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Shock-Ionized Jets from Massive Protostars; The Loss of Dark Night Skies: How Cultural and Scientific Advocates are Pushing Back

Emiko Gardiner
While my technical project focused on processing and analyzing simulation data, the simulated results would be unenlightening without telescope observations with which to compare them. I post-processed snapshot data from a 3D magnetohydrodynamic simulation of a massive protostellar outflow to predict observables and compare them to observations and theory. In all sciences, theorists can develop and simulate self-consistent models of phenomena, but without experimental results, there is no way to validate these models. Astronomy is...

A Strive to Net-Zero: Insulation in Residential Housing; Increasing the Appeal of Sustainable Housing

Jack Pazin
Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are a large problem globally and residential buildings account for a sizeable portion of the global CO2 emissions. The technical report discusses designing a heat exchanger for a ground source heat pump, a solar tracking device, and testing different types of insulation. Each goal contributes to the main goal of reducing CO2 emissions in housing either by producing clean energy or by reducing the amount of energy consumed. The STS portion...

Design of a Sustainable Manufacturing Process to Produce Penicillin VK Using Waste Paper as a Glucose Feedstock; Discrimination in drug development: Combating Gender and Racial Discrimination in Clinical Trials

Kingsford Yeboah
The scientific community is currently searching for effective ways to stimulate innovative drug research and development life cycle. The drug development process is uncertain and faces its own set of challenges, such as difficulty with target identification, and increased carbon emissions and manufacturing costs. To solve some of these challenges, the technical portion of the report discusses alternative solutions such as the use of wastepaper as a carbon source (glucose) for the microbial fermentation that...

Personalizing the Digital Experience: Using Machine Learning Models for an Appealing User Experience; Politics of Designing a Digitally Personalized Experience

Kaleb Getachew
Every day, people are faced with decision-making situations countless times, many of which are unnoticed. Naturally, experts or friends are the first points of contact, and with the widespread use of the internet within the 21st century, the transfer of information has become very rapid leading to the tracking and storage of user data for data-driven personalization. Both the social and technical reports investigate the responsibility and risk of Big Technology Companies (BTCs) utilizing user...

Understanding Computer Vision Through Optical Character Recognition and Blind-Assistive Technology

Erick Tian
Visual disabilities are on the rise in the United States, with increasing cases of adult-onset blindness. This paper covers both a technical and STS perspective on this issue, through the creation of Blind-Assistive Technology, as well as an analysis of how diabetic patients in Florida are impacted by visual impairment. Tools such as navigational aids and optical character recognition serve as a way to enable individuals through evolving technology. However, in order to use and...

Fetch Mobile Manipulator – Programming Link Lab’s First Personal Robot; Investigation of Sociotechnical Relationships between Autonomous Robots and Humans

Utkarsh Chirimar
People perform mundane tasks on a daily basis. These mundane tasks include stacking chairs, organizing rooms, erasing whiteboards, folding laundry, etc. These tasks all hold great importance, but they take up a lot of time and effort. Mundane tasks have a lasting effect on human beings. It has been proven that mundane tasks cause psychological distress on people. One solution to this problem is to develop autonomous robots that can accurately perform simple human tasks....

Designing an Automatic Fetch Machine; The Automatic Dog Ball Launcher and the Purpose of Unsuccessful Engineering Work

Austin Turner
In the year 2020, about 10% of US adults adopted a new pet that has only experienced living with their owner at home constantly with them due to the pandemic. However, with the return to normal life and work from home diminishing, separation anxiety will become a more prevalent problem that dogs and their owners must face. Both projects that I completed focused on this issue and how to alleviate some of the stress and...

ALTAIR: Automatic Light Tailoring Apparatus Instructing Radiance; The Ethical Question of New Technology in Vehicles: Is It Worth the Trade-Off?

Steven Peng
The technical project focuses on an implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) technology to improve the users’ quality of life while providing health benefits, while the Science, Technology, and Society (STS) paper focuses on privacy and safety issues that come with the implementation of new technology in automotive vehicles. A connection can be made from both projects in that the concerns raised in the STS topic are common concerns found with many IoT devices today,...

Spectra Word Cloud; The Effect of Social Media on the Spread of Vaccine Misinformation

Mahesh Menon
Over the past decade, the way information spreads has substantially changed. The twenty-four-hour news cycle, the advent of social media, and the amount of raw content currently generated on the Internet all have radically restructured the dynamics of society. This portfolio documents two separate research projects that deal with the production and consumption of information. For the technical research topic, the final product was the Spectra Word Cloud. This summer, as an intern for Capital...

