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Exploring Issues of Race and Equity in Early Education: A Closer Look at Teacher Perceptions and Child Exclusionary Discipline Experiences

Maria Accavitti
This dissertation is comprised of three independent studies that each address gaps in the literature around racial discipline inequities in early childhood. Paper 1 investigated differing teacher perceptions of specific subtypes of disruptive behavior between Black and White children at preschool entry. Paper 2 gathered comprehensive and nuanced qualitative information about practices beyond suspension and expulsion that exclude young children from learning opportunities. Finally, Paper 3 examined whether racial discipline inequities extended to soft exclusionary...

Developing Teachers' Advocacy Skills for Multilingual Learners: An Examination of Advocacy in Simulated Environments and School Settings

William Fox
This dissertation is a researcher-practitioner response to questions related to the development of multilingual learner (ML) advocacy skills in teacher education settings, as well as questions related to the socially mediated discourse of ML advocacy that evolves over time and within situated learning settings. To advance the agenda of examining the discourse of ML advocacy, as well as how it unfolds in teaching settings, I conducted three studies. In manuscript #1, Dr. April Salerno and...

A partial study of \"The early South-English legendary, or Lives of saints\"; MS. Laud, 108, in the Bodleian Library

Edwin Lake Setzler
A study of the grammar and dialect (vowel changes) of the "Early South-English Legendary" and of the certain peculiarities of this manuscript. This is not a complete study of the lives in the manuscript. This is an intensive study of every word in a selected passage of 500 lines of the manuscript covering the following stories: "St. Mathew", "St. Leger", "St. Fey", "St. Endlevene Þousend of Virgines", and eight lines of "St. Katerine".

The constructive side of George Bernard Shaw's work

Coleman Carter Walker
This paper attempts to show a constructive side to George Bernard Shaw's work.

Shanghai and Its Image; Architecture, Visual Culture, and the Popular Pictorial Modern Sketch, 1934-1937

Kelly Ritter
This dissertation probes the ways well-known city spaces were actively shaped by popular periodicals, analyzing the stakes of these engagements with the city, and how these works intersect with the social and political spheres of 1930s Shanghai. In this dissertation I use the twin lenses of architecture and visual culture to investigate three urban forms: the skyscraper, the slum, and the lilong/shikumen of Shanghai. These three architectures were highly visible parts of the 1930s city....

Ghostly Encounters: Transnational Gothic and the Twenty-First Century Global Novel

Dipsikha Thakur
This dissertation conceptualizes the analytic of the transnational gothic and locates it in the twenty-first century global novel. The novels that this dissertation explores can be broadly categorized as global anglophone with two exceptions. The anglophone texts examined in this dissertation are White is For Witching (2009) by Helen Oyeyemi, Shalimar the Clown (2005) by Salman Rushdie, The Collaborator (2012) by Mirza Waheed, and World War Z (2006) by Max Brooks. The two translated texts...

Low Power Analog Front-Ends for Energy Efficient Physiological and Environmental Monitoring

Rishika Agarwala
Wearable devices with multi-modal sensing are needed to provide a well-rounded report on the user’s health and environment. Studies have shown that air pollutants like ozone, VOCs etc., when present in unhealthy concentrations, cause both immediate and long-term respiratory and cardiovascular effects, and exacerbate underlying comorbidities. Therefore, a single wearable device for monitoring personal exposure to environmental parameters of concern, and co-related physiological signs is necessary. Also, in order to enable uninterrupted sensing, self-powered operation...

Wealth resources of Virginia

Harry Wilson Porter
A study of Virginia resources.

Mechanism of the photochemical combustion of hydrogen and chlorine

Allan C. G. Mitchell
An investigation of the photochemical combustion of hydrogen and chloringe.

Edith Wharton as a social satirist

Joseph Henry Riddick
A criticism and interpretation of Edith Wharton's work.

Threshold logic multifont character recognition system

Rafael Iñigo Madrigal
This paper is concerned with the theory and design of a recognition type reading machine.

\"Corporate Voice\": Poetic Personation and Political Theology in Early Modern England

Evan Cheney
My project aims to revitalize the study of personification (personation), a trope of verbal attribution that defined striking developments in early modern poetics and political thought. Personation, which encompasses speaking as another on stage as well as for another as a proxy, raises complex political-theological questions about presence, identity, legitimacy, and agency. Concentrating on fictions of personhood, ritual and rhetorical speech acts, and the surrogacy of nonhuman material objects, I argue that early modern authors...

Psychobehavioral Factors and Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Family Caregivers

Soojung Ahn
Increased cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk in family caregivers is well documented. Caregivers’ vulnerability to declines in cardiovascular health may be attributed to psychological symptoms and alterations in health behavior resulting from caregiving demands. Subclinical CVD markers have shown prognostic significance in various populations, yet caregivers have rarely been assessed for their CVD risk using the surrogate markers. Therefore, the goal of this study is to investigate the relationships among psychological and behavioral factors and CVD...

Mockingbird: Simulating a ServiceNow Workflow

Diego Hernandez
Each year, a ServiceNow workflow that implements the Firewall Request Application Program Interface (FRAPI) used by engineers that need access to particular SAS Institute (SAS) firewalls, is upgraded to reflect new technical needs of SAS. When it is being upgraded, the engineers working on the upgrade still need access to the responses of the workflow without having access to the intricate connections within it. Mockingbird is a Django application that simulates Application Program Interface (API)...

