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The effects of multiple mating and patterns of sperm precedence in Plagiodera versicolora (Coleoptera; Chrysomelidae)

Akke Veenstra Hulburt
A study of reproduction in Plagiodera versicolora (Coleoptera; Chrysomelidae).

The fishes of Spruce Run, Sinking, and Little Stony Creeks of the New River system, and Craig and Johns Creeks of the James River system

George W. Burton
In preparing this survey it has been my aim to present a taxonomical survey of the fish fauna of five streams in the Mountain Lake, Virginia, region. To identify and describe the species and subspecies which constitute the population of the different streams; to provide keys for the identification of the families, genera, and species, where possible, for the fishes of this region; to illustrate by use of maps, the general distribution of each species...

The MOD 2 Homology of Infinite Loop Spaces

Jason Bryce McCarty
A study of infinite loop spaces in mathematics.

Facilities Management Recycling Web Application; An Analysis to How the Cybersecurity Has Been Shaped by Humans

Jane Weng
For my senior technical capstone project, I joined two others (my colleagues, Dwij Gandhi and Shivani Surti) in building a website for the University of Virginia’s Facilities Management(FM) Department. It’s purpose is to allow FM to to gather and store data regarding their day to day operations, allowing them to generate the reports and manage logistics on the fly. We were tasked with building an information system from the ground up with tiered privileges and...

Signature Replication Machine/Is SAAS The Future? A Case Study Of SHOPIFY’S Business Model And Social Construction

Zichao Hu
This portfolio contains two major pieces of work completed throughout the school year of 2021-2022. The first piece is a technical report about a capstone project that develops a signature replication machine by a group of three fourth-year computer engineering major students. The second piece is an STS research paper that investigates a popular state-of-the-art model called software-as-a-service (SaaS) by performing a case study on Shopify Inc. In the capstone project, a key motivation is...

Data Pipeline for Digitizing Perioperative Flowsheets for Low-Middle Income Countries; The Sociotechnical Effects of Social Media, Telecommunication Technology, and the Egyptian Revolution

Mariam Guirguis
Modern day technological advancements have transitioned the world to allow for an increase in quality of life. From allowing distant family members to video-call, to performing surgery using precise robots, technological advancements have shaped the current society for the better. This portfolio documents the methodology and results of two independent research processes that are united under the common theme of advancing society through mobile applications. More specifically, the technical research topic focuses on improving the...

Electromechanical Bioreactor for Volumetric Muscle Loss Treatment; Reassessing the Use of Race Based Correction Factors in Clinical Calculations

Benedict Albergo
Precision medicine (PM) is a clinical methodology which applies patient genomic and proteomic information to develop targeted treatment strategies for diseases. Recently, PM practices have been continuously integrated into treatment methods given they improve patient outcomes by decreasing return rates of disease/injury and reduce the time, cost and failure of clinical trials. The technical thesis applies the principles of PM to a tissue engineering approach to stimulate skeletal muscle constructs while the STS thesis explores...

Smart Fish Tank; How Technological Bias Impacts Society

Nile Alkebulan
Introduction Both the STS research and technical work relate to technology influencing and vice versa. The technical project was created to automate the aquarium care process which would allow its owners to be lazier. An automated aquarium pH balancing device is so marketable because people are inherently lazy, so they buy items that allow their day-to-day life to be less stressful. The STS research of how biases are built into devices and how that influences...

Engineering a Resilient Healthcare System: Using Heart Attack Outcomes and Treatment Methods in Pennsylvania;An Analysis of the Effect of Patient-Doctor Communication on Health Outcomes

Kayla Perkins
Americans do not receive care that is proportionate to their fellow citizens, rather, their identity makes up a large factor in their health outcomes. This is problematic to having a healthcare system that prioritizes every patient regardless of their background. Every year, 805,000 Americans have a heart attack with 12% being fatal (Benjamin, 2019). Factors that can cause a greater probability of having a heart attack include: gender, race, and income (Mayo Clinic, 2020) (Ford,...

