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Structural characterization of cytoskeleton regulating protein villin and its C-terminal modular domains

Danielle A. Pfaff
Villin is a modular protein that regulates F-actin bundles in the microvilli of absorptive epithelial cells in the intestine. At low (10-100 nM) calcium levels, Villin is an F-actin bundling agent supporting the specialized brush border membrane of the absorptive epithelium. At intermediate micromolar calcium levels, Villin nucleates and caps the barbed ends of F-actin and in high (> 100 μM) calcium Villin is an F-actin severing agent (Bretsher & Weber, 1980; Glenney et al.,...

Integrating ensemble species distribution modeling and statistical phylogeography to inform projections of climate change impacts on species distributions

Brenna R. Forester
Species distribution models (SDMs) are commonly used to forecast climate change impacts on species and ecosystems. These models, however, are subject to important assumptions and limitations. By integrating two independent but complementary methods, ensemble SDMs and statistical phylogeography, I was able to address key assumptions and create robust assessments of climate change impacts on species' distributions while improving the conservation value of these projections. This approach was demonstrated using Rhodiola integrifolia, an alpine-arctic plant distributed...

\"I still believe in him\": religion, nationalism, and the Nuremberg Party Rally of 1934

Marilee Akland
In some ways it seems that the strong devotion to the figure of Hitler as a political and even cultural messiah on the part of the people written about in Klemperer's work is indicative of the regime's inherent opposition to Christianity. The adoration which many showed for Hitler appears in many ways to act as a substitute for devotion to God. This fails in its explanatory power, however, in that it assumes Hitler was attempting...

Habitat modeling using path analysis: delineating mountain goat habitat in the Washington Cascades

Tana Beus
A 70-90% decline in mountain goat (Oreamnos americanus) populations in Washington State over the past few decades has spurred the need for an improved understanding of seasonal goat-habitat relationships. Habitat use data have been collected from 46 radio-collared mountain goats across their native range in Washington State. Using Geographical Information Systems (GIS), I explored relationships between use and availability of habitat. To overcome issues of autocorrelation, I compared actual mountain goat paths with available paths...

The eroticization of lesbianism by heterosexual men

Kristin Puhl
The stereotyping of lesbians includes both a traditional masculine, "butch" lesbian and a feminine, sexualized lesbian. The perception of lesbianism as erotic extends throughout mainstream society, with images of lesbianism targeted to heterosexual men in advertising, film, and pornography. If men do not perceive lesbians as either inherently bisexual or hypersexual, why are lesbians eroticized by heterosexual men? Here, subliminal priming with homosexual or heterosexual male or females primes was designed to elicit chronically accessible...

Fantasy for piano and orchestra

Mark M. Prall
Instrumentation: Winds Piccolo 2 Flutes 2 Oboes 2 Bb Clarinets Bb Bass Clarinet 2 Bassoons Brass 4 Horns 2 C-Trumpets 2 Trombones Bass Trombone Tuba Tympani Percussion Player 1. Snare, Vibes Player 2. Crotales, Xylophone Player 3. Temple Blocks, Cymbols Player 4. Bass Drum Piano Large String Section.

Modeling relative effects of riparian cover and groundwater inflow on stream temperature in lowland Whatcom County, Washington

Sarah Harper-Smith
Many Pacific Northwest streams have water temperatures that exceed thermal thresholds for salmonids. Supporting and maintaining streams with temperatures below these thermal thresholds requires an understanding of the relationships between the main factors influencing stream temperatures. This study examined the relative effects of two of these factors, riparian canopy cover and groundwater inflow, on stream temperatures at the reach scale. I measured stream temperature, net groundwater exchange, and riparian canopy cover levels in 10 different...

Illuminating whole effluent toxicity testing: ultraviolet radiation, phototoxicity, and PAH-contaminated groundwater

Jason C. Fortner
In this study, the acute toxicity of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) - contaminated groundwater to Daphnia magna and Pimephales promelas were characterized under both ambient laboratory lighting and ambient laboratory lighting supplemented with ultraviolet radiation (UVR) using USEPA Whole Effluent Toxicity (WET) test methods. Research has shown the toxicity of some PAHs to aquatic organisms increases significantly in the presence of sunlight or artificial UVR, a phenomenon known as photoactivated toxicity or phototoxicity. Based on...

