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Soil quality, leaf litter quality, and microbial biomass interactively drive soil respiration in a microcosm experiment

Mengyun Liu, Simone Cesarz, Nico Eisenhauer, Hanping Xia, Shenglei Fu & Dylan Craven

Distribution of earthworm growth stages along a naturally occurring soil salinity gradient

Caley Gasch, Rodney Utter & Abbey Wick

Microplastics and phagotrophic soil protists: evidence of ingestion

Eric P. Kanold, Matthias C. Rillig & Pedro M. Antunes

The TeaComposition initiative: Unleashing the power of international collaboration to understand litter decomposition

Ika Djukic, Sebastian Kepfer-Rojas, Inger Kappel Schmidt, Klaus Steenberg Larsen, Claus Beier, Björn Berg, Kris Verheyen, Stacey M. Trevathan-Tackett, Peter I. Macreadie, Michael Bierbaumer, Guillaume Patoine, Nico Eisenhauer, Carlos A. Guerra, Fernando T. Maestre, Frank Hagedorn, Alessandro Oggioni, Caterina Bergami, Barbara Magagna, TaeOh Kwon, Hideaki Shibata &

Biodiversity in agricultural used soils: Threats and options for its conservation in Germany and Europe

Moritz Nabel, Christian Selig, Johanna Gundlach, Henrike von der Decken & Manfred Klein

The nematode fauna from the top soil to the vadose zone in a forested groundwater recharge area

Christin Hemmerling, Michael Ackermann & Liliane Ruess

Impact of rainforest conversion into monoculture plantation systems on pseudoscorpion density, diversity and trophic niches

Dana Fabienne Liebke, Danilo Harms, Rahayu Widyastuti, Stefan Scheu & Anton M. Potapov

Efficiency of sampling methods for capturing soil-dwelling ants in three landscapes in southern Cameroon

Paul Serge Mbenoun Massé, Zephirin Tadu, Djieto Lordon Champlain, Ruth Mony, Martin Kenne & Maurice Tindo

Die Edaphobase-Länderstudien – Synökologische Untersuchungen von Bodenorganismen in einem Biotop- und Standortgradienten in Deutschland 2014–2018

Andreas Toschki, Ulrich Burkhardt, Henning Haase, Hubert Höfer, Stephan Jänsch, Johanna Oellers, Jörg Römbke, Martina Roß-Nickoll, Jörg-Alfred Salamon, Rüdiger M. Schmelz, Björn Scholz-Starke & David Russell

Shells of the Roman snail are important microhabitats for soil invertebrates

Claudia Tluste & Klaus Birkhofer

Assessing a ReviTec Measure to Combat Soil Degradation by studying Acari and Collembola from Ngaoundéré, Adamawa, Cameroon

Dieudonné Djackba Danra, Hartmut Koehler & Elias Nchiwan Nukenine

Unearthing soil ecological observations

Carlos A. Guerra, Diana H. Wall & Nico Eisenhauer

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