Solar Car Telemetry System; Analyzing Racial and Gender Biases Perpetuated by Autonomous Vehicles From a Data Feminism Standpoint

Joon Kim
Recent technological advancements have pushed us further into adopting digital automation in our daily lives. One well known pioneering invention is the autonomous vehicle, which has gradually shifted driving responsibility to a complex decision making algorithm. This shift introduces a number of ethical concerns which I believe must be addressed before more widespread integration of such systems are advanced. The STS thesis will expose one such area of weakness autonomous vehicle algorithms are prone to....

Design and Implementation of Power Walker Related Experimentation; How Changes in Music Technology Have Impacted the Industry and Society

Taylor Kagie
What do walking and music have in common? Other than relating them through dancing or making a pun involving songs about walking, there is very little to relate the technical and STS projects presented in this portfolio. However, there is a connection: they both center around my personal interest and inability to focus on only one topic when I have the opportunity to discuss both. Beginning with the technical report, my motivation lies within a...

Developing a Multimodal Entertainment Tool with Intuitive Navigation, Hands-Free Control, and Avatar Features, to Increase User Interactivity; Rockwell’s Nightmare: The Digital War Between Smart Technology and Personal Privacy

Nathaniel Barrington
Smart technologies will undoubtedly be a significant portion of the future of society, so we as a society must learn to live with them and optimize their capabilities. These gadgets are not simply Ring security cameras, iPhones, or TikTok. Streaming services recommend shows, movies, and other forms of entertainment to their users depending on what the users have previously watched or interacted with. Their data collection is imperative to recommend users new shows. To complement...

A Laboratory Study Investigating Ozone Effects on Transpiration, Carbon Assimilation, and Photosynthesis by Perturbing Stomatal Diffusive Resistance

Jacob Bushey
Tropospheric ozone (O3) is an air pollutant that is harmful to plants and ecosystems, with plants primarily exposed through stomatal uptake. O3 stomatal uptake has been shown to reduce carbon assimilation through direct impacts on photosynthesis and by disrupting stomatal control; however, relationships between these two effects are not well understood. Here, I describe a series of laboratory experiments in which I manipulated stomatal diffusive resistance by conducting experiments in both air (80% N2, 20%...

Architecting Computer Vision Workloads on the Cloud; The Emergent Technopolitics of Big Tech Domination

Arvind Anand
A significant portion of the waste created in operating rooms comes from the wasteful use of single-use sterilized tools, which cannot be used again once opened. The high-intensity nature of the operating room often forces surgeons to react and adapt uniquely to each patient and each operation, requiring all possible single-use tools to be open and present at all times. All of the opened single-use tools are thrown away regardless of whether they have been...

Hydroponic Crop Cultivation as a Strategy for Reducing Food Insecurity

Alexander Boland
This project hopes to serve as both a study and as a guide for designing new crop cultivation techniques in an environmentally-uncertain future. The technical portion of this project is a part of a bigger Capstone, in which a floating hydroponic farm was designed to withstand a category 3 hurricane. This project is by far not an end all-be-all for farming in the Caribbean, but it does introduce a stepping stone for adapting agriculture to...

Managing Misinformation; Flexible Cloud Computing

Nicholas O'Connor
While on the surface the topics of my technical and research thesis are different, they are connected in that they both revolve around the use of computing technology. For my technical thesis, I examine how AWS uses flexible digital infrastructure to improve the efficiency of software developers and server-side processes. In my STS thesis, I discuss how the ease of access to information provided by social media has proliferated misinformation online, and what methods have...

Evaluating Administered Differences of Brief Jail Mental Health Screener and Impacts of Diagnoses & Treatment of Linked Inmates with Severe Mental Illness; The Effects of Solitary Confinement on the Mental Health of Prisoners

Emma Wilt
The technical portion of this project is focused on mental health within prison and jails, and more specifically the screening process used to evaluate an inmate’s need for mental health services while incarcerated and upon release. The STS research completed for this project assesses the use of solitary confinement as a risk management tool and its subsequent severe effects on the physical and psychological health of inmates subjected to this practice. These research topics work...

