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2015 / 2016 Unsere Wissenschaft

Gesine Steiner & Andreas Kunkel
Der Wissenschaftsreport 2015/2016 stellt einer breiten, wissenschaftlich interessierten Community die Leistungen und Ergebnisse des integrierten Forschungsmuseums und Leibniz-Instituts für Evolutions- und Biodiversitätsforschung dar. Dabei reicht das Themenspektrum von u.a. Biodiversitätsentdeckung, Impakt- und Meteoritenforschung, evolutionäre Morphologie, Sammlungen als globale wissenschaftliche Infrastruktur bis zu Wissenstransfer und Wissenschaftskommunikation.

Parcours dans la mer de ciel. A parcours through the ocean of heaven. Or: the Levitite

Marie-Luise Goerke & Matthias Pusch
This five-part intervention created by the duo Serotonin, is a fictional expeditionary tale, narrated by Bernhard Schütz: The year is 1884. The recently established German nation is struggling to gain recognition and a prominent place on a map of the world. The setting is the Tiergarten park in Berlin, where the crown prince grants a highly unofficial audience, and a cave in the future colony of Deutsch-Südwestafrika. Inspired by the levitation of a floating virgin...

Underwater Sound recordings of Cod (Gadus moruha) Vocalizations

Karl-Heinz Frommolt
Sound recordings of Atlantic cod during spawning made in Austnesfjorden (Norway).

The Origin of Senses

Sabine Scho
Eine literarische Intervention mit Gedichten von Sabine Scho 2016, auf Deutsch gelesen von der Autorin selbst. Im Rahmen von: "Kunst/Natur. Künstlerische Interventionen im Museum für Naturkunde Berlin", ein Modellprojekt in Zusammenarbeit mit der Kulturstiftung des Bundes. Alligator Anglerfisch & Chimäre Archaeopteryx (berliner exemplar) Frösche & Dinos Gorilla Großer Ameisenbär Hammerhai Hummer Rochen Schimpanse Schlangen Schmetterlinge Audioproduktion: Heiko Strunk und Kevin Nagel, Haus der Poesie Berlin

Assaf Gruber talks about his intervention at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

Assaf Gruber
Kurzfilm zum Entstehungsprozess des Kunstwerks von Assaf Gruber für Runde IV der künstlerischen Interventionen am Museum für Naturkunde Berlin. "Kunst/Natur. Künstlerische Interventionen im Museum für Naturkunde Berlin", ein Modellprojekt in Zusammenarbeit mit der Kulturstiftung des Bundes.

Sounds of birds from Hawaii (Sebastián-Gonzáles et al. Journal of Ornithology)

Esther Sebastián-González, J. Van Aardt, K. Sacca, J.M. Jomar M. Barbosa & D. Kelbe
Sound recordings of birds from Hawaii used in: Sebastián-González, E., van Aardt, J., Sacca, K., Jomar M. Barbosa, J.M., Kelbe, D. and P.J. Hart (2018): Testing the acoustic adaptation hypothesis with native and introduced birds in Hawaiian forests. Journal of Ornithology (in press)

Songs of Savannah Sparrows (Passerculus sandwichensis) (Williams H. et al. Journal of Ornithology)

Heather Williams & Karl-Heinz Frommolt
Sound recording of Savannah Sparrows used in Williams, H., Robins, C.W., Norris, D.R., Newman, A.E.M, Freeman-Galant, C.R, Weelwright, N.T. & Mennill, D.J.: The Buzz Segment of Savannah Sparrow Song is a Population Marker. Journal of Ornithology.

Calls of Gephyromantis (Amphibia, Anura, Mantellidae)

M.D. Scherz
Four sound recordings of calls of frogs of Genus Gephyromantis from Madagascar. Included are calls from newly described frog species.

Visualization of the acoustic organ of Pygoscelis papua (Spheniscidae, Aves) via diceCT at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

Klara Henrike Frahnert, Eva-Maria Bendel, Natascha Westphal & Sylke Frahnert
The video shows the digital reconstruction of ear structures of an adult specimen of the Gentoo penguin (Pygoscelis papua). The segmentation was performed based on the CT scans of a head stored in alcohol at the ornithological collection at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin (inventory number ZMB 2017.123). The specimen was stained with Lugol's iodine to make soft tissues visible. The visualization shows the bony ear structures as well as the external ear canal, tympanic...

These processes should incorporate a great deal of communication.

Anna-Lena Wenzel
Digital publication of the contribution from the anthology "Art/Nature. Interventions at the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin", edited by Anita Hermannstädter, Edition Braus, Berlin 2019, pp. 40-43. Documentation of the model project of the same name by the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin and the Kulturstiftung des Bundes (duration: 2014-2018)

Supplementary material to a paper on Chytrid Pathogen (Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis) in African Amphibians: A Continental Analysis of Occurrences and Modeling of its Potential Distribution

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This data set comprehends supplemental material to the paper published by Zimkus et al (2020) in Herpetologica (add DOI). It includes supplemental material and methods as well as the supplemental files S1 to S13 referenced in the article.

Abschlusstagung des Projekts „Neue Ansätze der Verwertung und Wissenskommunikation für Forschungsmuseen“ (NAVI), 29. und 30. Mai 2018

Zusammenstellung der Präsentationen der Abschlusstagung des Projekts „Neue Ansätze der Verwertung und Wissenskommunikation für Forschungsmuseen“ (NAVI), 29. und 30. Mai 2018, Berlin.

