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A peculiar new species of Scutisotoma Bagnall, 1949 (Collembola: Isotomidae) from Brazil

Maria Cleide de Mendonça & Tatiana Christina da Silveira
Biodiversity | Neotropic | springtail | taxonomy

Unearthing soil ecological observations

Carlos A. Guerra, Diana H. Wall & Nico Eisenhauer

BODENTIERhoch4: A new citizen science tool for the determination and monitoring of soil organisms

Anika Neu, Andreas Allspach, Kristin Baber, Peter Decker & Willi E. R. Xylander

Organic farming and moderate tillage change the dominance and spatial structure of soil Collembola communities but have little effects on bulk abundance and species richness

Mikhail B. Potapov, Anna I. Bokova, Charlene Janion-Scheepers, Natalia A. Kuznetsova, Miryam S. Merk, Ksenia S. Panina, Anton M. Potapov & Anna K. Saraeva

Dispersion of nematodes (Rhabditida) in the guts of slugs and snails

Walter Sudhaus
rhabditids | accidental phoresis | endophoresis | necromeny | dispersal | Phasmarhabditis

Soil Gamasina from savanna and ReviTec site of Ngaoundéré (Adamawa, Cameroon): abundance and species diversity

Dieudonné Djackba Danra, Elias Nchiwan Nukenine & Hartmut Koehler
ReviTec | Gamasina | Cameroon | savanna | high Guinean savanna ecozone

Various evolutionary avenues of Nematoda to parasitism in Gastropoda

Walter Sudhaus
necromeny | parasitoidism | larval parasitism | paratenic host | host switch

Monthly variation of leaf litter Collembola in the tropical rainforest of Los Tuxtlas, Veracruz, Mexico

José G. Palacios, Blanca E. Mejía, Rosamond Coates, Martha Madora & Gabriela Castaño
Springtails | pitfall traps | seasonal variation | abundance

A morphology-based identification key to the Cognettia species of the world (Clitellata: Enchytraeidae)

Svante Martinsson
Annelida | Chamaedrilus

Enchytraeus demutatus sp. nov. (Enchytraeidae, Oligochaeta) has characters hitherto unrecorded in the genus

Rüdiger M. Schmelz, Mårten J. Klinth, Christina Chalkia, Pelagia Anastasiadou & Evangelia Vavoulidou
A new species of enchytraeids with peculiar characters is described, Enchytraeus demutatus sp. nov. The species differs from all known species of Enchytraeus in features of the oesophageal appendages and the male efferent apparati. The oesophageal appendages insert ventro-laterally below the pharyngeal pad and not dorsally behind the pad, as is usual in the genus; furthermore, their histology is different. The male efferent apparati have each an unusually wide and short vas deferens, and accessory...

Effects of steam sterilization on soil abiotic and biotic properties

Peter Dietrich, Simone Cesarz, Nico Eisenhauer & Christiane Roscher

Soil Oligochaeta communities after 9 decades of continuous fertilization in a bare fallow experiment

Céline Pelosi, Gergely Boros, Folkert van Oort & Olaf Schmidt

Comparison of soil invertebrate communities in organic and conventional production systems in Southern Brazil

Wilian Demetrio, Orlando Assis, Cintia C. Niva, Marie L. C. Bartz, Leocimara Paes, Guilherme Cardoso, Everaldo dos Santos, Márcia Marzagão, Herlon Nadolny, Klaus D. Sautter & George G. Brown

Faunistics of oribatid mites (Acari, Oribatida) in dry grassland sites in the Eisack Valley (South Tyrol, Prov. Bolzano, Italy)

Heinrich Schatz
Alps | species assemblages | distribution | ecology

Towards a global synthesis of Collembola knowledge – challenges and potential solutions

Anton Potapov, Bruno Bellini, Steven Chown, Louis Deharveng, Frans Janssens, Ľubomír Kováč, Natalia Kuznetsova, Jean-François Ponge, Mikhail Potapov, Pascal Querner, David Russell, Xin Sun, Feng Zhang & Matty Berg

No effect of liming on the Eastern Red-backed Salamander after 5 years

Jean-David Moore

Global monitoring of soil animal communities using a common methodology

Anton M. Potapov, Xin Sun, Andrew D. Barnes, Maria J. I. Briones, George G. Brown, Erin K. Cameron, Chih-Han Chang, Jérôme Cortet, Nico Eisenhauer, André L.C. Franco, Saori Fujii, Stefan Geisen, Konstantin B. Gongalsky, Carlos Guerra, Jari Haimi, I. Tanya Handa, Charlene Janion-Scheepers, Kamil Karaban, Zoë Lindo, Jérôme Mathieu, María Laura Moreno, Maka Murvanidze, Uffe N. Nielsen, Stefan Scheu & Olaf Schmidt

Experimental warming weakens positive plant diversity effects on pitfall trap sampled ant diversity

Adam Thomas Clark, Nico Eisenhauer & David Tilman

Climate-change effects on the sex ratio of free-living soil nematodes – perspective and prospect

Carla Klusmann, Simone Cesarz, Marcel Ciobanu, Olga Ferlian, Malte Jochum, Martin Schädler, Stefan Scheu, Marie Sünnemann, Diana H. Wall & Nico Eisenhauer

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