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Magnetic Fabric Analysis of Foreslope Sediments of the Fraser River Delta, British Columbia

Andrew P. Wiser
The results of a combined magnetic fabric and sedimentological investigation of trench and ridge structures along the foreslope of the Fraser Delta, British Columbia, indicate that turbidity currents are the likely origin of slope morphology. Evidence includes multiple and repetitive sequences of graded beds where trench and ridge structures are most pronounced and abundant. Distal to this region are fewer graded bedding sequences and increased evidence of hemipelagic deposition. A magnetic fabric analysis of cored...

A Psychosocial Approach to Predicting Self-Harm in Heterogeneous Populations

Melissa J. Sitton
Previous studies have demonstrated relationships between deliberate self-harm and psychological distress and social functioning (for a review see Nock, 2010). However, few studies have examined psychological distress and social functioning at the same time in order to compare these predictors of deliberate self-harm. Using a more comprehensive, psychosocial approach may allow more accurate predictions of deliberate self-harm. Accurate predictions could aid in the intervention and treatment of individuals who engage in deliberate self-harm, regardless of...

The Associations of Epiphytic Macroinvertebrates and Aquatic Macrophytes in Canyon Lake, WA

Jesse T. Klinger
Macroinvertebrate abundances on six dominant macrophytes taxa were compared in Canyon Lake, Washington to determine whether there were patterns of association with macrophyte type or among assemblages of macroinvertebrates. Macrophytes and associated epiphytic macroinvertebrates were collected during August 2016. The dominant macrophyte distribution and lakes bathymetry were mapped in July 2016. The dominant macrophytes included Equisetum fluviatile, Fontinalis antipyretica, Potamogeton natans, Potamogeton epihydrus, Ranunculus aquatilis, and Vallisneria americana. Other non-dominant macrophytes included: Sparganium angustifolium, Sphagnum...

The Mechanisms of Landslide Initiation and Flood Generation in the Boulder Creek Basin, Whatcom County, Washington

Monica E. Gowan
Over the past fifty years, the frequency of landsliding and flooding in the Boulder Creek basin, Whatcom County, Washington, has increased. This trend is examined through analysis of the landslides and their mechanisms of initiation, the conditions for generation of runoff during eight debris-laden floods, and long-term precipitation and land-use patterns. Thirteen active landslides are identified along the main channel of Boulder Creek, located within the shear zone of a late Eocene high-angle fault. Landslides...

The Effect of Experience-Based Prototypes on Spatial Memory

Michael L. Williams
The Category Adjustment (CA) model of spatial memory (Huttenlocher, Hedges, & Duncan, 1991) explains how bias towards the centers of spatial categories occurs when recalling locations for target objects. According to the model, this error is the product of Bayesian combination between the rapidly-deteriorating metric information of an object and its longer-lasting categorical information, a process which reduces error variance over time. This adjustment is robust, but previous testing has mainly relied upon remembering simple...

The Stratigraphy and Geochemistry of the Crescent Formation Basalts and the Bedrock Geology of Associated Igneous Rocks Near Bremerton, Washington

Kenneth P. Clark
A stratigraphic section developed for the Bremerton rocks in the Kitsap Peninsula suggests formation by rifting in a marine environment. Basal gabbro, dated by 40Ar/39Ar at 49.8 Ma plus or minus 0.8 Ma, and associated mafic to felsic plutonics, appear to be the source of a mafic dike complex that composes 100% of the stratigraphic level above the plutonics. These dikes are the apparent feeders to overlying submarine and subaerial volcanics. The previously unrecognized submarine...

Net Shore-Drift of Mason County, Washington

Dana G. Blankenship
Winds from various directions cause waves which transport sediment along the shore. Over a relatively long time interval, sediment is moved in one predominant direction, which is the direction of net shore-drift. Variations in shoreline orientation cause shore drift to occur in discrete, essentially independent, drift cells. By the specific identification of a number of established geomorphic and sedimentological shore drift indicators, drift cell boundaries can be delineated and the directions of net shore-drift determined....

Paleomagnetism of Late Pleistocene Sediments, Puget Lowland, Washington

Kurt L. Othberg
Establishment of late Pleistocene geomagnetic polarity events would provide useful time indices for regional and interregional stratigraphic correlations. Development of a geomagnetic polarity scale tied to radiocarbon dating for the Puget Lowland helps to elucidate the possible occurrence of world-wide (dipole) reversed events during the last 50,000 years. Stability and reliability tests indicate that late Pleistocene sediments exposed in the Puget Lowland record valid paleomagnetic directions. Puget Lowland geomagnetic polarity for the interval 11,000 years...