Hypersonic Atmospheric Reentry Deceleration Experiment (HARD-E); The Commercial Space Industry: How High-Speed Broadband Satellite Internet Will Affect Rural Consumers

Sam Goodkind
CubeSats are increasingly becoming a part of the technological portfolio of both engineers and consumers. Not only are they used in scientific and research missions as a cheap and quick way of launching an orbiting satellite, but their low-cost and easy deployment means that they are a target for businesses seeking novel ways of providing service to and connecting with consumers. This portfolio discusses the methodologies and findings of two research studies that both investigate...

Cochlear Implants and Brain-Computer Interfaces: How society reacts to revolutionary medicine; Novel EMG-IMU Sensor Array for a 5-DOF Wearable Robotic Upper-Limb Exoskeleton

Seth Hoisington
The two reports presented in this portfolio are connected in by seeking to help improve the lives of those living with disabilities. The two projects are different in the approaches that they take towards the problem and the solutions that are developed, which allows for a more nuanced view of the goal of treating those with disabilities The STS Research Paper explores the social and medical model of disability with regards to treating deafness and...

Hydroponic Crop Cultivation as a Strategy for Reducing Food Insecurity; Hydroponic Farming as a Sustainable Transition from Current Farming Practices

Emily Wiele
Current food systems in place face pressure from population growth, demand for animal products, and availability of fertile soil as well as shifts in climate regimes. Human induced climate change caused by carbon dioxide emission exacerbates the current stresses on the four pillars of food security – availability, access, utilization, and stability. It does so through increasing temperatures, changing precipitation patterns, and the increase in frequency, duration, and intensity of extreme weather events like floods,...

Smart Shoe Insole/Improving Public Perception of Artificial Intelligence In Medicine

Xinyuan Zhu
Healthcare in the United States is currently an inefficient and expensive system that alienates 31 million Americans from receiving adequate treatment. My technical project and STS research were loosely based on reducing the cost of healthcare services and increasing accessibility. The technical project was the creation of a shoe-insole that would measure the foot pressure distribution (FPD) of an individual to be used as a tracker throughout physical activity. The design was made to be...

Online Public Opinion Polling in U.S. Elections; The Impact of Social Distrust on Public Opinion Polling

Ethan Chen
The purpose of the technical and STS papers in this project is to describe the current state of public opinion polling in the United States. This encompasses both the various challenges the field of polling is confronting right now, as well as the innovations being developed in response. For the technical project, the focus is on the relatively recent innovation of online polling methodologies. This includes the circumstances that prompted their development, what sets them...

Leveraging Communication: Learning and Achieving in an Agile Workplace; “Crowd” Computing – Volunteer Computing, Cryptojacking and their Policy Needs

Ryan Pope
In the modern software-driven world, the responsibilities of every software engineer are not insignificant. Even software written by entry-level engineers can potentially affect large groups of people – a fact which is often lost in the noise. As an intern at Yext in the summer of 2021, I was frequently pushing code to production with minimal code-review, not only impacting internal systems at my company but also the publicly-facing pages of many of my company’s...

Engineering a Resilient Regional Healthcare System: Improving Stroke Care in Shelby County, TN; Ethical Dilemmas Surrounding the Advancement in Cancer Therapies

John Quezada
High strain scenarios, as seen in the COVID-19 pandemic, create bottlenecks for healthcare facilities limiting the distribution of patient care. In these scenarios, strokes, among other serious ailments, become difficult to treat leading to higher rates of stroke prevalence. To mitigate stroke prevalence, our team has developed a simulation model that can measure the effectiveness of healthcare delivery in the midst of high strain conditions. As a part of a broader project aimed at improving...

Automatic Light Tailoring Apparatus Instructing Radiance (ALTAIR); Anonymity’s Influence: Defining Anonymity as a Continuum to Proactively Design Online Environments to Combat Toxic User Behavior

Peter Morris
In the United States, 93% of all adults and 99% of adults age 18-29 regularly use the internet. Although the internet provides a wealth of information, increased use of the internet has led to behavioral concerns for users and product designers. Both my technical project and STS research reviewed internet concerns from the perspective of both stakeholder groups. For my technical project, my team and I designed and prototyped an automatic window shade controller that...

