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Collection specimens used for phylogenetic analysis in Dipterans (Animalia)

Katharina Schneeberg
Detailed description of the data set from the thesis of Dr. rer. nat. Katharina Schneeberg: "The evolution of head structures in Diptera and the phylogeny of the order", Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena (2014) as part of the DFG project "The Evolution of larval and adult features in Diptera (Insecta). DFG RB 1789/6"

Automatic accoustic Monitoring and Inventoring of BIODiversity

Animals use acoustic vocalisation as a very efficient means of communication because the sound does not require visual contact between emitter and receiver, it can travel over long distances and can carry the information content under low visibility conditions. Animals use sound for mate attraction, territorial defence and for early warning of other members of the species of the presence of dangerous predators. Acoustic surveying can be used for rapid assessment programmes (RAP), which quickly...

ZFMK Mammalia collection

The mammalian collection at the collection at the Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig houses about 100,000 specimens representing 1,800 species of mammals. All recent orders and 87% of the families are represented. There are 100 primary type specimens (holo-, lecto- and neotypes) and 500 paratypes; including those of extinct species.

Crossing the Weber Line: First record of the Giant Bluetongue Skink Tiliquagigas (Schneider, 1801) (Squamata: Scincidae) from Sulawesi, Indonesia

Thore Koppetsch, Letha L. Wantania, Farnis B. Boneka & Wolfgang Böhme
We report for the first time the Giant Bluetongue Skink Tiliqua gigas (Schneider, 1801) from the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. This find constitutes the westernmost record for the species and represents the first record of TiliquaGray, 1825 from west of the Weber Line and for Wallacea. The possible origin of the specimen found and its taxonomic status are discussed in a biogeographical context.

Serial sections of Magelona mirabilis head

Patrick Beckers
Image stacks of histological sections of Magelona mirabilis head displaying head morphology and nervous system.

The Ichthyology collection at Zoological Research Museum Koenig

The ichthyological collection at the collection at the Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig contains mainly freshwater fishes, with emphasis on South American and later on European, African and Asian species.

ZFMK Diptera collection

The dipteran collection at the Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig contains some 300,000 specimens of more than 6000 species. The majority of specimens are pinned, but also includes of large alcohol collection of Tipulidae s.lat. In addition to 327 primary types (excluding the Phoridae), 32 are represented by syntypes and 295 species represented by secondary types. The holdings include the following important specialist collections: Phoridae (H. Schmitz, E. Beyer, E. Baumann), Tipuloidea (B. Mannheims, H....

Southeast Asian pholcid spiders: diversity and phylogenetic relationships and multiple convergent shifts among microhabitats

Bernhard A. Huber
Pholcid spiders are among the most diverse spider families but their mainly tropical distribution and lack of specialists have long hampered knowledge about the group. A concentrated effort over the last 15 years has dramatically improved the situation but Southeast Asian taxa remain a major gap of knowledge. The present project aims at closing this gap and focuses, apart from the taxonomy, on three major questions: (1) how do Southeast Asian taxa fit into the...

ZFMK Coleoptera Oberthuer Collection

The Oberthuer collection at the Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig.

Taxonomic review of the ant genus Lepisiota Santschi, 1926 (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Formicinae) from India

Aijaz Ahmad Wachkoo, Himender Bharti & Shahid Ali Akbar
The species-rank taxonomy of the genus Lepisiota Santschi, 1926 in India is revised. Thirteen species are re-cognized, with two described as new: L. layla sp. n. and L. mayri sp. n. The three previously infraspecific taxa L. integra stat. nov., L. pulchella stat. rev. and L. wroughtonii stat. rev. are elevated to species rank. Four species or subspecies are excluded from the Indian Lepisiota fauna: L. capensis (Mayr, 1862), L. frauenfeldi (Mayr, 1855), L. rothneyi...

Ugyopini of New Caledonia (Hemiptera: Fulgoromorpha: Delphacidae: Asiracinae) with a description of Notuchus linnavuoriisp. nov.

Cezary Gębicki, Marcin Walczak, Piotr Krupa & Małgorzata Kalandyk-Kołodziejczyk
The paper presents information about species of Ugyopini, Fennah, 1979 from New Caledonia. One new spe-cies from New Caledonia is described, Notuchus linnavuorii sp. nov., with notes on the morphological details of selected external structures. An identification key to all of the species of Notuchus Fennah, 1969 and a checklist of the species of this genus are also provided. The male terminalia of three species of the genus Ugyops Guérin-Méneville, 1834 (U. inermis Distant, 1920,...

A review of the genus Leptaulax Kaup, 1868 (Coleoptera: Passalidae) from Vietnam, with the first record of L. loebli Kon, Johki Araya, 2003

Phu Van Pham, Masahiro Kon, Nhi Thi Pham, Nga Quynh Thi Cao & Tru Hoang Vu
This overview of the passalid genus Leptaulax Kaup, 1868 in Vietnam is based on literature and examined specimens. A total of six species is recorded, of which Leptaulax loebli Kon, Johki Araya, 2003 is recorded for the first time for the fauna of Vietnam. An identification key to all Vietnamese Leptaulax species is provided.

New records and an updated checklist of amphibians and snakes from Tuyen Quang Province, Vietnam

Dzung Trung Le, Anh Mai Luong, Cuong The Pham, Tien Quang Phan, Son Lan Hung Nguyen, Thomas Ziegler & Truong Quang Nguyen
We provide a checklist of 57 species of amphibians and 42 species of snakes from Tuyen Quang Province, northern Vietnam. Ten species of amphibians and five species of snakes were recorded for the first time from Tuyen Quang Province. Based on the new herpetological collection from this province we provide the descriptions of newly recorded species. The herpetofauna of Tuyen Quang Province contains a high level of conservation concern with four species endemic to Vietnam,...

