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Voting Behavior in the Wisconsin State Legislature: Wisconsin's Most Recent Golden Age, 1965-1966

Jacob O. Stampen

Lumbertowns in the Cutover: Economic Cross-Sections of 94 (Mostly Obscure) Wisconsin and Michigan Communities at 4 Decade Long Intervals

James Bruce Smith

Belgian Municipal Accounts for 16 Governments, 1870 - 1933

Michael T. Aiken

Recent science and engineering graduates, 1976

Growth of American Families (GAF), 1955

Ronald Freedman, Pascal K. Whelpton & Arthur A. Campbell

Census and Property Survey for Florentine Domains and the City of Verona in Fifteenth Century Italy - Catasto Study

David Herlihy & Christiane Klapishe-Zuber

The Survey of Economic Expectations (SEE), Waves 1-8, with data from the UW Survey Center's National Survey

Charles F. Manski & John D. Straub

Search for Irish Immigrants Through the Boston Pilot, 1847 and 1848

Ruth-Ann Harris

National Institute for Science Education Evaluation of The Why Files Site

Sharon Dunwoody & William Eveland

Characteristics of Municipios: Data from the 1950 and 1960 Censuses of Mexico

Donald J. Treiman

Council on Foreign Relations: A Case Study of the Societal Bases of Foreign Policy Formation, 1922-1969

William M. Minter

Dynamics of Idealism: Volunteers for Civil Rights 1965-1982

N.J. Demereth, Gerald Marwell & Michael T. Aiken

Ethnicity of students and staff in Wisconsin public school, 1974-1975

Russian Imperial Bureaucracy, 1762-1881

John A. Armstrong

French Old Regime Bureaucrats: the Intendants de Province, 1661-1790

John A. Armstrong

Slave Movement -- Internal Slave Trade to Rio de Janiero, 1852

Herbert S. Klein

Slave Movement -- Slave Trade to Rio de Janiero, 1795-1811

Herbert S. Klein

Slave Movement -- Slave Trade to Rio de Janiero, 1825-1830

Herbert S. Klein

Man and the Variable Vulnerability of Island Life: A Study of Recent Vegetation Change in the Bahamas, 1972

Anthony Roger Byrne

Survey of Food Consumption of Households in the United States, Spring 1955.

Rueben Buse & Aaron Johnson

Wisconsin children, incomes and program participation survey (CHIPPS) of 1985

Slave Movement -- Records of Slave Ship Movement Between Africa and the Americas, 1817-1843

Philip D. Curtin & Herbert S. Klein

Wisconsin County-Level Historical Data, 1840-1960

Wisconsin Study of Families and Work 1990 - 2012

Janet Shibley Hyde & Marilyn J. Essex

Summary of Study of Microcomputers in Small- and Medium-Sized Colombian Firms, 1985-1986

Mary C. McEniry

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