Development of a Reliable Drive System for Medical Ultrasound Imaging; Establishing Health Equity in the United States

Shipra Trivedi
The accessibility of routine healthcare is an important area of improvement in the United States. The technical project, with team members Sarah Abourakty, Sarah Ames, Aarthee Baskaran, and Shipra Trivedi, aims to address accessibility from a research and development perspective by assisting in the development of a novel middle ground medical device. In developing this medical device, the technical project addresses the problems surrounding access to routine healthcare from an engineering standpoint. The science, technology,...

Explainable AI: Bridging the Gap between Software and Customers; Robot Umpires in Baseball: How is New Technology Impacting Higher-Revenue Sports?

Carter Bristow
Last summer, I spent a lot of my time focussing on two things: completing my internship with Capital One and following the Olympics, especially swimming, as I had teammates competing. My internship with Capital One was in their technology department, and I was assigned to a Machine Learning team, where I worked closely with how Machine Learning applies to their Credit Card department. It was in meetings with my managers and mentors that I was...

A Versatile Open-Source Photomosaic Maker; Generative Artificial Intelligence: A Social Construction of Technology Perspective

Hanzhi Zhou
With the widespread adoption of smart devices and blooming social media usage, everyone can create digital content at any time and at any place. The increasing speed of digital data production creates new opportunities for novel ways of presentation, synthesis, generation, and manipulation of digital data. At the same time, the lack of regulation and standards for these newborn technologies also introduces challenging problems to society. My capstone project concerns a visually appealing way of...

Hope this won’t take too Delong: Smart Pet Feeding Station; Understanding Smart Home Adoption: The Roles of Users, Engineers, and Mass Media in the Social Construction of the Smart Home

Luke Orioli
With recent advancements in sensor-based technologies and the accelerated growth of the Internet of Things (IoT), the number of smart home technologies (SHTs) that are being incorporated into the home environment is rising each year. The diffusion of smart technologies into different domains of the domestic space promises to provide users with a host of health-related, environmental, financial, and psychological benefits. Despite these potential benefits, the observed adoption rate of SHTs is relatively low as...

Carbon-Neutral Production of Methanol Via Direct Air Carbon Capture and Blue Hydrogen; The Use of Direct Air Capture to Reduce Carbon Emissions for Process Plants

Seong Hyeon Park
As our society continues to evolve and change with the progression of technology, the long-term effects that technology and society both have on the environment needs to be addressed. My STS Research Paper provides a case study of a real-world example of my capstone project, a process that utilizes Direct Air Capture in order to produce a profitable chemical, methanol, being implemented and put into production to some degree of success. Ultimately, the case study...

Comparing scale and otolith age estimates to understand the potential bias of long-term American shad age data in the Penobscot River

Camille Wilson
American shad (Alosa sapidissima) are indigenous to the Atlantic Ocean, but despite their long history in this range, they currently represent only a fraction of their historical abundance. Since they are an ecologically and commercially important species that has experienced an extensive decline, it is important to understand the demographics of the populations to best manage stocks and promote sustainable harvest. One key aspect of demography is population age structure. Fish age can be estimated...

Responsive Aerial Firefighting Aircraft Design; The Availability of Wildfire Panic Information as a Balance of Transparency Ethics

S Joseph Orrico
As the planet’s climate continues to change and the number of wildfires increases, ever larger threats to life and property both within the United States and around the world are posed. Researchers believe this trend will continue for at least 50-100 years, and the technology to combat these wildfires will adapt appropriately. There has never been a better time to design and produce specialized aircraft for wildfire response, as many of the current aeronautical firefighting...

Development Of A Reliable Drive System For Medical Ultrasound Imaging; How Do Different Actors In The Medical Network Contribute To Over-Imaging?

Aarthee Baskaran
The integration of diagnostic imaging is both appreciated for the advancements it brings to patient care and frowned upon because its overuse leads to increased patient risk and waste. From a medical device perspective, the technical research focuses on designing ultrasound imaging technology that is more accessible and safer for patients. It is imperative to also consider if prioritizing the accessibility of a medical device during design contributes to the overuse of its technology. The...

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