Revised catalogue of monotremes and marsupials in the historic mammal collection housed at Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali of Torino, Italy

Luca Ghiraldi1, Ana Paula Carmignotto, Vera Tosetto, Sandy Ingleby & Mark D.B. Eldridge
The historic collection of the Museo di Zoologia and of the Museo di Anatomia Comparata of Torino University (Italy), now hosted at Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali of Torino, contains almost 3000 mammal specimens, in addi-tion to 200 almost complete skeletons and an undefined number of skeletal units. The present work, which is part of a larg-er project whose aim is to make a complete revision of the specimens still present in the historic collection,...

First record of Eremias kakari Masroor et al., 2020 (Squamata: Lacertidae) for Afghanistan

Daniel Jablonski & Rafaqat Masroor
The presented paper reports on the first record of Eremias kakari Masroor, Khisroon, Khan, Jablonski, 2020 for Afghanistan based on morphological data obtained from one specimen stored for 49 years in the Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig, Bonn, Germany. Up to now, the species was known only from the type locality in Pakistani Balochistan.

Revision of the Trichoclinocera yixianensis species-group from eastern Asia (Diptera: Empididae: Clinocerinae)

Toyohei Saigusa & Bradley J. Sinclair
The Trichoclinocerayixianensis species-group from eastern Asia is revised and includes five species: T. emotoisp. nov., T. maculata sp. nov., T. nakanishii sp. nov., T. pakistanensis sp. nov. and T. yixianensis Li Yang, 2009. A key to all five species is provided and their distributions mapped.

The biodiverse rotifers (Rotifera: Eurotatoria) of Northeast India: faunal heterogeneity, biogeography, richness in diverse ecosystems and interesting species assemblages

Bhushan Kumar Sharma & Sumita Sharma
The biodiverse Rotifera of northeast India (NEI) revealed 303 species belonging to 53 genera and 24 families; ~96% of these species examined from seven states of NEI affirm the rotifer heterogeneity of our plankton and semi-plank-ton collections. This study documents the record number of species of global and regional biogeographic interest, high-lights affinity with Southeast Asian and Australian faunas, and indicates notable heterogeneity in richness and composition amongst the seven northeastern states. The speciose rotifers...

Terrestrial small mammal assemblage from pellets of three sympatric owl species in the Mount Oku area (Northwest Cameroon), with implications for conservation

Guy Martial Ntoungwa Ebague, Alain Didier Missoup, Ernest Keming Chung, Maurice Tindo & Christiane Denys
Mount Oku is well known for its exceptional species diversity for both animals and plants. A total number of 27 species of rodents and six species of shrews are reported from the area. Ten of these species are endemic at local or regional level and are considered as endangered or vulnerable, with a decreasing population trend. They are thus conside-red as having a high conservation importance. We sampled terrestrial small mammals from owl pellets during...

Azara’s spinetails (Aves: Furnariidae). The identity of No. 236 Chiclí and No. 237 Cógogo

Paul Smith
The descriptions of birds provided by Félix de Azara (1742–1821) from his time in Paraguay constituted some of the first and most detailed descriptions of the South American avifauna from the period. Whilst many formed the basis for scientific names still in use today, others have remained inconclusively identified. In this paper the identities of two of these descriptions referring to spinetails of the genus Synallaxis are elucidated. There has been considerable disagreement amongst previous...

ZFMK Pseudoscorpiones collection

The collections of basal arthropods including Pseudoscorpiones at the Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig Bonn

Freshwater halacarid mites (Acari: Halacaridae) from Madagascar – new records, keys and notes on distribution and biology

Ilse Bartsch
Four freshwater halacarid species were previously recorded from Madagascar. They had been extracted from sandy deposits at the banks of streams and creeks. Recently another two species were found, namely Porohalacarusalpi-nus and Soldanellonyxmonardi. On the basis of individuals of these two species, as well as of additional material of the four formerly recorded species (Limnohalacarus cultellatus, Limnohalacarus novus, Lobohalacarus weberi, and Ropo-halacaruspallidus), morphological characters are added to previous descriptions and the male of P. alpinus...

Larval development stages and husbandry of the Rice Frog Microhyla mukhlesuri Hasan et al., 2014 (Anura: Microhylidae)

Nils Behr & Dennis Rödder
We describe captive management and larval development of Microhyla mukhlesuri, a recently described microhylid frog from Bangladesh, southern Yunnan, Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam, at the scientific animal keeping facility of the Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig (ZFMK). Beginning at Gosner stage 25, for each larval stage detailed characteristics are provided and additionally developmental time is compared to other members of the genus Microhyla. Herein, we present first observations on captive reproduction of the species.

ZFMK Blattodea collection

The Blattodea Collection at the Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig contains large parts of the collection of Johann Klapperich as well as the collections of D. Bornhalm, Sigfrid Ingrisch, Josef Szijj and the permanent loan of the Zoo Cologne.

ZFMK Herpetology collection

The herpetological collection houses more than 100,000 catalogued specimens. Amphibians and reptiles are traditionally combined in the collection, with the latter making up nearly two thirds of the total specimens. The collection includes type specimens of around 650 taxa, among them more than 300 primary types (i.e. holotypes, lectotypes, and neotypes) and 100 syntypes that objectively define a scientific name and are literally irreplaceable. The majority of specimens is wet material preserved in ethanol, but...

Media and additional measurements belonging to the description of Cophyla fortuna (Microhylidae, Cophylinae)

Teddy Bruy
Additional media and measurements belonging to the description of Cophyla fortuna

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