EURADOS Intercomparison 2014 for Whole Body Dosemeters in Photon Fields

Hannes Stadtmann, Andrew F. McWhan, Tom W.M. Grimbergen, Markus Figel, Ana M. Romero, Christian Gärtner & Christian Hranitzky
Abstract: EURADOS Working Group 2 has developed a system for self-sustained programme of regular intercomparisons (ICs), (Figel, M. Report to Council, WG02-SG2, 2007). The first three ICs, which were all for whole body dosemeters in photon fields, were carried out between 2008 and 2012 (IC2008, IC2010, IC2012). In addition, two ICs with different scopes were carried out, one for extremity dosemeters in photon and beta fields (IC2009ext) and one for whole-body dosemeters in neutron fields...
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