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The Heart of Hope City Church : exploring volunteer leadership

Rondah Dianne Worrell-Maik
This thesis employed an action-oriented research project that explored volunteer leadership development in a faith-based religious context. The methodology employed for this project was community-based research, as it best aligned with the organization, allowing research to be guided by the knowledge gained through the lived experience of the research participants. The inquiry included two phases of research conducted using three research methods: storytelling, focus groups, and interviews. A total of 20 participants took part in...

Listening and being listened to : insights from environmental communicators

Cayley Marie Webber
By virtue of listening to texts, to Silence, to self, and to the experiences of four environmental communicators from the Master of Arts in Environmental Education and Communication program at Royal Roads University, this thesis exposes how highly valued yet absent listening has been within environmental discourse and general approaches to communication. Qualitative data were collected through semi-structured interviews, along with personal journal entries, using an orientation of Appreciative Inquiry and Constructivist Grounded Theory Methodology....

Poaching in the Mount Elgon trans-boundary ecosystem

Ruth K. Shikuku, Paul Makenzi & Philip Muruthi
This article assesses poaching in the Mount Elgon trans-boundary eco-system. The study employed a social survey research design. One hundred households were sampled and interviewed using questionnaires. Secondary data was collected from KWS and UWA wildlife offices and key informants in Kenya and Uganda. Household survey results showed that the wildlife class mostly targeted in poaching is mammals. Traditional weapons are still dominant in poaching. Use of firearms occurs mainly when the target is large...

Space2Place: An e-learning module to empower stakeholders of UNESCO sites

Tobias Matusch, Nils Wolf, Vera Fuchsgruber, Simone Naumann, Lisa Dannwolf & Alexander Siegmund
With World Heritage Sites, Biosphere Reserves and Global Geoparks, the UNESCO has declared a huge variety of places that are worth being preserved in almost all countries. An increasing number of these sites are “in Danger”, being affected by environmental processes, or impacted by climate change and human devastation. The adaptive e learning module Space2Place gives stakeholders of UNESCO sites the opportunity to benefit from advantages of Earth observation and to improve the management of...

[Pre-print] A scratch-guide model for the motion of a curling rock

A. Raymond Penner

Dialogic change and the practice of inclusive leadership

Niels Agger-Gupta & Brigitte Harris
This article is © Emerald Publishing Limited and permission has been granted for this version to appear here. Emerald does not grant permission for this article to be further copied/distributed or hosted elsewhere without the express permission from Emerald Publishing Limited.

Planning and human rights: We have something in common

Jacquelin Pegg & Rosemary Bennett
This article offers a brief overview of human rights issues that affect municipal decision-making, legislation, and operations related to land-use planning to build vibrant, healthy neighbourhoods and communities. It offers tips and resources for planning for inclusion.

The Nanaimo Free Press [Saturday, November 14, 1925]

The Cowichan Leader [Saturday, April 23, 1910]

Why mindfulness matters: how mindfulness of paraprofessionals affects personal and professional well-being

Janet Rudzroga
This paper explores the action research question, How can I increase my own mindfulness and ultimately help other paraprofessionals increase their mindfulness practice? Starting as a personal journey to increase my mindfulness practice, an eight-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program was followed. Knowledge and insights gained during this research cycle helped guide the creation of professional development workshops for nine paraprofessionals working in an urban school in Yukon. Participants met weekly for seven weeks to explore...

Response to assessment: reading interventions for students with learning disabilities

Shelley R. Webster
The provision of reading assessment tools and interventions for students with learning disabilities at a highly individualized level of support is explored in this action research study. Through the inquiry process the researcher examined the use of diagnostic, formative, progress monitoring, and summative assessment tools for phonological and orthographical knowledge with a small group of grade three and four students during an eight week Tier 1 ntervention program. The application of assessment tools for measurement...

Lynette Jarrett interview

Lynette Jarrett
Interviewee discusses their life story and the Nanaimo Pride Society history.

Terre Flower interview

Terre Flower
Interviewee discusses their life story and the Nanaimo Pride Society history.

Canadian educators’ preparedness in addressing mental health needs of secondary students

Manjeet K. Nagra
An anonymous paper based survey was used to collect qualitative and quantitative data on a sample of teachers and special education assistants in an urban secondary school in British Columbia. The aim of this study was to investigate educators’ level of skills and knowledge to deal with student mental health issues. The results of the survey indicate that although the teachers acknowledge the importance of addressing mental health needs of their students, they also request...

Re-vealing and re-personalizing: a journey via currere from burnout to resiliency

Heide Heiman
My intention in this study was to weave statistics, references, and studies throughout my story. I have researched extensively on the topic of burnout in special education teachers within their first 10 years of teaching. Studies, reviews, and types of assessments have been analyzed and synthesized along with my own data collected through the methodology of currere. I share with you the overview of the field of burnout and resilience among teachers. I share the...

Iqaluit: The next thirty years

An executive summary of the official plan prepared by G.L. Richards and Associates Ltd. and Corush Sunderland Wright Ltd.

The Cowichan Leader [Thursday, July 14, 1910]

The Cowichan Leader [Thursday, November 3, 1910]

The Cowichan Leader [Thursday, December 1, 1910]

The Cowichan Leader [Saturday, January 8, 1910]

The Cowichan Leader [Saturday, February 12, 1910]

The Cowichan Leader [Saturday, February 19, 1910]

The Cowichan Leader [Saturday, March 26, 1910]

The Cowichan Leader [Thursday, June 1, 1922]

The Cowichan Leader [Thursday, June 15, 1922]

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