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Safe and Sustainable Fleet Management with Data Analytics and Reinforcement Training; TikTok: Impact of Sociotechnical Relationship Between Data Collection and Personal Privacy on User Interaction with Social Media

Grace Parzych
Data collection has existed since the 1960s, but the widespread awareness of it is a recent trend starting around 2005 the rise of social media. Stories such as Facebook being sued over the Cambridge Analytica data breach have shed light on just how much of our daily life is touched by ‘big data’ (Criddle 2021). While the ethical nature of data collection is heavily debated, the way society changes due to data collection and personal...

Engineers in Action: Eswatini Suspended Bridge; An Actor-Network Theory Analysis of the Forbes Avenue Bridge Collapse and the Implications for U.S Infrastructure

Gabrielle Jennings
In my technical work and STS research project, I address the socio-technical challenge of determining how to design and maintain a bridge that is both structurally safe and communally accepted. My STS research paper seeks to evaluate why an established artifact, the Forbes Avenue Bridge in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, failed. The results of the analysis better guided the design process for the Maphoveleni footbridge in Eswatini. My technical report looks strictly at the design process for...

Implementation of Electromechanical Drive-by-Wire System on Ford Escape; Data Acquisition of Autonomous Vehicles and Implications on User and Public Privacy and Security

Jacob Deane
A new form of transportation is being rolled onto the street that will forever change mobility services in society. Autonomous vehicles, if implemented correctly, could give greater freedoms to the elderly and disabled, create safer roads, and save commuters hundreds of hours. The objective of the multiyear technical project is to create an autonomous vehicle from a 2008 Ford Escape. The goal of the team this year is to implement an electromechanical drive-by-wire system in...


Andrew Tam
In all leisure activities, there exists varying barriers that can prevent an individual from deciding whether or not to actively participate. However, with the rise of smart technologies entering into their respective markets, these barriers become less of an obstacle to the wider population. The focus of this thesis will explore how technologies of varying leisure can influence an increase in participation among individuals. The research paper deliverable of the thesis investigates the general scope...


Charles Rushton
During the coronavirus pandemic, companies turned towards automation to fulfill demand as workers left the work force, particularly in the automotive industry. However, the technology surrounding autonomous vehicles allow only for semi-autonomous vehicles, limiting the societal benefits of self-driving cars. The technical research explores the ability for autonomous vehicles to platoon in a GPS-less environment. The STS research investigates the impacts of autonomous technology within the American trucking industry. This research primarily focuses on the...

Improving Online Shopping Experience Through Data Collection; Machine Learning Bias Within the US Justice System

Bijan Mirkhah
Data collection and analysis is one of the most vital ways that companies can gather insights on their customers. When done properly, the insights gathered from the user can improve the users experience by providing refined results, and improve the companies by allowing for better advertisement of their products. In the big data economy that we live in, advertising and marketing only represents a fraction of what data is used for. The following technical and...

Automating Atlassian Processes; Virtue Ethics Analysis of Software Engineers on the Ariane 5 Flight 501 Project

Simran Kaur
My technical work and my STS research are connected in their aim to address the sociotechnical issue of how to best develop software. In my technical work, I outlined a new class that would teach computer science students how to develop DevOps automation software. My STS research analyzed a failure in software development, the crash of Ariane 5 flight 501, to identify ethical flaws in the character of software developers on the team that contributed...

Innovation in Gaming Technology: A Course Proposal Using Machine Learning to Improve Gaming Infrastructure; Gauging Public Opinion: Polling to Machine Learning

Matthew Reid
This portfolio consists of two main parts: A technical paper proposing a new class for the department of Computer Science and an analysis of the change in the use of technology through time. The sociotechnical paper focuses on the technologies that have been involved in collecting public opinion over time. Given the importance of accurately representing peoples’ opinions, it is necessary to constantly improve the methods which determine the general public’s opinion. This paper argues...

Active Control of Wind Turbine Blades to Increase Efficiency; Analyzing Public Opinion on Wind Energy in the United States

Scott Morrow
This capstone technical project and STS research paper both address the technology behind wind power. While the technical work focuses on wind turbines and power generation specifically, the research paper focuses on the social, political, and economic status of wind energy. These two topics are intertwined beyond just being about wind energy, since the technical efficacy of wind turbines bears influence over the social, political, and economic status of wind power. Researching wind power for...

