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Creating a Community Hub for Natural History Education in the Methow Valley and Beyond

Mary Kiesau
I created and integrated three different methods of natural history education for my final project of my Masters of Education in Environmental Education in order to further establish myself as a professional educator, communicator and naturalist, and to create ways for people who live in or have an affinity for the Methow Valley to be more observant, informed and connected with the natural world. Building on previous graduate coursework as well as professional work as...

-12°F: for orchestra

David Pangborn
Dedicated to Ron Erlandsen. -12°F is a programmatic piece based on my experiences as a deer hunter. It is a through composed, loose ternary A-B-A form with an introduction and coda. The introduction is based on the slow, meticulous walk into the woods in the cold darkness. The natural sounds of the breathing orchestra was incorporated to represent the heavy breathing as one walks into the woods. The piano and string quartet are the only...

Globalized Garment Systems: Theories on the Rana Plaza Disaster and Possible Localist Responses

Elizabeth A. Evans
Since 2005, more than 1,300 people in Bangladesh – the majority women – have died, while producing apparel for Western, especially United States, markets. Today, the US imports 97.5 percent of its apparel, mostly from developing countries such as Bangladesh. However, such import reliance was not always so. By examining past and present garment systems in the United States, my thesis seeks to address injustice in globalized garment systems, and suggest new directions for the...

Behavioral Characterization of a Knock-in Mouse Model of Huntington's Disease

Shawn Minnig
Huntington’s disease (HD) is a progressive, fatal neurodegenerative disease caused by an inherited CAG expansion on the Huntingtin (HTT) gene resulting in cognitive, affective, and motor related symptoms. Although clinical diagnosis depends on the presence of Huntington’s chorea, a movement disorder consisting of irregular movements, cognitive symptoms appear 10-15 years prior during the pre-manifest stage of the disease and are more debilitating to patients. One of the most important advances in HD research has been...

Cluster Analysis as a Means of Examining Topographically-mediated Bristlecone Pine (Pinus longaeva) Growth in the American Southwest

Tyler J. Tran
Tree-ring analysis can provide information about the surrounding environment of trees, as ring widths often reflect the variability of the factors that limit their growth. Great Basin bristlecone pine (Pinus longaeva D. K. Bailey) provides crucial tree-ring data to understand paleoclimate, but the growth signals can be difficult to interpret. The bristle- cone record could present a potentially confounding narrative because of its mixed growth signals; in many cases, not all trees at one site...

Return to Sarah: for Orchestra

Nicaela Coté
Return to Sarah is a work for orchestra inspired by the composer's favorite novel depicted through programmatic, motivic, and introspective composition. The music renders the story through the eyes of the composer.

Video Education For Nutritional Management Of Type 2 Diabetes In A Rural, Multiethnic Community In Molokai, Hawaii

Megan Stephenson
Type 2 diabetes (T2D) is seen acutely in the state of Hawaii: 9.7 percent of the adult population is diagnosed, but rates are disproportionate across ethnic groups. Food insecurity, agricultural restrictions, and low health literacy contribute to high rates of chronic disease like T2D. This thesis is a medical anthropological study, to test a modified diabetes education video about nutritional practices to the multiethnic community on Molokai. I argue that this modified educational video is...

Exploring the Biofuel Potential of Isochrysis sp.

John R. Williams
A select few strains of marine microalgae, such as Isochrysis sp., produce high-melting (∼70 °C) lipids known as long-chain alkenones that detrimentally affect biodiesel fuel quality. A method has been developed for the production of an alkenone-free Isochrysis biodiesel. This material was prepared on sufficient scale to allow for extensive analysis according to ASTM standards. Results revealed that while cold flow improved by removal of these high-melting components, a cloud point was still unattainable due...

The Effects of Mindfulness Meditation on Attention and Rumination

Diana M. David
Mindfulness meditation (MM) has grown in popularity over the recent years, becoming a way in which to achieve awareness of the present moment. Benefits of MM include decreased rates of mind wandering, depression, and anxiety, as well as improvements in well-being and attention. However, MM researchers using novice meditators usually compare them to a passive control group or a control group that completes relaxation training. The present study used a cognitively active control group as...