Castle symphony: for orchestra

Thomas Johanson

Effects of fire on cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum) : a case study of fire restoration in the Lake Chelan National Recreation Area, Washington

Rose E. Agbalog
Following decades of fire suppression, fire is slowly being reintroduced into the North Cascades National Park (NOCA) through prescription burning and wildland fire use in the attempt to restore native fire adapted ecosystem. The presence of cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum), a fire-adapted invasive grass, has been documented in NOCA within the past few decades. Although other studies have shown that fire increases the extent of cheatgrass, little work has been done to document its response after...

A comparison of benthic macroinvertebrate assemblages among kryal and rhithral lake outlets in the North Cascade Mountains

Kelley L. Turner
This study compares the physico-chemical conditions and composition of benthic macroinvertebrates from five rhithral (snowmelt-fed) and five kryal (glacially-fed) lake outlet streams in the North Cascade Mountains, WA. Non-metric, non-parametric cluster and association analysis (NMCAA) clearly separated outlet streams of kryal and rhithral origin based on physico-chemical and taxon variables. Kryal lake outlets were characterized by lower water temperatures, unstable in-stream channels and higher turbidity, discharge and fine substrates than rhithral sites. A total of...

Effects of salmon-derived nutrients on an artificial stream system

Danielle M. Love
An artificial stream system was constructed to study responses of autotrophic and heterotrophic stream communities to salmon-derived nutrients. The artificial stream system contained 12 raceways (1.2 m long x 20 cm wide x 13 cm tall) that were provided with a constant flow of well water. The experimental treatment group consisted of clay pots filled with pureed salmon carcasses and agar to simulate decomposing salmon carcasses; a control group was included consisting of pots containing...

The documentation of tragedy in the archives: exploring the records of the campus shooting on Northern Illinois University, collective memory, and the archivist

Michael Folkerts
Archivists play a pivotal role in documenting collective memory through the records they preserve. With this responsibility, it is necessary for the profession to be active in their duties if they wish to preserve a more encompassing memory of an event, and is especially true in emotionally delicate, tragic situations. This paper explores collective memory in its relation to tragedy, and its effects on the archivist. It then looks at the archival collection of the...

Becoming the mouthpiece of God: female Christian mystics from the twelfth-to the eighteenth-century

Carly Florine Thompson
The purpose of this work is to look specifically at the writings of ten female mystics from the late medieval and early modern period and examine the intentional use of rhetoric by female mystics to procure the agency to address concerns about religion and society.

Engaging and empowering students in the culture of higher education: a \"Native\" analysis of students' experiences in the Teaching-Learning Academy

Megan Michelle Otis
There is a marked climate of concern over the quality of teaching and learning in the culture of higher education. In the 1980s, The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching conducted a national survey and found that most faculty members felt strained by the competing priorities of teaching and research, which at times negatively impacted their performance in the classroom and their relationship with students. Carnegie addressed this problem by spearheading a reform movement...

Oriented fluorophore luminescent solar concentrators

Christopher John Westcott
Though the sun's energy is the world's most prominent renewable energy resource, technologies such as photovoltaics (PVs) have yet to become a significant factor in the energy market due in part to the sheer cost of unit deployment. Luminescent Solar Concentrators (LSCs) have been investigated since the late 1960s as a means of reducing the cost of PV arrays by replacing large areas of expensive PVs with cheaper materials such as glass or plastic. LSCs...

Deserving of trust: ethics in the American Archival profession

Rachel Elizabeth Thompson
This thesis explores ways in which the American archival profession, through the Society of American Archivists (SAA), can promote the trustworthiness of archives and archivists. The further professionalization, which involves the creation of a cohesive organization, standards, and a code of ethics, of the archival field is one proposed starting point. Currently, SAA is already on the path of professionalization. For some occupations, professionalization also includes the enforcement of standards and ethics, as well as...

