Immunohistochemical Protein Quantitation: Establishing Optimal Conditions For Linear Changes In Signal Detection As A Function Of Bound Antibody And The Relationships Be-Tween Staining Intensity, Protein Levels, And Messenger Rna For Tyrosine Hydroxylase Within Rat Brain Tissue Sections

Olatoundji Abdou Yessoufou
Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is used in pathology for diagnosis of dis-ease and in basic research for studying where biomolecules reside. It is prob-lematic, however, that quantitative evaluation of substances stained by IHC is not well accepted. Demonstration that product formed by an antibody/enzyme complex (i.e., stain) is linear with respect to the amount of antibody bound is key. The objective of this work was devise assay conditions that enable a linear relation between the stain level...
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