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Poetry and History

David Curley
Poetry and History: Bengali Maṅgal-kābya and Social Change in Precolonial Bengal analyzes Bengali maṅgal-kābya, a genre of narrative literature. The first essay argues that the didactic purposes of maṅgal-kābya and the performative pleasures based upon satire make them rich sources for historians of precolonial Bengal. Three essays focus on Caṇḍimaṅgal texts, especially the version by Mukunda Cakrabartῑ, probably written before 1600 AD. They argue that Mukunda uses a ‘scale of transactions’ to describe normative roles...

Son of Heaven and Heavenly Qaghan: Sui-Tang China and its Neighbors

Yihong Pan
Son of Heaven and Heavenly Qaghan: Sui-Tang China and its Neighbors by Pan Yihong: The conquest of the last of the Southern Dynasties by Sui in 589 brought to an end the Period of Disunion which had started with the collapse of Han in 220 C.E. The Sui dynasty was short-lived but laid the foundation for the Tang (618-907), an age of outstanding political and cultural achievement to which later generations looked back with nostalgia....

The Last Mongol Prince: The Life and Times of Demchugdongrob, 1902-1966

Sechin Jagchid
The sixty-four years of the life of Prince Demchugdongrob saw the devastation of two world wars. Invasion of Asia by imperialists was gradually checked by the rise of nationalism. Japan’s victory in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904 restored Asian self- confidence. But this victory also created strife within. The founding of the Republic of China in 1912, which ended monarchical rule, and the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 marked the beginning of a new era. The...

Subjects and Masters: Uyghurs in the Mongol Empire

Michael C. Brose
Subjects and Masters by Michael C. Brose answers the question, “Who really ran the Mongol empire?” The common stereotype of "leadership" during that period of world history most likely consists of a band of savage horse­ mounted nomads, led by the fearless and powerful Chinggis Qan, sweeping down from the steppe to conquer and rule with brutal force over the most powerful Eurasian empires of the time. But while the Mongol tribesmen were certainly effective...

The Price of Rice: Market Integration in Eighteenth-Century China

Sui-wai Cheung
The Price of Rice by Sui-wai Cheung investigates the grain tax, canal transportation, and market integration, to give a complete picture of the long-distance rice trade in China during the eighteenth century.

Mongolian Short Stories

Henry Schwarz
Mongolian Short Stories, edited by Henry G. Schwarz: My students rightfully complain that they need an anthology of unabridged and representative samples of Mongolian literature. There is at present only one source for such materials, the magazine, Mongolia. Unfortunately, the magazine, like most other periodical publications of its kind, scatters its literary samples across scores of issues. Moreover, it is probably true that this useful magazine is still little known in the United States where...

Bibliotheca Mongolica

Henry Schwarz
The field of Mongolian Studies in North America has had its ups and downs over the past decade. While some universities, like Indiana and Brigham Young, have expanded their offerings and others, like Saskatchewan and Western Washington, have entered the field, there has also been some contraction. In several ways, the most regrettable casualty of the budget axe was the fine program at the University of Washington which had been founded and guided by Nicholas...

UndocuStudents: Our Untold Stories

& Emmanuel Camarillo
UndocuStudents: Our Untold Stories is a collection of essays, poetry, photographs, and artwork created by members of the Blue Group, an Associated Students Club at Western Washington University, whose mission is to provide undocumented students the opportunity to meet other undocumented students, find resources and services, and to build community. As the Blue Group has grown from just a few students meeting informally into an official Western Washington University Associated Students club, into an organization...

Steal yourself

Robin Jennings
Steal Yourself is a quest for identity, bursting with stories -- a hairdresser falls in love with the man who is robbing her salon, a wife steals a car that used to belong to her dead lover, two women trying to have a baby set off on a road trip filled with family secrets -- held together with a ribbon of flash fiction. The women in these stories are trying on lives - however likable...

