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Resistance to flooding of different species of terrestrial oribatid mites (Acari, Oribatida)

Lisa Bardel & Tobias Pfingstl
plastron | larviparity | survival time | aquatic | fresh water

Lessons from the WBF2020: extrinsic and intrinsic value of soil organisms

Helen R. P. Phillips, Léa Beaumelle, Nico Eisenhauer, Jes Hines & Linnea C. Smith

Experimental tools for addressing effects of complex substance mixtures in soil

Matthias C. Rillig

On the life cycle and parasitism of the trombiculid mite Hirsutiella hexasternalis (Kudryashova, 1998) (Acariformes, Trombiculidae)

Andrey B. Shatrov
individual development | morphology of larvae | host-parasite interaction | Trombiculidae

Lazy hitchhikers? Preliminary evidence for within-habitat phoresy in pygmephoroid mites (Acari, Scutacaridae)

Julia Baumann, Francisco Ferragut & Sanja Šimić
association | phoretic transport | termites | phoronts | Imparipes

Distribution and diversity of earthworms (Lumbricidae) in Hesse (Central Germany): current knowledge

Jörg Römbke, Wolfgang H. O. Dorow & Stephan Jänsch
Soil invertebrates | Annelida | Strict Forest Reserves | Monitoring

Recommendations for establishing global collaborative networks in soil ecology

Fernando T. Maestre & Nico Eisenhauer
The complexity and transnational nature of environmental issues our societies are facing, and the need to build scientific capacity building in many regions of the world, require the establishment of global collaborative research networks that include a diverse representation of scientists from multiple geographical, cultural and socio-economical backgrounds. This topic is currently gaining relevance in the field of soil ecology, as awareness is increasing that recognizing, addressing, and predicting the changes that soils are facing...

Soil fauna contribution to winter decomposition in subalpine grasslands

Sylvain Coq & Sébastien Ibanez
Cold biomes significantly contribute to the global carbon cycle, and decomposition in these ecosystems is expected to be affected by climatic change. Modifications of snow cover patterns are expected to affect litter decomposition, but the underlying mechanisms remain unclear. In this study, we investigated whether soil meso- and microfauna significantly contribute to wintertime decomposition. Using litterbags with two mesh sizes (68 µm and 1500 µm), we found that small mesh litterbags reduced winter decomposition in...

Climate change effects on earthworms - a review

Jaswinder Singh , Martin Schädler, Wilian Demetrio, George G. Brown & Nico Eisenhauer
Climate change can have a plethora of effects on organisms above and below the ground in terrestrial ecosystems. Given the tremendous biodiversity in the soil and the many ecosystem functions governed by soil organisms, the drivers of soil biodiversity have received increasing attention. Various climatic factors like temperature, precipitation, soil moisture, as well as extreme climate events like drought and flood have been shown to alter the composition and functioning of communities in the soil....

Obituary Dr Walter Hüther (1931-2019)

Peter Decker, Bärbel Benz, Karsten Hannig, Birgit Hüther & Michael Hüther

Enchytraeid assemblages at the foot of a talus slope in Skansbukta on the Arctic island of Spitsbergen

Jiří Schlaghamersky & Miloslav Devetter
Enchytraeids are an important component of Arctic ecosystems both as decomposers and part of the foodchain. Compared to other regions of the High Arctic, the enchytraeid fauna of Spitsbergen and some other islands of the Svalbard archipelago have been explored rather well but we still lack information from many areas and specific habitats. In August 2018, potworms (Annelida: Clitellata: Enchytraeidae) were sampled on the lower portion of a talus slope and in the flat area...

Soil quality, leaf litter quality, and microbial biomass interactively drive soil respiration in a microcosm experiment

Mengyun Liu, Simone Cesarz, Nico Eisenhauer, Hanping Xia, Shenglei Fu & Dylan Craven

Distribution of earthworm growth stages along a naturally occurring soil salinity gradient

Caley Gasch, Rodney Utter & Abbey Wick

Variations in trophic niches of generalist predators with plant community composition as indicated by stable isotopes and fatty acids

Odette González Macé, Anne Ebeling, Nico Eisenhauer, Simone Cesarz & Stefan Scheu
spider | Lycosidae | beetle | Carabidae | grassland | diet

Edaphobase Data Policy

David John Russell

Testing soil nematode extraction efficiency using different variations of the Baermann-funnel method

Simone Cesarz, Annika Eva Schulz, Rémy Beugnon & Nico Eisenhauer
soil organisms | comparability | reproducibility | extraction methods

Why are there so many exotic Springtails in Australia? A review.

Penelope Greenslade
invasion biology | decomposition | soil nutrients | exotic plants | competitive traits

Addition of polyester in soil affects litter decomposition rates but not microarthropod communities

Carlos Barreto, Matthias C. Rillig & Zoë Lindo

Biodiversity in agricultural used soils: Threats and options for its conservation in Germany and Europe

Moritz Nabel, Christian Selig, Johanna Gundlach, Henrike von der Decken & Manfred Klein

The TeaComposition initiative: Unleashing the power of international collaboration to understand litter decomposition

Ika Djukic, Sebastian Kepfer-Rojas, Inger Kappel Schmidt, Klaus Steenberg Larsen, Claus Beier, Björn Berg, Kris Verheyen, Stacey M. Trevathan-Tackett, Peter I. Macreadie, Michael Bierbaumer, Guillaume Patoine, Nico Eisenhauer, Carlos A. Guerra, Fernando T. Maestre, Frank Hagedorn, Alessandro Oggioni, Caterina Bergami, Barbara Magagna, TaeOh Kwon, Hideaki Shibata &

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