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Microsoft Power Platform: Building a Retail Database; The Future of Low-Code

Tyler Clift
A global off-price retailer with over 4500 stores worldwide found its store information database was inconsistent, convoluted, and inefficient. They tasked a team of interns with building a solution that would be more efficient, less susceptible to errors, and easy for non-technical users to maintain. The team utilized the low-code Microsoft Power Platform to build an intuitive database system in which the more technical components were abstracted. The system allowed users to edit data in...

Design of a Novel Head Fixation Device for MR Guided Focused Ultrasound Blood-Brain-Barrier-Opening Procedures; How Hospital Interior Design Can Be Curated to Reduce Depression, Anxiety, and Stress of Cancer Patients

Isha Bhatia
Countless patients across the world depend on hospitals to provide the best quality of care for a variety of afflictions that differ in degrees of severity. The treatments that hospitals provide are especially crucial for individuals suffering from serious conditions such as those dealing with the presence of tumors or cancers within the body. This portfolio focuses on the results of two individual research projects that follow a similar theme of maximizing patient comfort and...

Production of a Recombinant Spike Protein-Based SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Using the Baculovirus Expression Vector System; The Social Groups Invested in Social Media and Democracy

Derek Wu
Over the past year, I have worked on a technical project to design the production of a COVID-19 vaccine. Given that COVID-19 has killed millions of people around the world, my technical project group and I wanted to learn about other vaccine technologies that could contribute to this cause. Our vaccine was made from the baculovirus expression vector system (BEVS) which is both highly efficacious and can be stored at normal refrigeration temperatures. The latter...

Voice Restoration Device Using Machine Learning of Acoustic and Visual Output During Electrolarynx Use;Conquering Obstacles to the Integration of Diagnostic AI in Healthcare

Sameer Agrawal
Technological unemployment, technology replacing jobs previously held by humans, is an issue that has created fears against the implementation of innovative technologies within various workspaces. Common examples of this theme include the replacement of retail cashiers with self-service checkout kiosks and the displacement of manual labor with robotic equipment in manufacturing. Although automation has historically been limited to low-skill jobs, more recently, this trend has seen an increase in automation within specialty fields such as...

Cometshare: My First Full-Stack Coding Project; A Virtue Ethics Analysis of Chief Security Officer Joe Sullivan’s actions during the 2016 Uber Data Breach

Anurag Vathalurin
Anurag Vathalurin April 29, 2022 STS 4600 Socio-technical Synthesis: Cometshare and 2016 Uber Data Breach My technical work and my STS research are primarily connected through the idea of mobile app development, maintenance, and implications. Specifically, mobile app development is the creation, construction, and maintenance of a computer program/software that is intended to function on a mobile device such as a smartphone, and it is central to both my technical project and my research paper....

Software Engineering: Creating an Email Notification System for Amazon Sellers; An STS Perspective on Amazon's Fake Review Problem

Jeffrey Wang
Today, Amazon.com is the world’s biggest e-commerce website, which is powered by a large community of third-party sellers. Amazon provides an online marketplace specifically tailored to their sellers, but this marketplace is lacking in user reviews. As such, the technical research report aims to increase user engagement in this marketplace through the creation of an email notification system that sends reminders to leave reviews. Although Amazon can encourage people to leave reviews on their website,...

Optimizing for Water Equity in the Colorado River Basin; Strategies Employed by Cancer Alley Advocates to Pursue Environmental Justice in Their Communities

Christopher Weigand
SOCIOTECHNICAL SYNTHESIS Land use planning grows increasingly relevant, particularly as its outcomes have disproportionate impacts on minority and underrepresented participant groups. The technical thesis seeks to preserve the environment and provide protection for vulnerable water users by recommending reservoir operating rules for the Colorado River Basin. The STS thesis explores the strategies utilized by community advocates in Cancer Alley, Louisiana to combat the corporate pollution which fills their communities and sickens their neighbors. The technical...

Managing for Stakeholders & Behavioral Design in the Agriculture Industry; Responsible Innovation and Food Charity: An Investigation into Methods of Reducing Hunger in the United States

Alex Partridge
Hunger in the United States could be significantly mitigated by increased charitable donations from agricultural wholesalers, and unclaimed incentives exist for them to do so. Using behavioral science and economics as a framework to understand various stakeholders and actions, it could be possible to match the available incentives with the agricultural donors, leading to increased volume of resources flowing toward food charity efforts. Given the social impact of this project, the theory of Responsible Innovation...