Comparing Soil Datasets with the APEX Model: Calibration and Validation for Hydrology and Crop Yield in Whatcom County, Washington

Andrew M. Monks
Controlling pollution from agricultural lands is a priority for improving watershed health. Best management practices (BMPs) recommend strategies such as riparian buffers and altered fertilizer application timing and rates for reduction of nutrient and sediment export from agricultural watersheds, but BMP effectiveness in nutrient retention can vary greatly depending on differences in crops, soils, and topography. Conducting nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) measurements in all BMP projects is generally not feasible, so well-validated models can...

Depositional Environments and Provenance of Early Paleogene Strata in the Huerfano Basin: Implications for Uplift of the Wet Mountains, Colorado, USA

Dirk M. Rasmussen
Sedimentary basins throughout the Western Interior of North America preserve a record of Late Cretaceous through latest Eocene sedimentation derived from flanking Laramide uplifts. In northern and western basins, the strata contain a well-documented proxy history of Laramide-style exhumation and climatic conditions within the region. However, the tectonic and climatic histories of more southerly basins, such as the Huerfano Basin studied herein, are comparatively underdeveloped despite being key in understanding the spatiotemporal evolution of Laramide...

Mapping Interactions Between the Type-VI Secretion System Effector tAE1 and Its Putative Substrates Using NMR Spectroscopy

Robert C. Henderson
Tae1 is an amidase produced by gram negative Pseudomonas bacteria that attacks the peptidoglycan layer in the cell walls of neighboring bacteria after secretion through the Type VI secretion system (T6S). The goal of our work is mapping interactions between the type-VI-secretion system effector Tae1 and its putative substrates using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy. Tae1 is amenable to NMR in that we are able to collect spectra with resolved, well defined peaks that can...

Climatic Drivers of Western Spruce Budworm Outbreaks in the Okanogan Highlands

Todd M. Ellis
The western spruce budworm is recognized as the most ecologically- and economically-damaging defoliator in western North America. Like other defoliating insects, the western spruce budworm consumes the needles of host tree species like the Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii (Mirb.) Franco), causing limb and tree mortality, regeneration delays, and reduction in tree growth rates. Synchronous western spruce budworm outbreaks can occur over much of a host species' range, and we need a better understanding of the mechanisms...

Tourism and Environmental Education: An Educational Model for a More Environmentally and Culturally Sensitive Tourism

Tammy Leland
Tourism, one of the world's largest and fastest growing industries, estimated to be the largest by the year 2000, is promoted as the key to economic growth and prosperity for ailing economies. The industry, a $3.6 trillion industry, is also the largest employer in almost every country, accounting for one out of every 9 jobs worldwide.Tourist travel offers opportunities for relaxation, adventure, and encounters with unfamiliar lands and people; experiences that can help to bridge...

Copper Indium Disulfide Nanocrystal Luminescent Solar Concentrators

Ryan I. Sumner
The sun is the most prominent renewable energy resource. Technologies such as photovoltaics (PVs) have yet to emerge as a cost effective alternative to non-renewable energy resources such as fossil fuels. Luminescent solar concentrators (LSC) possess the ability to lower the cost of solar energy by the reduction of the photovoltaic cell area and yet increase photovoltaic conversion efficiency. LSC’s offer an attractive approach to concentrating both specular and diffuse light, which eliminates expensive solar...

Seagrasses (Zostera marina) and (Zostera japonica) Display a Differential Photosynthetic Response to TCO2: Implications for Acidification Mitigation

Cale A. Miller
" Excess atmospheric CO2 is being absorbed at an unprecedented rate by the global and coastal oceans, shifting the baseline pCO2 and altering seawater carbonate chemistry in a process known as ocean acidification (OA). Recent attention has been given to near-shore vegetated habitats, such as seagrass beds, which may have the potential to mitigate the effects of acidification on vulnerable calcifying organisms via photosynthesis. Seagrasses are capable of raising seawater pH and calcium carbonate saturation state...

Nutritional Intake and Hormone Phenotypes in the Kansas Mennonite

Christopher E. Barrett
Nutrition directly shapes phenotype and genetic health, therefore playing a central role in determining health outcomes and disease trajectories. Chronic health problems and nutritional deficits have been rapidly escalating globally as nutritional deficiencies continue to accelerate the onset of illness and suffering. Vitamin D deficiency for example is causative in many pathophysiological disease and metabolic conditions while correction of deficient levels is known to treat cancer and reduce cardio-metabolic risks. Despite the bio-social origins and...