The Petrology, Petrography, and Geochemistry of the Black Jack Breccia Pipe, Silver Star Plutonic Complex, Skamania County, Washington

Robert H. Birk
Tourmaline-bearing breccia pipes are associated with late stage Tertiary porphyritic intrusive rocks in the Silver Star Plutonic Complex. Whole-rock geochemical analysis of rocks from the complex show a silica vs. alumina/(K2O + Na2O + CaO) trend (Feiss, 1978) toward geochemical conditions favorable for porphyry copper-type mineralization. Copper present in diorite, quartz diorite, and quartz diorite porphyry rocks probably entered silicates, whereas copper formed porphyry copper-type mineralization in the more felsic granodiorite and granodiorite porphyry intrusions. ...

Late Holocene Aggradational Processes and Rates for Three Alluvial Fans, Cascade Foothills, Washington

John deLaChapelle
Aggradation histories going back to the mid Holocene were compiled by subsurface investigation for three alluvial fans in the Cascade foothills, northwest Washington. Sygitowicz, Radonski, and Hardscrabble Creeks originate on the east slope of Stewart Mountain in steep, wooded watersheds (0.36 to 5.5 km2) and drain to the South Fork Nooksack River valley where they have built small (0.28 to 0.61 km2) post-Pleistocene alluvial fans. Ten trenches, excavated to a depth of 3 to 5...

The cumulus effect

Kate Kenney
The Cumulus Effect is the first part of a longer work of contemporary young-adult, realistic fiction regarding the formation of identity, relationships, becoming independent and leaving home. Protagonist Violet is an eighteen year-old female who has just left her middle-class suburb of Alamosa, Colorado to start her first year of college. Her four year relationship has ended leaving her emotionally shattered. Coupled with her parents’ separation and slipping grades, Violet’s once confident and ambitious nature...

Bacterial Diversity and Community Structure of Lithotrophically-Driven Microbial Mats from the Mariana Arc and Back-Arc

Kevin W. Hager
The Mariana region exhibits a rich array of hydrothermal venting conditions in a complex geological setting, which provides a natural laboratory to study the influence of local environmental conditions on microbial community structure as well large-scale patterns in microbial biogeography. We used high-throughput amplicon sequencing of the bacterial SSU rRNA gene from 22 microbial mats collected from four hydrothermally active locations along the Mariana Arc and back-arc to explore the structure of lithotrophically-based microbial mat...

Detecting Fires: A Nationally Consistent, Rule Based Approach

Jacob D. Lesser
One of the continuing challenges in wildland fire management is maintaining accurate vegetation and fuel data of an adequate resolution on an ever-changing landscape. The USGS’s LANDFIRE program produces national, mid-level resolution datasets of fuel, vegetation, and fire regime data useful in the modeling of wildland fire behavior. One of the most effective and least expensive ways for maintaining the accuracy of these layers is to incorporate area updates by detecting landscape changes. While many...


Britton Andrews
This thesis project – a series of interconnected works of short fiction with a critical preface – explores the intersections of charismatic faith movements and intense violence found in eastern Kentucky during the 19th century by detailing the interactions of two warring families in the fictional county of Armagh. The stories are told primarily from the perspective of the Cathy brothers, who have been raised by a self-proclaimed prophet of God. The critical preface examines...

Scandinavian Origins through Christian Eyes: A Comparative Study of the History of the Normans and the Russian Primary Chronicle

Aron Miller
The present study examines two historical texts; the History of the Normans by Dudo of St-Quentin and the Russian Primary Chronicle by the anonymous authors. Both sources have only recently been examined by historians, but have never been compared. These two sources created a historical narrative for the new Norman culture and Russian culture. Before these texts both of these cultures had been forming, but they had not been dedicated to pen and paper. The...

The Development of Written Expression in Young Children

Eilene Kay Glasgow
This Study investigated written expression development of forty- six children ages three to nine. "Written expression refers to the written productions of the child which reflect intentional symbolic representation of ideas, but which may not necessarily use the ideographic symbol system" (Klein, 1981) . The two purposes of the study were: 1. To examine the types of writing strategies used by young children to record the verbal cues of a guided writing task. The responses...

