X-ray evolution of the nova V959 Mon suggests a delayed ejection and a non-radiative shock

Thomas Nelson, Koji Mukai, Laura Chomiuk, Jennifer L. Sokoloski, Justin D. Linford, Thomas Finzell, Amy J. Mioduszewski, Michael P. Rupen, Jennifer Weston & Raimundo Lopes De Oliveira
X-ray observations of shocked gas in novae can provide a useful probe of the dynamics of the ejecta. Here we report on X-ray observations of the nova V959 Mon, which was also detected in GeV gamma-rays with the Fermi satellite. We find that the X-ray spectra are consistent with a two-temperature plasma model with non-solar abundances. We interpret the X-rays as due to shock interaction between the slow equatorial torus and the fast polar outflow...
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