Panel on Household Finances 2nd Wave

Tobias Schmidt, Junyi Zhu, Julia Le Blanc, Panagiota Tzamourani, Kristina Altmann, Eniko Gabor, Daniel Werner & Lien Pham-Dao
The PHF scientific use file Wave 2 Version 2.0 data set is the first updated version of the wave 2 PHF data set and consists of the following five Stata files: PHF_h_wave2_v2_0.dta, PHF_p_wave2_v2_0.dta, PHF_m_wave2_v2_0.dta, PHF_d_wave2_v2_0.dta and PHF_w_wave2_v2_0.dta. The major changes in SUF Wave 2 Version 2.0 compared to SUF Wave 2 Version 1.0 are as follows: A set of derived variables has been included (PHF_d_wave2_v2_0.dta) An improved imputation algorithm (especially with regard to the gross/net...
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