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doi:10.17035/D.2016.0008119129 Dataset : Laser processing data
Williams, E • Brousseau, EB
subject: Laser Manufacturing Methods
description: This is the complete data set for a research study that focused on the nanosecond laser processing
title: Nanosecond laser processing of Vitreloy 1 with single pulses
resourceType: Laser processing data
# 2
doi:10.7283/R3ZW26 Dataset : Terrestrial Laser Point Cloud
Dr. Dan McGrath • Brendan Hodge
resourceType: Terrestrial Laser Point Cloud
# 3
doi:10.7283/R3V30K Dataset : Terrestrial Laser Scanner Point Cloud
Dr. Dan McGrath • Brendan Hodge
resourceType: Terrestrial Laser Scanner Point Cloud
# 4
Brunetti, Enrico
subject: laser
description: -rostock.de/en/physik-forschung/research-groups/qtmps/qprop/) for the interaction of a laser beam with hydrogen atoms for intensities up to 1e16 W/cm2, frequencies
# 5
doi:10.14457/CU.THE.1989.1 Dataset : Dataset
สมศักดิ์ ปัญญาแก้ว
title: Laser Holography /
# 6
Bhavin Bhatrasupong
subject: CO2 Laser
title: Surface hardening of steels by using a CO2 laser with black color coating
# 7
Parrotta, Daniele Carmine
subject: Laser
description: , and 7). The experimental data are about the characterization of the laser systems reported in the
# 8
Arnold, Aidan • McGilligan, James Patrick
subject: Laser cooling
# 9
doi:10.4225/25/5981136B54FE3 Dataset : Dataset
Feitz, A.J.
subject: laser
description: , https://github.com/GeoscienceAustralia/atmospheric_tomography_laser
title: Atmospheric Tomography Laser
# 10
doi:10.5518/107 Dataset : Dataset
Han, Yingjun
subject: F361 - Laser physics
description: We demonstrate an extraction-controlled terahertz frequency quantum cascade laser experimentally
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