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Management of Disease-triggered Shocks in Complex Value Chains: An Ex Ante Analysis of Market Effects of HPAI Control in the Dutch Egg Supply Chain

Natasha Longworth, Roel A. Jongeneel & Helmut W. Saatkamp
External shocks, such as disease occurrence, can be very disruptive in complex food producing value chains. To analyze this, a vertically linked dynamic partial equilibrium model was used to analyze market effects of outbreaks of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) in The Netherlands. Various shock inducing scenarios were analyzed, e.g control strategy, demand shocks and trade bans. The results showed that in densely populated poultry areas (1) market effects usually outweigh direct control costs, (2)...

Role of sustainability attributes and price in determining consumers' fruit perceived value

Marco Medici, Luca Di Noto & Maurizio Canavari
This work analyses consumers' behaviour and attitudes toward products characterised by a reduced environmental impact in terms of carbon footprint (CF). Value perception was measured using a contingent valuation approach, asking consumers to state their willingness to accept (WTA) monetary compensation for a product exchange offer, particularly fruit characterised by a higher CF in place of fruit characterised by a lower CF. Field experiments were conducted to determine consumers WTA as well as factors affecting...

Design of a System for Information Transfer to Reduce Administrative Burdens in the Agrifood Sector

Krijn Poppe, Hans Vrolijk & Roeland Van Dijk
Agricultural policies are widening the scope to contribute to environmental objectives, such as the Green Deal, Paris Climate Agreement and sustainable development goals. This leads to new monitoring and data needs. To fulfil these data needs, it is crucial to explore the opportunities and limitations of new technologies. This paper analyses the information flows within the agricultural sector and its potential to contribute to future information needs. Farmers act within a network of commercial and...

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