Songs of a Common Cuckoo recorded at Liaohe Delta Nature Reserve (China). (Deng et al. Journal of Ornithology).

Zhuqing Deng & Karl-Heinz Frommolt
Songs of a Common Cuckoo recorded at Liaohe Delta Nature Reserve (China, Province Liaoning). Recordings were used in: Zhuqing Deng, Huw Lloyd, Canwei Xia, Donglai Li Yanyun Zhang: Within-season decline in the call consistency of individual male Common Cuckoo (Cuculus canorus). Journal of Ornithology in press.

Unsere Wissenschaft / Our Science 2017/2018

Johannes Vogel & Stephan Junker
"Our Science" is a biennial report in German and English that shows the outstanding scientific results of the scientists of the Museum für Naturkunde. The publication is illustrated. It contains, among other things, lists of publications and information on third-party funding.

Künstlerische Interventionen erforschen: Wie Museen davon lernen können

Ariane Berthoin Antal
Digitale Veröffentlichung des Beitrags aus dem Sammelband "Kunst/Natur. Interventionen im Museum für Naturkunde Berlin", hrsg. v. Anita Hermannstädter, Edition Braus, Berlin 2019, S. 44-51. Dokumentation des gleichnamigen Modellprojektes des Museums für Naturkunde Berlin und der Kulturstiftung des Bundes (Laufzeit: 2014-2018)

How to collate sample and legal information with existing data management systems? – An example for handling regulation according to Access and Benefit Sharing and its documentation for the collection of the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

Anke Hoffmann, Falko Glöckler, Peter Giere, Mareike Petersen & Jana Hoffmann

Citizen Science Strategies in Europe - preliminary findings from the pan-European Survey of Citizen Science Strategies and initiatives in Europe as part of a joint initiative of the COST ACTION 15212 and the JRC discussed in Cēsis, Latvia, 4th June 2019

Marina Manzoni, Katrin Vohland, Claudia Göbel, Baiba Pruse & Sven Schade
On the occasion of the Management Committee (MC) and Working Group Meeting of the COST Action 15212 Citizen Science to promote creativity, scientific literacy, and innovation throughout Europe, preliminary results of a survey on Citizen Science (CS) strategies in Europe were discussed. The online survey was mainly developed by the Joint Research Institute (JRC) of the European Commission (EC) and the Policy Working Group of the COST Action. It aimed to develop an overall idea...

Dataset on the differing effects of size and lifestyle on bone structure in mammals

Eli Amson
Raw µCT-scan data of humerus and mid-lumbar vertebra for 190 specimens of therian mammals (marsupials + placentals). These data were acquired to quantify bone inner structure across mammals and identify adaptations that can be ascribed to lifestyle transitions, in particular to the aerial, aquatic, and subterranean environments. The dataset has been analyzed in Amson, E.: Differing effects of size and lifestyle on bone structure in mammals (under review). µCT-scan were acquired with the Phoenix nanotom...

Lung development in the eastern quoll (Dasyurus viverrinus)

Kirsten Ferner
The development of the lungs of the eastern quoll Dasyurus viverrinus, a marsupial species with extremely small newborns, was investigated by light microscopic morphometry in the early postnatal period (1-25 days). Body weight, lung volume, surface density and surface area of the lung, volume proportions of the parenchyma and non-parenchyma and the components of the later two were determined and part of this data publication. Macrographes of the external morphology of a neonate (0-12 hours...

DiSSCo Prepare Milestone Report MS5.5 \"Compilation of relevant data standards\"

Mareike Petersen, Sabine von Mering & Falko Glöckler

Die längste Werbeserie der Welt

Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

Gutachten zum Versicherungsschutz in Citizen Science Projekten

Gereon Gromek
In diesem Kurzgutachten werden basierend auf den verschiedenen Modelle des Tätigwerdens (Beauftragung, als Vereinsmitglied, Verreichtungsgehilfe oder freiwiliges selbständigkeit) Fragen des Versicherungsschutzes in Citizen-Science-Projekten behandelt. Dabei geht es sowohl um die Absicherung der Citizen Scientists als auch um Haftungsfragen im Schadensfall.

Songs of River Warblers (Locustella fluviatilis) and the Grasshopper Warblers (Locustella naevia)

Ivanka Czocherovka & Karl-Heinz Frommolt
Songs of River Warblers and Grasshopper Warblers. Recordings used in Czocherová et al. 2021, “Czocherová I., Rubáčová L., Petrusek A., Petrusková T., Contrasting patterns of geographical song variation in two closely related passerine species with a simple song.". Journal of Ornithology

DiSSCo Prepare Deliverable D3.1 \"Summary Insights and Recommendations on DiSSCo Competencies and Digital Maturity\"

Helen Hardy, Anne Koivunen, Quentin Groom, Patricia Mergen, Frederik Berger, Peter Giere, Sabine von Mering, Rui Figueira, Pedro Arsénio & Alexandra Cartaxana

Life-history and ecological traits of tropical forest frogs

Mareike Petersen & Mark-Oliver Rödel
Life-history and ecological traits of tropical forest frogs. Given are the species, the trait, its definition, the scale of measurement, and the unit (ratio) or levels (nominal, ordinal) of the respective trait. Data used in the paper published as: https://doi.org/10.1186/s12898-017-0135-y

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