History at Hand: An Analysis of Self-Guided Historic Walking Tours in Whatcom County, Washington

Laura M. Stone
This study explores and analyzes self-guided historic walking tours in Whatcom County, Washington, as part of Whatcom County’s heritage tourism offerings. Heritage Tourism a specialized field of tourism that has seen growth over the last several decades and has become the most successful specialized tourism market. Twelve self-guided historic walking tours were analyzed from an anthropological framework, exploring themes in multi-vocality, authenticity, sense of place, and audience engagement in interpretation. The narrative text from each...

Effects of Zostera marina Roots and Leaf Detritus on the Concentration and Distribution of Pore-Water Sulfide in Marine Sediments

Alexandra G. Simpson
Sulfide toxicity is implicated in seagrass declines worldwide. Studies examining the relationship between seagrass presence and sulfide concentrations have yielded conflicting results. Interpretation of the seagrass-sulfide relationship is complicated due to the opposing effects of the root system which can increase sulfide oxidation and the burial of organic matter from the plant itself which can increase sulfide production. To quantify the impact of eelgrass leaf detritus and the Zostera marina rhizosphere on pore-water sulfide concentrations,...

Emergent Wetland Plant Biophysical Characteristics Associated with Wave Attenuation and Sediment Retention

Chad D. Stellern
Estuarine wetlands have proven a cost-effective buffer against coastal hazards because they reduce erosive wave energy and enable sediment retention by producing hydraulic friction. Human modifications to coastal hydrology and sediment transport have resulted in loss of wetlands and associated protection. Our study area, the Stillaguamish Delta has experienced a 55% loss in wetlands and significant marsh retreat (Grossman and Curran (in review)). We quantified vegetation characteristics (spatial, vertical and, seasonal) that effect wave attenuation...

A Legacy of Supremacy: Prison, Power, and the Carceral Nation

Luke J. Hickey
This thesis focuses on the relationship between the prison system and the history of institutionalized racism in the United States. It begins with a detailed historical and political analysis of the criminal justice system in relation to race/ethnicity from the abolition of slavery in the nineteenth century into a modern day context. The ideologies birthed from the abolition of slavery that contributed to the structure of the United States penal system are paired with practices...

Investigating Pterion from Two Perspectives: Phylogenetics and Biomechanics

Nambi Gamet
Pterion is a skull landmark located directly behind the orbits where four cranial bones (sphenoid, parietal, temporal and frontal) articulate in 4 basic configurations: spheno-parietal, fronto-temporal, stellate and epipteric. Two hypotheses may explain the configurations and other aspects of pterion: 1) phylogenetic history reflected in conservative development in species with shared ancestry and 2) biomechanical forces due to chewing stressors on skull shape. Impacts of phylogenetics and biomechanics may be highlighted through the diversity of...

An Exploration of the Relationship Between Burnout and Depression in Intercollegiate Athletes

Arianna Martignetti
Researchers in occupational settings have found similarities in the symptomatology of workplace burnout and depression (Bianchi, Schonfeld, & Laurent, 2015). However, sport psychology researchers have stated that sport burnout and depression are separate constructs (Cresswell & Eklund, 2006). The purpose of the current study was to investigate the relationship between burnout and depression to help determine if their symptoms are indeed distinct, or if they potentially overlap. An additional purpose was to assess gender differences....

Modeling, Design and Fabrication of Biocompatible Silk-Based Electronics and Actuators

Nicholas Ostrovsky-Snider
Biocompatible actuators are widely desired for a variety of biomedical devices such as micromanipulators, steerable catheters and artificial muscles but current devices have shortcomings in the range of motion they can achieve. Biocompatible electrodes made from conducting polymers (CPs) have been successfully created but achieving the spatial patterning of these polymers needed for electronic devices like strain gauges, stimulation electrodes and micro circuitry has been difficult. Previous work has relied on complex chemical incorporation of...

Trust and Conservation Opportunity: the importance of trust in landholders' decisions to participate in conservation programs

Analiese C.E. Burns
Natural resource management efforts have historically concentrated on ecological goals to identify and prioritize conservation actions. However, successful implementation of conservation actions on private land requires conservation opportunity, or the willingness of landholders to participate in and accept conservation actions. Conservation opportunity on private land depends on a range of structural and social factors. Recent research emphasizes the importance of social factors and suggests incorporating social factors in conservation actions is necessary for the long-term...

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