University of Virginia Net-Zero Residence Initiative 2022 Project Energy Generation Group Final Design Report; Why Less Than 3%? Integrating Solar Power into Existing Energy Systems, by Looking at Vietnam and the USA

Joshua Starr
When looking at research for my technical project, data showed that only 3% of the earth generates electricity with solar power (Qazi, 2019), so I asked myself whether this was due to technological or social reasons. This question led me to pursue my prospectus topic on integrating solar power into existing energy systems to try and understand what kept solar power from being a primary energy source. I first did preliminary research using a sociotechnical...

Manufacture and Validation of Advanced Cell Culture Inserts; Tissue-Engineered Organs and Its Relevance to Society

Sania Saeed
The technical portion of this thesis covers the design and research of my capstone project, the manufacture and validation of advanced cell culture inserts with electrospun biodegradable nanofiber membranes. Under the advisement of Dr. George Christ at the University of Virginia and Lauren Costella at Luna Labs USA, my team built off previous work conducted by Luna Labs on the RESORB cell culture inserts designed under a Phase I NIH grant. To address the limitations...

Design of a Sustainable Manufacturing Process to Produce Penicillin V Using Waste Paper as a Glucose Feedstock; The Analysis of Pharmaceutical Waste in Aquatic Environment Using the Actor Network Theory

Shining Wang
My technical and STS paper both center around the topic of pharmaceutical products. Together, these projects highlight social, environmental, and safety concerns in the life cycles of pharmaceuticals and provide suggestions for potential improvements in public health overall. My technical project aims to design a large-scale penicillin V manufacturing plant in South Africa using the conversion of waste paper to glucose as a carbon source. The main motivations behind this project are the development of...

The Impact of Brine Generation on Marine Life through Seawater Desalination

Toni Ajala
My technical thesis is a design for a seawater reverse osmosis (RO) desalination in Chennai, India, using pretreatment, RO separation, and post-treatment methods to produce potable water. An inlet flow of 196 million liters daily (MLD) of saltwater results in 150 MLD of freshwater, which cuts half of Chennai's freshwater scarcity. Both physical and chemical impurities of seawater are eliminated using various filtration methods. Then, a two-stage RO process separates salt NaCl from the water....

Systems Genetics Approaches to Compare Mechanisms of Smooth Muscle Cell Plasticity in Quiescent and Proliferative States in Coronary Artery Disease; The Politics of the Global Footprint Network Resistance to Changes to the Ecological Footprint Metric

Diana Albarracin
Food inaccessibility is a growing concern around the world (Berlin et al., 2012). Agricultural production continues to increase to meet the growing demand for food (Spiertz, 2009). However, because of their environmental effects, many common agricultural practices are unsustainable. More sustainable agricultural techniques are needed to meet current and future demand for food. Sustainable means of improving food accessibility may also improve cardiovascular health as food insufficiency has been associated with risk factors for several...

The New Nuke: Understanding the Impact of Anti-Satellite Weapons Systems

Brendan Angelotti
Anti-satellite weapons (ASAT) have gone from science fiction to reality. Satellites once could be operated without worry of being intentionally shot down, but that has changed with ASATs. The proliferation of ASATs has had a profound impact on the space environment by contributing to additional space debris and greatly increasing the future likelihood of more debris. The Social Construction of Technology framework, allows for a better understanding of ASAT because this new technology’s development is...

Intelligent Decision-Making: Reinforcement Learning Applications in the Defense Environment; Artificial Intelligence and the Death of Human Superiority

Joseph Banks
While interning at Heron Systems, I began thinking about the far-reaching implications of artificial intelligence replacing skilled human labor and the potential death of human superiority. Low-skilled routine jobs have been getting automated for a long time, but with the advent of machine learning models that achieve superhuman skill levels on complex tasks, the reality of all types of jobs being automated looms. My internship (technical project) was on creating models and the infrastructure needed...

SpellCheck: An Educational Device to Improve Children’s Spelling; FDA Regulation of Artificial Intelligence in Medical Software

Noah Beamon
This portfolio consists of two projects. A technical report and a Science Technology and Society (STS) research paper. The technical report contains the design, development, and demonstration of a children’s spelling device to understand how game-based learning impacts children’s ability to learn how to spell English words. The STS research paper employs actor network theory (ANT) to address the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulatory framework of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in...

Computer Science Education: Synthesis of the Curricula of Data Structures and Algorithms; Analysis of Algorithmic Bias and its Interaction with Society

Mark Chitre
The topic of the technical work is the combination of two classes in the UVA curriculum that would enhance the learning experience for prospective students. The two classes are CS 2110 and CS 4102, essentially putting the general topics of data structures and algorithms together and creating a curriculum that synthesizes the information presented in that class. The STS topic addresses the idea of algorithmic bias in computer science and how algorithms can be trained...

Failures and Successes Technologies Experience in Societal Adoption: Internal Web Application, How Dynamically Displayed Data Can Improve Company Organization

MaryJeanine Seaman
Technologies adoption is represented through Roger’s Theory of Diffusion, the analysis of how innovations are accepted by groups through communication over time. The process of adoption starts with a small group of people using the technology immediately following its production. If this group of people, called the enthusiasts, are pleased with the product, they will spread it through word-of-mouth or social media. Therefore, this is a critical stage and an indicator of whether the product...

Capital One Software Development Summer Internship 2021; Rise of Agile Development and its Effects on Software and the Software Development Process

Trent Ballard
Software is integral in the world today as it controls most of the sociotechnical systems we use. Behind every of software product is a software development methodology that was the backbone to create it. Adoption of software development methodologies (SDM) has been growing in importance, helping project team to structure, plan and control the development of IT Processes, Products and Services. My research was centered around many research articles about the specifics of software methodologies,...

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