Automated Counting Method for Analyzing the Results of T. gondii invasion assays; Examining Infographics Through the Lens of Data Feminism

Emma Wolcott
In my Capstone project, I have read about prior work as well as experimentally collected and analyzed my own data. Writing my STS thesis on data feminism in the realm of healthcare information has allowed me to think differently about how other people represent their data and how I can more effectively represent my own data. My technical project centers on designing an image analysis workflow for accurately and efficiently analyzing the results of parasite...

Applications of Digital Health and Patient Monitoring in Opioid Addiction Recovery; Modernizing Regulatory Practices for Artificial Intelligence Driven Medical Tools

Rishub Handa
Digital technologies are increasingly gaining prevalence in healthcare settings. Physicians are utilizing digital health to diagnose patients with diseases, plan a treatment course for the patient, and stay connected with them outside of the clinic. While these tools can improve patient outcomes and reduce burnout in physicians, they can also be misused and leave providers dependent on their convenience. These technologies do not have full contextual awareness, and thus can introduce algorithmic biases from their...

Piedmont Virginia Community College Site Design; A Sociotechnical Analysis of the Barriers to Green Infrastructure Design in Companies

Ryan Latham
The design of civil engineering projects is intrinsically linked to the health and sustainability of the Earth because of the scale of designing and shaping the built environment. The engineering code of ethics demands that engineers always abide by its principles of bettering society and holding paramount human health and safety which also extends to the environment. This portfolio explores the design process of generating a full plan set of construction documents and provides a...

Sustainable Redevelopment of Fashion Square Mall; Value-Based Analysis of Sociotechnical Approaches to Green Infrastructure Implementation

Burke Haywood
Urban development in the United States, marked by the rapid replacement of permeable land cover (grasslands and forests) with impermeable cover (roadways, parking lots and roofs) necessitates intervention from civil engineers to prevent urban flooding caused by stormwater runoff. Up until roughly the turn of this century, that intervention has consisted of the use of gray infrastructure – gutters, channels and pipes – that routes urban stormwater runoff off of roofs, parking lots and streets...

Corn Bioethanol Production Facility Design; Food and Fuel: How Corn's Popularity as a Biofuel Source Impacts the Environment

Gregg Gardner
Corn bioethanol is a popular transportation fuel alternative for the United States as it transitions away from fossil fuels in favor of cleaner energy solutions. With an abundance of domestic corn supply and robust nationwide distribution, corn bioethanol blended into gasoline offers improved fuel economy and reduced tailpipe emissions. The prevalent usage of corn ethanol in the United States makes corn ethanol production an important area of study. This portfolio provides a complete picture of...

Production of Adalimumab: A Humira® Biosimilar; Evaluating Why Intellectual Property Cannot be Stolen, and Why Violation is a Better Replacement Term

John Kilduff
Humira, a drug designed to treat arthritis, was the highest grossing pharmaceutical in 2020 at $20.4 billion in revenue, yet it was only the 152nd most commonly prescribed product. Finding medication at an affordable price has become increasingly difficult for many citizens. In this report, I delve into the technical and ethical aspects involved in providing drugs to patients. My capstone project covers the technical process and development of Humira while my STS research focuses...

The Implications of the Lack of Translation Services on the Globalization of Biomedical Research;Understanding and Predicting Temperature Distribution of Hospital Sink Tailpiece Heaters

Alisa Houghton
This portfolio contains two projects, a technical project on creating a computational model of heat distribution to aid in the redesigning of hospital tailpiece heaters and a sociotechnical paper investigating how the lack of accessible translation services impacts the globalization of biomedical research. The idea for the sociotechnical paper was birthed during my experience of finding background information for the technical project. I constantly ran into articles with promising, relevant information in abstracts written in...

The Transformation of Vehicle Controls to Drive-By-Wire; Predictive Policing in the US: How Far is Too Far?

Alexander Pascocello
Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced data analysis systems are used everywhere due to their ability to automate complex tasks and reveal patterns in vast datasets. AI is well established in diverse fields, including pharmaceutical chemistry, water treatment and seawater desalination, education, systems that improve accessibility for persons with disabilities, and manufacturing. However, their extraordinary capacities can inspire undue confidence, which in turn can tempt administrators to forego the financial and time costs of expert human...

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