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Wyoming Election Survey 1982

Wyoming Election Survey 1982

Examining Behavioral Compatibility in Zebra Finches

Joy Watkins
The strength of a social relationship may influence how well conspecifics can coordinate their behaviors. The monogamous zebra finch (Taeniopygia guttata) is well-suited for studies of coordination because pair-bonded partners strive to coordinate their parental care efforts to increase reproductive success. This study evaluates how captive zebra finch mates coordinate their behavior to jointly solve a cognitive challenge. To do this, we are monitoring pairs’ success at solving a two-part coordination task. A training phase...

ChemE Car That Cud: AIChE ChemE Car Engineering Design Proposal, The

Thomas Christensen
The ChemE Car That Cud showcases Wyoming’s dominant industries of agriculture and mining by utilizing rumen fluid from a cannulated beef cow to generate hydrogen to be used in a hydrogen fuel cell and radioactive cesium, a byproduct of uranium that is often obtained from Wyoming’s mines, to time the car’s stop. The concentration of cesium-137 source is measured using the radioactive decay of cesium shielded by aluminum. The painted aluminum chassis was obtained from...

Oil and gas map of Wyoming

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To access an interactive map from Wyoming State Geological Survey, please see: http://wsgs.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=3f7ab99343c34bd3ac5ae6ac8c04d95a/

Abandoning: Engaging With Form Through Unconventional Imitation

Nicole Foss
Abandoning is a chapbook-length poetry collection I have created as my senior honors capstone project. It is inspired and informed the ghazal, a Persian poetic form. This collection focuses of the meaning created through the juxtaposition of seemingly disparate things, like the couplets that make up a ghazal. I have included revised versions of older works as well as new works which were written for this project. One of the most important facets of this...

Preliminary geologic map of the Rawlins Peak SW quadrangle, Carbon County, Wyoming

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The Rawlins Peak SW 1:24000-scale quadrangles is located in south-central Wyoming on the eastern margin of the Great Divide Basin, a sub-basin of the Greater Green River Basin. Upper Cretaceous through Eocene formations were studied and mapped in addition to the sedimentology, geochronology, and coal stratigraphy. Data from the map are reported in WSGS Open File Report 15-8.

A Marimba Solo Composition and Performance by a Geohydrologist - A Reflection

Natalie Camille
Music is a large part of most people’s lives, even if it is just road trip music or the school bell. Despite this, not many people dedicate their lives to creating music. As a geohydrologist, science comes much more easily than any creative activity. However, I have been playing musical instruments in some capacity since I was 4 years old. In an effort to continue my involvement in music and keep sane, at the collegiate...

Transdisciplinary Knowledge Creation is Anything but Rubbish: Connecting Microbial, Middle School, University, City and Business Communities in an Effort to Remediate an Old Wyoming Landfill

Our community-based participatory action project was inspired by four middle school teachers from a small town in Riverton, Wyoming. These educators set out to develop meaningful problem-based learning for sixty 7th grade students enrolled in an interdisciplinary STEM class. In their hometown there was an old, unlined landfill that closed in 1983 and since its closure, community baseball fields were opened on the northern periphery of the site. Our research supported the engineers’ phytoremediative approach...

A synthesis of the human dimensions of sagebrush ecosystem management and identified gaps

Tessa Wittman
To protect species of concern, ecosystem managers and policy makers must understand the human dimensions of the ecosystems those species rely on. In recent years sagebrush ecosystems have been of particular concern in part due the decline of greater sage-grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus). While there is a substantial body of literature on the biophysical aspects of sagebrush ecosystems, the human dimensions of sagebrush management are not well understood. We conducted a synthesis of literature to assess...

Offline Learning

Nana Aishat Balogun Mohammed
Many citizens of developing countries cannot access online learning due to various structural and economic barriers. Because current models of online education such as Udacity and Khan Academy require high internet bandwidth for videos and teleconferencing capabilities, people hoping to learn in developing countries cannot participate. A survey was conducted consisting of about 150 respondents from both urban and rural areas in Nigeria in September 2019. Of the 150 respondents to the survey, 49% of...

Chondroitin Sulfate Proteoglycan Modulation as a Potential Therapy for Traumatic Injury to the Central Nervous System

Maximilian Rosenfeld
Compared to the peripheral nervous system (PNS), the central nervous system (CNS) is limited in its ability to regenerate, resulting in chronic deficits that are difficult to treat. Elements of mild plasticity that contribute to functional recovery are observed after injury. Therefore, strategies to enhance plasticity after injury to promote repair and regeneration are key, and this can be accomplished through the modulation of the extracellular matrix (ECM) in the brain and spinal cord. One...

Lunar Rover Convertible Mobility System

Miranda Threewitt, Margaret Lichtenfels, Hali Martin, Zach Hunter & Craig Smith
The Lunar Rover Convertible Mobility System (LRCMS) is a convertible chassis designed to be used for lunar missions into permanently shadowed regions (PSRs) of the moon, primarily consisting of steep lunar craters. This design utilizes flexible members called compliant mechanisms that replace typical joints and reduce abrasive dust build-up in the chassis. The compliant mechanisms allow the chassis to bend into different positions for both explicit point steering and Ackerman style steering. Inside the chassis,...