HEDGE: Hypersonic ReEntry Deployable Glider Experiment; Making Spaceflight for Everyone: Advancements in Commercial Human Spaceflight

James Johnson
The technical portion of the thesis aimed to answer the following question: how can a hypersonic glider flight experiment fit in a CubeSat platform? Hypersonic flight occurs at speeds exceeding five time the speed of sound and is an expanding research field in the aerospace industry with military and civil applications. Military applications include hypersonic missiles, both offensive and defensive, and high-speed aircraft. Civil applications include access to space and commercial air travel. A CubeSat...

Using the Patient Augmented Reality and Vibratory Array (PARVA) to Improve Patient Experience During In-office Laryngology Procedures; A Virtue Ethics Approach to the Causation and Inflation of the Flint, Michigan Water Crisis

Kathryn "Eve" Costanzo
My technical and STS works are connected by how they both address aspects of the socio-technical challenge of the performance of laryngeal in-office procedures (IOPs). Unfortunately, studies have shown that up to 40% of patients experience moderate pain during these procedures, which typically results in the request for subsequent procedures to be held in the operating room under general anesthesia. This increases risk (due to anesthesia), cost, and time. My technical work focuses primarily on...

Sustainable Redevelopment of Fashion Square Mall; The Effect of Green Infrastructure on Equitable Access to Ecosystem Services

John Gore
With the effects of climate change disrupting increased amounts of society, it is imperative that communities invest in infrastructure that responds to future climate. As such, the technical research report proposes a redevelopment plan that transforms an underutilized commercial mall into a resilient multi-use space. This proposal is centered around improving the site’s stormwater management to prepare for the increased frequency and intensity of rainfall that is associated with climate change. The science, technology, and...

A Diagnostic Assay for IL-33 and sST2 as Biomarkers for Acute Kidney Disease; Genetic, Social, and Environmental Contributors to Unequal Outcomes of Kidney Disease

Ashwin Swaminathan
The kidney is extremely important as it receives 25% of the body’s blood flow, but if this blood flow is interrupted, such as is the case during cardiac surgery, acute kidney injury (AKI) can occur. The technical project aims to create an assay that clinicians can apply at the bedside to diagnose and treat AKI in the early stages, vitally preventing its progression into lifelong chronic kidney disease (CKD). The assay can do so by...

Modeling the Implications of Fugitive Gas Emissions on Building Heat Upgrade Decisions; Climate Change as a Driving Force for Social and Technical Innovation

Jackson Sompayrac
As climate change becomes an increasingly greater global concern, reducing net emissions has grown to be the key objective when building new infrastructure. Currently, infrastructure project planning tools use simulations and analytical modeling to forecast gas emissions and lifecycle costs. Such tools can be costly or do not combine the two facets intuitively. The goal of this capstone group is to create a cohesive, accessible tool that will take user input of a building to...

Optimization of Patient Flow and Process for a Primary Care Clinic During the COVID-19 Pandemic; A Virtue Ethics Analysis of the Washington County Sheriff's Office's Implementation and Use of Amazon Rekognition

Claire Dozier
My technical work and STS research are connected primarily through the concept of systems analysis (SA), which is directly related to and used in the practice of systems engineering. SA has multiple definitions, but broadly it refers to a problem-solving technique that deconstructs a system’s components and examines how well those components perform together. The results of a SA provide valuable information to decision makers and stakeholders, which then allows them to manage, improve, or...

Designing an Autonomously Platooning Golf Cart for Short Distance Campus Travel; An Exploration of the Influences on the Integration of Unmanned Robotics into Law Enforcement

Gregory Breza
Unmanned and autonomous robotics are a rapidly developing industry that has been circulating beyond the traditional manufacturing robot into countless aspects of people’s daily life. The technical research project focused on developing a platooning system for a pair of golf carts. Platooning is a simplified method of implementing autonomy in vehicles by having the autonomous vehicle follow a manually driven vehicle. This platooning system is important to refine because by reducing the amount of autonomous...

Electromechanical Bioreactor for Volumetric Muscle Loss Treatment; The Impact of Social Mores on Vaccine Development and Distribution During Public Health Crises

Caroline Roden
Biotechnology has always been a topic of controversy. Both scientists and laypeople alike have their own valid concerns regarding altering human biology for the ultimate advancement of society. However, some of the widely spread concerns may also be attributed to misinformation and poor communication from experts on more advanced biological topics. There are many concerns, though, that are scientifically valid and should be addressed in the development of novel biotechnologies, as doing so will bolster...

