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Care Earnings in the United States and European Union: The Role of Social Policy and Labour Market Institutions (LIEPP Working Paper, n°115)

Emanuele Ferragina & Zachary Parolin
Care occupations are strongly gendered and remain relatively poorly paid, particularly in the United States. Prior research points to individual, relational, and market- valuation factors in explaining the relative earnings of care workers. In contrast, this study applies a comparative institutional perspective to investigate cross-national differences in the relative earnings of care workers. Using merged data from the U.S. Current Population Survey and EU-SILC, we find that national variance in labour market and welfare state...

Is Journalistic Truth Dead? Measuring How Informed Voters Are about Political News (LIEPP Working Paper, n°128)

Charles Angelucci & Andrea Rodríguez Prat
How many voters are informed about political news mainstream journalists consider important? We develop a methodology that combines a protocol for identifying major news stories, online surveys, and the estimation of a model that disentangles individual information precision from news story salience and partisanship. We focus on news about U.S. politics in a monthly sample of 1,000 voters repeated 8 times. On average, 85% of individuals are able to distinguish the major real news story...

The Discrete Charm of Managed Competition in Health Policy Reform (LIEPP Working Paper, n°123)

Lawrence Brown
The prospect that health care markets, famously resistant to the iron laws of economics, might be "normalized" after all has attracted much attention over the last three decades. Managed competition, a strategy that spearheads this project, proposes to instill new efficiencies in health care systems, without damage to equity and solidarity, with a model that sets market forces within a framework of sophisticated rules designed to avert market failure. This paper seeks to explain why...

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