Relocation and analysis of the 2007 Nechako, B.C., seismic swarm: evidence for magmatic intrusion in the lower crust

Jesse A. Hutchinson
On October 9th, 2007, a seismic swarm, known as the Nechako swarm, began in south-central British Columbia, approximately 20 kilometers west of the Nazko polygenetic cinder cone. After lasting for well over a month, seismic activity tapered off by November 21st, 2007. This study analyzes data from several temporary broadband seismometers deployed by the Geological Survey of Canada near the epicentral locations of initial events from the swarm. Over 4400 events were observed during this...

Can this wait? Civil conflict negotiation and the content of ethnic identity

David E. Lebowitz
Current approaches to the negotiated resolution of ethnic civil conflict either ignore or negate the impact of the content of ethnic identities on the negotiation process, or alternatively assume without sufficient evidence that violent conflict is caused by conflicting ethnic narratives. Based upon a comparison of the Israeli-Palestinian and Northern Ireland conflicts and negotiation processes, this thesis suggests a third perspective. While the evidence does not support the contention that conflicting ethnic narratives cause violent...

Effects of fire on cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum) : a case study of fire restoration in the Lake Chelan National Recreation Area, Washington

Rose E. Agbalog
Following decades of fire suppression, fire is slowly being reintroduced into the North Cascades National Park (NOCA) through prescription burning and wildland fire use in the attempt to restore native fire adapted ecosystem. The presence of cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum), a fire-adapted invasive grass, has been documented in NOCA within the past few decades. Although other studies have shown that fire increases the extent of cheatgrass, little work has been done to document its response after...

Preparation of Z-substituted styrenes using hiyama and suzuki cross couplings: a synthesis of glandulone B

Courtney A. Engles
The heliannuols are a family of allelochemicals that have been isolated from the common sunflower (Helianthus annuus). The 8-membered cyclic ether moiety found in many of the heliannuols is a rare motif in nature and provides a challenging synthetic target. It has been found that conformational constraint in the form of a Z olefin helps promote the cyclization of aryl epoxides to the 8-membered cyclic ether. Hiyama couplings of aryl iodides and cyclic vinyl siloxanes...

Oriented fluorophore luminescent solar concentrators

Christopher John Westcott
Though the sun's energy is the world's most prominent renewable energy resource, technologies such as photovoltaics (PVs) have yet to become a significant factor in the energy market due in part to the sheer cost of unit deployment. Luminescent Solar Concentrators (LSCs) have been investigated since the late 1960s as a means of reducing the cost of PV arrays by replacing large areas of expensive PVs with cheaper materials such as glass or plastic. LSCs...

Determining garnet crystallization kinetics from growth zoning and Mn-calibrated Sm-Nd ages

Rose Bloom
By working under the assumption that garnet strongly fractionates Mn, the change in measured XMn from the core to rim of a garnet can be used to represent the progression of time since nucleation. Core, mantle, and rim zones from nine snowball garnets collected at the Pinney Hollow Formation, Townshend Dam, VT were analyzed using electron probe microanalysis (EPMA) as well as Sm/Nd isotopic methods. Two-point garnet-matrix Sm/Nd ages are complex, with some showing apparent...

The Research Process

Jenny Oleen & Rebecca Marrall
The Research Process: Strategies for Undergraduate Students is an open access textbook written by library, archives, and Learning Commons professionals at Western Libraries, and is intended for undergraduate students. In Getting Started, you will discover the stages inherent in the research process, and be introduced to the available resources at Western Libraries. In Explore, you will explore different information sources, and will learn how to develop robust search strategies for each information source. In Focus...

The effects of season and microhabitat on the distribution and nutritional contributions of two algal symbionts in the intertidal anemone Anthopleura xanthogrammica

Michael Rory Levine
The intertidal sea anemone Anthopleura xanthogrammica is distributed widely along the Pacific coast, from Baja California Mexico (~30ºN) to southern Alaska (57ºN). In much of its range, A. xanthogrammica has the ability to co-host algal symbionts from two distinct taxa known as zoochlorellae (the chlorophyte Elliptochloris marina) and zooxanthellae (brown dinophytes in the genus Symbiodinium). Laboratory studies and field distributions have demonstrated that zoochlorellae and zooxanthellae represent "cool" and "warm" symbionts respectively, based on their...