Creating a Website for Ecommerce; The Sociotechnical Factors Surrounding the Adoption of Blockchain and Web3

Kyungjin Park
This thesis project contains a technical paper and a Science and Technology Studies (STS) research paper. The technical paper is an overview of the process followed when creating a website for a pan supplying company. As websites can provide widely impactful services, for companies and people alike, the project naturally led to an investigation into the future of the World Wide Web. The STS research paper explores the movement towards a possible new future of...

Bouncer Locking System; Internet of Risky Things: Investigating the Social Construction of IoT Devices

John Chrosniak
Internet of Things (IoT) devices have vastly grown in popularity the past decade due to the variety of benefits they provide. With these benefits, however, come a variety of concerns that can put consumers at risk of privacy violations, psychological stress, and physical harm. The technical project addresses the shortcomings of smart-home security systems through a new design intended to prevent package theft and allow homeowners to share temporary passwords with guests entering their home....

Full-stack Development: Application to aid Automation; Investigating the Political Design of Social Media Applications

Min Woo Kim
In the world we live in today, technology can either break or make things in our society. Technology has so many implications, yet so new to the humankind. One crucial part of creating a technology that impacts user’s lives is creating it with strong foundation, without overlooking possible loopholes. Foundations here include security measures, ethics, and social and political implications. Technology created with strong foundations can minimize the negative implications while improving and changing our...

Evaluation of University Curriculum in Internship Preparation; Limits of Artificial Intelligence Treatment for Depression and Anxiety

Binh An Nguyen
New technologies such as artificial intelligence are beginning to play a stronger role in American society. With the benefits of AI becoming increasingly recognizable, professionals from other fields are trying to reap the benefits, such as the medical industry. Due to the recent coronavirus pandemic, depression and anxiety in adults have fluctuated rapidly, and the demand for mental health assistance is growing at such an accelerated rate that America’s current mental health system cannot meet...

Automatic Proposal Formatting Tool; Analysis of Automation on the Low-Skill Workers

Michelle Miller
Every day new automating technologies are being developed and introduced into society forcing low-skill laborers into unemployment. These automating technologies improve the efficiency of businesses' systems, allowing them to cut costs and increase productivity. This portfolio documents two research projects centered around automating technologies. The science, technology, and society (STS) research paper analyzes how the adoption of these automating technologies affects the power imbalance of low-skill workers and their employers. While the Capstone project is...

Optimization of Patient Flow and Process for a Primary Care Clinic During the COVID-19 Pandemic; The Impacts of Data and Informational Privacy on Consumer Trust and Behavior

Bryce Huffman
Design principles employed in all platforms, services, and products directly influence society’s social interactions with technologies while simultaneously defining the user experience. As technologies continuously evolve over time, there is no single design postulate adherence that would reduce, or even eliminate, the need for designers and engineers to consider the complex needs of users. Thus, user-centered design, a practice that places users’ needs at the core of product or service objectives and goals, provides the...

Design of a Sensor-Enabled Testing Device for the TrueClot® Tourniquet Application Trainer; An Analysis of the Hyatt-Regency Walkway Collapse Through the Lens of Virtue Ethics

Nahom Endashaw
My technical work over the last couple of semesters has been focused on the design of a sensor-enabled testing device for Luna Labs’ TrueClot® Tourniquet Application Trainer. With regards to my technical work, Luna Labs creates products, such as their tourniquet application trainer and their wound packing trainer, that provide simulation training to mitigate the continuation of animal testing. Furthermore, our sensor device may prove that the tourniquet application trainer provides unrealistic/inaccurate training. These implications...

HEDGE Hypersonic ReEntry Deployable Glider Experiment; Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Commercial use: Ethical Impacts on Privacy

Samantha Castro
The technical report within this portfolio consists of a detailed proposal to the Department of Defense or the National Aeronautics and Space Administration for support of a hypersonic reentry deployable glider CubeSat experiment. The project began during the scholastic year 2021-2022 with a team of fifteen, each divided into six sub system component groups and will be completed in the year 2025 with deployment. This scholastic year began the design process of the hypersonic deployable...

Active Stabilization System of a Floating Wind Turbine Platform; The Means and Motives of Cape Wind Opposition

Ryan Anderson
The technical work and research case investigated in this portfolio both address the socio-technical challenge of a clean energy transition and primarily focus on the shortcomings of the growing offshore wind market. These shortcomings include instability and power deficiencies of the technology itself as well as social and political factors like public opposition and complicated permitting processes. Currently, offshore wind turbines are limited to “fixed-bottom” technologies, meaning they must be anchored to the seabed and...