Effects of inspiratory muscle training on heart rate variability

Anuja Choudhari
The purpose of this investigation was to evaluate the effect of six weeks of inspiratory muscle training (IMT) on heart rate variability (HRV) in young and older adults. Twelve young (age 22.25 + 2.13 years) and 14 older adults (age 72.5 + 6.44 years) participated in the study. The training protocol included using IMT device set at a resistance equivalent to 80% of maximal inspiratory pressure (MIP), five days per week. HRV data were obtained...

The effects of a life skills program on the social and academic performance of freshman student-athletes

Catherine Nicole Rasnack
The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of participation in a Life Skills program for freshman student-athletes on academic and social performance. Subjects (n = 38) were freshman student-athletes participating in varsity athletics at Western Washington University during Fall Quarter 2010. The treatment group (n = 21) met for one hour, twice a week and completed a Life Skills Seminar Course (LSSC) designed and taught by the researcher. Subjects completed both the...

Emergent Wetland Plant Biophysical Characteristics Associated with Wave Attenuation and Sediment Retention

Chad D. Stellern
Estuarine wetlands have proven a cost-effective buffer against coastal hazards because they reduce erosive wave energy and enable sediment retention by producing hydraulic friction. Human modifications to coastal hydrology and sediment transport have resulted in loss of wetlands and associated protection. Our study area, the Stillaguamish Delta has experienced a 55% loss in wetlands and significant marsh retreat (Grossman and Curran (in review)). We quantified vegetation characteristics (spatial, vertical and, seasonal) that effect wave attenuation...

History at Hand: An Analysis of Self-Guided Historic Walking Tours in Whatcom County, Washington

Laura M. Stone
This study explores and analyzes self-guided historic walking tours in Whatcom County, Washington, as part of Whatcom County’s heritage tourism offerings. Heritage Tourism a specialized field of tourism that has seen growth over the last several decades and has become the most successful specialized tourism market. Twelve self-guided historic walking tours were analyzed from an anthropological framework, exploring themes in multi-vocality, authenticity, sense of place, and audience engagement in interpretation. The narrative text from each...

Effects of Zostera marina Roots and Leaf Detritus on the Concentration and Distribution of Pore-Water Sulfide in Marine Sediments

Alexandra G. Simpson
Sulfide toxicity is implicated in seagrass declines worldwide. Studies examining the relationship between seagrass presence and sulfide concentrations have yielded conflicting results. Interpretation of the seagrass-sulfide relationship is complicated due to the opposing effects of the root system which can increase sulfide oxidation and the burial of organic matter from the plant itself which can increase sulfide production. To quantify the impact of eelgrass leaf detritus and the Zostera marina rhizosphere on pore-water sulfide concentrations,...

Non-invasive genetic tracking of Harbor Seals (Phoca vitulina)

Andrew P. Rothstein
Understanding the effect of individual differences on trophic interactions of upper-level predators, which can have disproportionate effects on an ecosystem, is imperative for successful management of populations. Marine mammals that prey on fish species of commercial and conservation importance are thus of particular interest. However, quantitatively monitoring and evaluating the impact of marine mammals on the environment is challenging because it is difficult to observe, capture, and collect repeated samples of individuals. Molecular genetic analysis...

The “Squat-n-Swap”: A Pilot Exercise Intervention to Promote Increased Physical Activity among Mothers of Young Children

Brook Skidmore
A large majority of mothers of young children are not sufficiently active to obtain health benefits, and motherhood itself has been associated with irregular physical activity. Ironically, however, a mother’s demanding and busy life presents one of the most relevant opportunities for which exercise may be extremely advantageous. Therefore, the purpose of the current study was to determine the effectiveness of an exercise intervention for increasing physical activity levels and perceived social support for exercise...

Modeling, Design and Fabrication of Biocompatible Silk-Based Electronics and Actuators

Nicholas Ostrovsky-Snider
Biocompatible actuators are widely desired for a variety of biomedical devices such as micromanipulators, steerable catheters and artificial muscles but current devices have shortcomings in the range of motion they can achieve. Biocompatible electrodes made from conducting polymers (CPs) have been successfully created but achieving the spatial patterning of these polymers needed for electronic devices like strain gauges, stimulation electrodes and micro circuitry has been difficult. Previous work has relied on complex chemical incorporation of...

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