Coping Skills, Social Support, and Quality of Life Among Puerto Rican Women Undergoing Drug and/or Alcohol Treatment

Cheryl A. Vázquez-Colón
The aim of this study is to examine how Puerto Rican women undergoing illicit drug and/or alcohol treatment cope with stress and how specific coping strategies may relate to greater well-being. Thirty-five participants were recruited from six different treatment centers in Puerto Rico. Participants described two stressful events, one with internal control and other with low internal control. Problem and emotion-focused coping strategies were measured with the Spanish version of the Brief COPE inventory. Quality...

Seismicity and Velocity Structure of Offshore Hawai`i, including Lo`ihi Submarine Volcano

Dara K. Merz
This study presents the earthquake data collected from a nine month deployment (September 2010 - June 2011) of a temporary ocean bottom seismometer (OBS) network fully surrounding Lo‘ihi submarine volcano, Hawai‘i. This allowed us to widen the aperture of earthquake detection around the Big Island, lower the magnitude detection threshold, and better constrain the hypocentral depths of offshore seismicity that occurs between the OBS network and the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO) land based network. Although...

Socioeconomic Status and Stress as Factors in Academic Dishonesty

Ashton D. Macaulay
A recent survey demonstrated that over 80% of students admitted to having engaged in academic dishonesty at least once in their time at University (Macaulay & Lemm, 2014). Previous research examining why students cheat has brought to light many different potential reasons behind students’ academically dishonest behavior (McCabe, Trevino, & Butterfield, 1999; Curasi, 2013). The present set of studies aimed to examine three potential factors behind why students engage in academic dishonesty. Study 1 examined...

Shock and Awe: the Theatre and Dramatic Literature of September 11th

Mollie Boliek
" How did the American theatre community respond to the events of September and how did the response shape new dramatic works? This thesis will examine the American theatre before and directly after the events of September ll’^^, 2001. The response to theatrical works being written and performed will be examined by reviews. Also, the political activism from theatre artists will be discussed. The thesis will also look at the dramatic literature that was written in...


Sarah K. Appleton
The creative nonfiction essays in Borderlands explore family, self, memory, dream, and other liminal spaces. The critical concept of writing the body, as it is explored by feminist theorists such as Hélène Cixous, is enacted in these essays through both form and content, particularly in the interplay—or borderland—between mind and body. While some of these essays take a traditional form, other essays are more lyrical in nature, which can be seen in the juxtaposition of...

Testing the time dependence of slip on the western Klamath Lake fault zone, Oregon

Gunnar Speth
New geomorphic mapping and cosmogenic 3He geochronology on the Western Klamath Lake fault zone in southern Oregon reveals moderate, but resolvable changes in the rate of normal-fault slip rates over the past ~170 kyr. We focus on a sequence of glacial and post-glacial surfaces that record progressive offset by the fault zone over multiple time intervals. Thirty-nine new cosmogenic 3He surface exposure dates and a cosmogenic nuclide depth profile establish the first late-Pleistocene glacial chronology...

The Effects of Urbanization on the Water Balance of the Fishtrap Creek Basin, Northwest Washington and South Central British Columbia

Charles S. Lindsay
The Fishtrap Creek basin is located in northwest Washington State and south central British Columbia. Land use in the basin is predominantly agricultural. Moderate urbanization in the past thirty-five years has increased impervious surface area in the basin from 1.8 to 8.0 percent. Monthly water balances were derived in order to quantify the effect of changing land use on the discharge of Fishtrap Creek. Stream discharges calculated from these water balances, constructed for 1952 through...

The Sedimentary Petrography, Depositional Environment and Tectonic Setting of the Aldwell Formation, Northern Olympic Peninsula, Washington

Keith Marcott
The upper Eocene Aldwell Formation crops out in an east-west trending band across the northern Olympic Peninsula, Washington. Petrographic analyses indicate that the Aldwell Formation has lithologically distinctive eastern and western portions. The rocks of the eastern Aldwell are basalt-rich lithic greywackes; their mean compositions are Qm-F-Lt: 5- 22-73 and polycrystalline quartz-volcanic rock fragments-total sedimentary rock fragments: 1-78-21. The rocks of the western Aldwell are chert-rich lithic arenites; their mean compositions are Qm-F-Lt: 27-19-54 and...

New Reactions of Ring Strained Allyl Silanes

Elizabeth J. Cummins
Herein, we report new allylation reactions using ring-strained allylalkoxysiletanes. These reactions can achieve high yield and have high chemoselectivity, as evidenced by carefully designed substrates. Based on previous evidence, we propose that the reaction proceeds through an exchange mechanism, where first the alkoxy group of the siletane exchanges with the hydroxyl group of the substrate, followed by coordination of the substrate carbonyl to the siletane, and then intramolecular allylation of the carbonyl.

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