How wearable sensing can be used to monitor patient recovery following ACL reconstruction; Exploring the Relationship between Clinicians, Patients, and Wearable Health Sensors

Sean Lynch
Over the last decade, wearable sensors have become increasingly common for both general consumers and patients in the medical setting. Sensors have fundamentally altered the way patients can monitor their health and have facilitated certain tasks for clinicians. Despite improvements in technology, understanding how to properly integrate wearable sensors so that they improve the experiences of both patients and clinicians remains a difficult task. The following technical and STS theses identify how patients interact with...

Temperate Forest Response to Multiple Ecosystem Change Drivers in the Eastern United States: Implications for Forest Carbon and Water Balance.

Jacob Malcomb
Temperate forests of the eastern United States are a globally important sink for atmospheric CO2 and provide other vital ecosystem services, including regulation of water resources. In recent decades, these forests have been subjected to environmental changes including elevated atmospheric CO2 concentrations, changes in acidic air pollution, and changing temperature and precipitation regimes. How these concurrent changes have impacted forest carbon and water balance remain unclear. The research in this dissertation examines how changes in...

Evaluation of Caffeic Acid Transport in an In Vitro 3D Model of Hepatocellular Carcinoma; Essure® by Bayer: A Care Ethics Analysis

Ella Frazier
My technical work and STS research are connected through the field of medical technology development. Medical technology research and development (R&D) plays a crucial role in the field of medicine as it pushes the boundaries of what we know and how we can best treat patient conditions. Although both projects address this overarching theme, the two works differ in the area of R&D they explore. My technical work addresses the research and experimental side while...

Smart Shoe-Insole; The Global Chip Shortage: An Analysis of Semiconductor Supply

Eric Csehoski
Modern electronics demand a steady supply of semiconducting “chips,” which are designed to carry out processes for a variety of applications. The “Smart Sole,” a Bluetooth enabled shoe sole designed in the technical research project, utilizes these chips to enable a user to view a real time pressure map of their shoe sole, and store the data for later visualization. Semiconductors are essential for this project, which gives proof of concept for a technology that...

Design of a Sensor-Enabled Testing Device for the TrueClot® Tourniquet Application Trainer; Relationships Between Emergency Medical Services and Marginalized Communities: Disparities Across High- and Low-Income Areas in the United States

Molly Luckinbill
The need for effective and efficient emergency medical care is ever-present as mass-injury events such as school shootings and the Boston Marathon bombing remain prevalent. Society needs to be able to rely on emergency medical services (EMS) to be competent and responsive. Therefore, this portfolio explores two different facets of EMS: the training and the response. The technical research topic covers the training aspect; the final product is a device that examines the effectiveness of...

Cybersecurity in National Defense: Understanding Adversarial Capabilities; Classified Information and Ethical Obligations

Jonathan Wiler
Information is a crucial tool, and it is a tool whose exchange today is managed in large quantities online. Information exchanges hands in many different ways on the internet, and as more devices connect to the web with more information to offer, it is important to expect that information will be protected, private, and safe. The technical research report examines how nation states adversarial to the United States attempt to breach this protection of information...

Safe and Sustainable Fleet Management with Data Analytics and Reinforcement Training; Understanding the Diffusion of Electric Vehicles

Caroline Fuccella
The transportation sector is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions causing climate change around the globe. Efforts to make transportation more sustainable tends to go in two directions: technology-based and human-based. Human-based efforts are those that require people to make conscious decisions and actions in regards to eco-friendly transportation. The technical report discusses an example of this: the implementation of a mindful driving program for a university fleet that teaches about how to operate...

Design of a novel ex vivo murine brain slice model for analysis of pericyte morphology in diabetes; An Autoethnographic Perspective on Type 1 Diabetes Burnout

Garrett Johannsen
Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is a persistent and complex medical problem that poses many unique challenges to millions of people in the United States. Of these challenges, two of the most pressing are the somewhat abstract emotional toll that blood glucose management takes on a diabetic and the much more concrete physical repercussions that arise as a result of inconsistent personal care. Awareness of the diabetic experience and the resiliency that diabetes management requires needs...

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