Evaluation of the Impact of the New ICRU Operational Quantities and Recommendations for their Practical Application

P. Gilvin, M. Caresana, J.-F. Bottollier-Depois, V. Chumak, I. Clairand, J. Eakins, P. Ferrari, O. Hupe, P. Olko, A. Röttger, R.J. Tanner, F. Vanhavere, E. Bakhanova, V. Bandalo, D. Ekendahl, H. Hödlmoser, D. Matthiä, G. Reitz, M. Latocha, P. Beck, D. Thomas & R. Behrens
Abstract: The International Commissions on Radiation Units and Measurements (ICRU) and on Radiological Protection (ICRP) have published a joint report, as ICRU Report 95, recommending new operational quantities for use in radiological protection. The new quantities have been devised to address known problems with the existing ones, including the need to cover a wider range of radiation types and energies, for example arising from the increasing use of proton therapy in clinical procedures. Also related...
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