Hemodynamic performance of stage-2 univentricular reconstruction: Glenn vs. hemi-Fontan templates.

Kerem Pekkan, Lakshmi P. Dasi, Diane De Zélicourt, , Mark A. Fogel, Kirk R. Kanter & Ajit P Yoganathan
Flow structures, hemodynamics and the hydrodynamic surgical pathway resistances of the final stage functional single ventricle reconstruction, namely the total cavopulmonary connection (TCPC) anatomy, have been investigated extensively. However, the second stage surgical anatomy (i.e., bi-directional Glenn or hemi-Fontan template) has received little attention. We thus initiated a multi-faceted study, involving magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), phase contrast MRI, computational and experimental fluid dynamics methodologies, focused on the second stage of the procedure. Twenty three-dimensional computer...
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