitative interventions. Tissue engineered therapies show great promise as...

Examining the Performance of Different Contextual Representations in a Canonical Language Model

Brandon Jacques
Driven by advances in computer engineering, model architectures, and training methods, the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP) has reached new heights of performance. Currently utilizing short-term buffers to represent the context in which a word is experienced, these models have lagged behind recent developments in the understanding of human memory. Finite representations of context ignore the fact that the temporal scale in which words are predictive of each other can go up to hundreds...

On-Wafer Load-Pull for Millimeter-Wave Applications Above 100GHz

Louis Lukaczyk
There is interest in performing load pull measurements on millimeter-wave power amplifiers above 100 GHz. Losses in the tuner and test fixture make it difficult to present high VSWR impedances to the DUT. Commercial passive tuners are available that achieve VSWRs of 24:1 up to 110 GHz (WR-10). Constructing a load pull system above 110 GHz poses a significant challenge due to the increased loss and lower available powers from amplifiers for active load synthesis....

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