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Gaia DR3 MC sampled XP spectra SSA

M. Demleitner & R. Andrae
This is a re-publication the Gaia DR3 RP/BP spectra in the IVOA Spectral Data Model. It presents the continous spectra in sampled form, using a Monte Carlo scheme to decorrelate errors, elaborated in this resource's reference URL. The underlying tables are also available for querying through TAP, which opens some powerful methods for mass-analysing the data.

The LIFE Target Star Database LIFETD

F. Menti, S. Quanz &
The LIFE Target Star Database contains information useful for the planned LIFE mission (mid-ir, nulling interferometer in space). It characterizes possible target systems including information about stellar, planetary and disk properties. The data itself is mainly a collection from different other catalogs. Note that LIFE's target database is living data. The content – and to some extent even structure – of these tables may change at any time without prior warning.

Deep Mosaic of the Fornax cluster core

T. Lisker, C. Wittmann, A. Pasquali, M. Hilker, E.K. Grebel & A. Venhola
This is a deep optical mosaic of the Fornax cluster’s core, covering 1.6 square degrees. The data were acquired with ESO/MPG 2.2m/WFI, using a transparent filter that nearly equals the no-filter throughput and thus provides a high signal-to-noise ratio. Based on an approximate conversion to V-band magnitudes, the unbinned and binned mosaics (0.24 and 0.71 arcsec/pixel) reach a median depth of 26.6 and 27.8 mag/sq.arcsec, respectively.

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  • 2023

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