Enhancing Product Support Software; Evaluating Current Satellite Internet Technologies’ Impact on Internet Equality

Matthew Bulk
My technical project examines my experience working at ST Engineering iDirect as a software engineering intern. ST Engineering iDirect produces ground-based infrastructure for satellite communication networks. Satellite communication networks play a large and ever-growing role in daily global communications and provide vital internet connectivity to isolated locations. In recent years, demand for low latency and high-bandwidth network connections has driven the development of low Earth orbit satellite communication constellations. Given the importance for individuals who...

HEDGE: Hypersonic ReEntry Deployable Glider Experiment; Norway’s Remarkable Adoption of Electric Vehicles

Desmond DeVille
HEDGE: Hypersonic ReEntry Deployable Glider Experiment Hypersonic flight occurs at speeds exceeding five times the speed of sound and is an expanding research field in the aerospace industry with military and civil applications. Military applications include hypersonic missiles, both offensive and defensive, and high-speed aircraft. Civil applications include access to space and commercial air travel. A CubeSat is a small satellite flown in low earth orbit that is well suited for undergraduate education. This technical...

Soft Robotic Exoskeleton for Elbow Assistance; Technology and Surf Extinction; How Artificial Waves Threaten Traditional Surf Ideals

Matthew Luksik
Advancements in wearable technology push the envelope of what is possible in both the medical field and athletics alike. Wearable technology in the medical field allows for better biomedical sensory readings and can also help assist those with disabilities. The capstone project outlined in this portfolio falls under this theme, with the goal of designing wearable technology that assists those with neuromuscular disorders to achieve comfortable mobility for daily tasks. This project exemplifies how wearable...

Optimization of Patient Flow and Process for a Primary Care Clinic During the COVID-19 Pandemic; The Sociotechnical Factors Behind the Rising Tension Between Doctors and Patients in China

Wei Wu
Growing up in China before coming to the U.S. for high school, I have accumulated some perspectives on the health care system including going to the hospital myself in both countries. Regardless of the differences in many things including culture and political systems between the two countries, it is clear that neither has a “perfect” health care system. Instead of comparing and arguing which one is better and to what extent, I believe it would...

Financial Democratization, the Rise of Fintech, and the Need for Financial Literacy

Matthew Thompson
Knowing how to properly engage in financial activities such as borrowing money from a bank or investing in the stock market is important to building wealth and increasing ownership of assets. With access to credit and investing at an all-time high due to major deregulation of the United States financial sector and financial technology (fintech) increasing avenues to engage in financial activities, it is pertinent to ensure everyone has proper access to financial literacy resources...

Upper Limb Exoskeleton for Shoulder Joint Control; The Effectiveness and Acceptance of Wearable Robotics in Industry

Marvin Lee
Recent advancements in robotics have made a push for the use of wearable exoskeletons in medical, industrial, and military fields. The objective of these devices is to provide assistance to users by reducing the amount of muscle activation and effort needed to conduct a task or motion. Traditionally, exoskeletons have used rigid braces and motors that result in bulky, heavy designs. Extensive research and various exoskeletons of these kinds have been conducted; however, the technology...

Emergency Management and Underserved Communities: Using Big Data to Improve Emergency Management Preparedness, Response and Resilience; Privacy in the Digital Age: Ethical data collection and storage systems for use in the public domain

Zachery Key
Current Hurricane evacuation techniques rely on a complex sequence of events that begin with an extreme weather forecast issued to the state governments by federal agencies (e.g., National Weather Service, National Hurricane Center) and culminate in state or local governments issuing an evacuation order. Because modeling the uncertainty of a hurricane strike is an inverse function of time, governing bodies must decide early on whether to risk the lofty expenditures of a false alarm or...

Novel EMG-IMU Sensor Array for a 5-DOF Wearable Robotic Upper-Limb Exoskeleton; The Emerging Influence of Wearables on Adult Users in the Health Ecosystem

Justin Glassman
The technological development of wearable exoskeletons in the medical device industry has the potential to help patients with neuromuscular disorders regain the use of their limbs. The complexity required for these assistive exoskeletons to interpret the user’s intention and achieve the desired motion while also being comfortable for continuous use remains an ongoing challenge for engineers. The widespread adoption and enhancement of wearables, like the smartwatch, leads users to gain a sense of trust in...

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