A room acoustics model and simulated impulse responses of a living room

Axel Ahrens & Kasper Duemose Lund
A set of 21 room impulse responses simulated in ODEON (commercial and proprietary software, www.odeon.dk) and auralized for the audio-visual immersion lab (AVIL, 64 channels; Ahrens et al., 2019), using the LORA toolbox (Favrot et al., 2010).The dataset contains seven azimuth locations (-90:30:90 degrees) and three distances (1.4m, 2.4m, 3.4m).
Example:IR01 refers to -90degrees (left), 1.4m distance.IR07 refers to 90degrees (right), 1.4m distance.
IR08 refers to -90degrees (left), 2.4m distance.
IR21 refers to 90degrees (right), 3.4m distance.

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