In vitro hemodynamic evaluation of ventricular suction conditions of the EVAHEART ventricular assist pump.

Antonio Ferreira, Yih-Choung Yu, Dorian K. Arnold, Stijn Vandenberghe, Jonathan Grashow, Tomoya Kitano, David Borzelleca & James Antaki
Purpose: Mismatches between pump output and venous return in a continuous-flow ventricular assist device may elicit episodes of ventricular suction. This research describes a series of in vitro experiments to characterize the operating conditions under which the EVAHEART centrifugal blood pump (Sun Medical Technology Research Corp., Nagano, Japan) can be operated with minimal concern regarding left ventricular (LV) suction. Methods: The pump was interposed into a pneumatically driven pulsatile mock circulatory system (MCS) in the...
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