Comprehensive School Counseling Program: Evaluation of Intervention Presentation

Jaret Rockenbach
This project is a result of a final experiential assignment in COUN 5125: School Counseling II, methods course in conjunction with the student's master's level internship experience at the LAB School in ACSD#1 in Laramie, WY.

Bulletin No. 090 - Reclamation by Drainage

Bulletin No. 090 - Reclamation by Drainage

Bulletin No. 234 - The Cellar Wintering of Bees

Bulletin No. 234 - The Cellar Wintering of Bees

Bulletin No. 236 - Hybrid Corn Adaptation Trials in Wyoming in 1939

Bulletin No. 236 - Hybrid Corn Adaptation Trials in Wyoming in 1939

Review of Common Ground at the Nexus of Information Literacy and Scholarly Communication

The increasing focus of academic libraries on scholarly communication initiatives has created new opportunities for collaboration between libraries and other campus units and between departments within libraries. At the same time, these new initiatives present challenges for librarians to continually add more and different expertise into their professional practices. Stephanie Davis-Kahl and Merinda Kaye Hensley's edited volume, Common Ground at the Nexus of Information Literacy and Scholarly Communication, ... Link to full text: https://digitalcommons.du.edu/collaborativelibrarianship/vol5/iss4/9/

Granite Construction Co. Tank Level Automation System

, Jorden Schulte, Benjamin Schreckengost & Jackson Bower
Granite Construction proposed a project to improve the offloading system at their regional asphalt plants. The current system for asphalt oil offloading at most of the plants consists of manual operated inlet valves and rudimentary level indication for the storage tanks. There is a large amount of risk involved with filling a storage tank with hot oil via manual operation. Overfilling the tanks could result in expensive inventory loss, property damage, and operator injury. Granite...

World's First Scripture Translations: The Targums and the Septuagint, The

Paul V. M. Flesher
Link to video: https://youtu.be/fd90Flh-OcQ

Climate Action Planning at the University of Wyoming in Conjunction with the City of Laramie

Chelsea F Taylor
The University of Wyoming (UW) plays a large role in the City of Laramie, environmentally, politically, and economically. Because of UW, Laramie has a different population dynamic than the rest of the state. UW brings a younger population to the City, and with that comes different ideas on climate action planning and emissions reduction. Demand for change rose in 2020 when Laramie made the unanimous decision to be carbon neutral by 2050. The City must...

Feasible and Flexible: Launching an Information and Digital Literacy Badge and Certificate Program in Collaboration with a Teaching and Learning Center

Samantha Huntington Peter, Kristina Clement, Shannon Alexandra Sheridan & Hilary Baribeau
In fall 2019, the University of Wyoming (UW) Libraries launched an information and digital literacy badge and certificate program in partnership with the Ellbogen Center for Teaching and Learning (ECTL), housed in the UW Libraries main branch. ECTL crafts programing and provides support for graduate students, staff, and faculty who teach on our campus by employing instructional designers.The Information and Digital Badge and Certificate Program was created when ECTL redesigned their Teaching and Learning Certificate,...

Universal Design for Learning and Library Instruction Charts

Samantha Huntington Peter & Kristina Clement
These are graphics designed to outline the three principles of Universal Design for Learning: multiple means of representation, multiple means of action and express, and multiple means of engagement and focus specifically on examples that fit within library instruction. These were originally designed for a LOEX 2019 presentation titled "Fighting the hidden barriers: Applying Universal Design for Learning to library instruction for people with invisible disabilities," but have been adapted and used elsewhere.

MBRNF Vegetation Data

Brent Ewers & Mario Bretfeld
Dataset size: 131.2 KBReadMe available in dataset download and in References below.
Full vegetation data used in Bretfeld et al. 2021 (Front. For. Glob. Change; DOI: 10.3389/ffgc.2021.679104)

The Firsts and Nevers: Dissecting the First-Generation Experience Through a Multi-Genre Approach

Wendy Luna Garcia
In this chapbook-length poetry and prose collection, I take on a multi-genre approach to dissect and understand the first-generation experience through the themes of immigrant child guilt complex, family, socio-political influences, financial dispair, identity crisis, and realization. I believe that to understand myself and my surroundings, I have to express myself through multiple genres to inhabit all the spaces and forms that I have been told not to inhabit from an early age. These words...

Sequence data describing microbiomes in mountain lake water and water lilies

Ella DeWolf
Dataset size: 4.6GBReadMe available in References below
16S sequencing data for a study of water lily microbiomes from mountain lakes in Wyoming.
A paper referencing this DOI is forthcoming. Search for this DOI in Google Scholar or other similar search service and cite the associated paper by Ella DeWolf, W. J. Calder, J. G. Harrison, G. D. Randolph, B. Noren, C. Weinig

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