The first pre- and post-wildfire charcoal quantification using peroxide-acid digestion

Melissa R.A. Pingree
In the summer of 2002, the 200,000-ha Biscuit Wildfire consumed a portion of the 150-ha Long-Term Ecosystem Productivity (LTEP) experiment in the Siskiyou National Forest, Oregon. The wildfire burned previously established 100-year-old conifer control and thinned experimental units, which allows comparison with prescribed burn and unburned units. This research evaluates the O horizon and mineral soil charcoal, a key fire-related soil component that affects physical and chemical properties. Charcoal C was quantified by a peroxide-acid...

Targeting watersheds for enrollment in the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program in Whatcom County, Washington

Kara Symonds
Anadromous salmon populations of the Pacific Northwest have been decreasing for decades in response to a variety of factors, such as habitat destruction, overharvesting, and declining water quality. In Washington State's Water Resource Inventory Area (WRIA) 1, the State Conservation Commission listed the habitat limiting factors for salmon and steelhead as: sedimentation problems associated with landslides, overharvesting, lack of large woody debris, warmer stream temperatures, and impacts to riparian, floodplain, water quality, and flow conditions....

The effects of a goal setting program on the exercise commitment and fitness levels of university students

Rahmin Buckman
The purpose of the current study was to examine the effects a goal setting program had on exercise commitment and aerobic fitness among university students. Obesity and a lack of sufficient physical activity continue to be a problematic and increasing epidemic in the United States. Some theorists have utilized goal setting as an intervention to increase commitment effectiveness of exercise participants. In the current study, a two-way between-within experimental design was utilized involving two separate...

Changes in macromoth community structure following deforestation in Western Washington State

Matthew R. Fisher
Timber management, especially clear-cut logging, dramatically alters forest ecosystems. In temperate conifer forests of the Pacific Northwest, succession following deforestation is a slow process, lasting several decades for early and mid-successional stages and several hundred years for late maturity and old growth stages. Despite the history of logging in the region and the importance of these forests to wildlife, it is not well understood how animal communities respond to forest disturbance, particularly over successional gradients....

Polyunsaturated aldehyde production by a temporally varying field assemblage of diatoms in the San Juan Island Archipelago: can diatom metabolites affect microzooplankton grazing?

Blair M. (Blair Michael) Paul
The success of diatoms in a wide range of global habitats, together with common observations of the post-bloom sinking of diatom biomass, indicates that this taxon has evolved a mechanism to reduce the largest loss process for phytoplankton in the ocean, microzooplankton grazing. Recent research has shown that polyunsaturated aldehydes (PUAs), lipid oxidation products generated by various species of diatoms, can reduce copepod fecundity and egg hatching success. This leads to the question of whether...

Becoming the mouthpiece of God: female Christian mystics from the twelfth-to the eighteenth-century

Carly Florine Thompson
The purpose of this work is to look specifically at the writings of ten female mystics from the late medieval and early modern period and examine the intentional use of rhetoric by female mystics to procure the agency to address concerns about religion and society.

Paleomagnetism and rock magnetism of remagnetized carbonate rocks from the Helena salient, Southwest Montana

Benjamin Franklin Baugh
The Helena salient is an arcuate curve in the southwest Montana fold and thrust belt, characterized by thin-skinned folding and thrusting. Ages from volcanic sills imply that deformation in the region began 77 million years ago during the Late Cretaceous (Harlan et al., 2008). This study investigates the nature of curvature associated with this salient using paleomagnetic techniques. Carbonate rocks of the Mississippian Madison Group were sampled from 24 sites across three folds: the Devil's...

Between the brows: searching for the placement of Marie Corelli's popular fiction

Courtney Kendall
Historically, Marie Corelli's popular 1890s fiction has been considered lowbrow. Contemporary scholarship has attempted to recuperate her work by aligning her texts with high art movements of the nineteenth-century. The two Corelli novels that this thesis examines, The Sorrows of Satan (1895) and Wormwood (1890), construct idealized gender representations through a combination of low and high art stylistics and subject matter. These novels critique modes of consumption that cause characters to deviate from the ideal...

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