Modeling the Effects of Habitat Fragmentation on the Movements of the Mongolian Gazelle in the Eastern Mongolian Steppe

C. Gibb, M. Kleyman, M. Koelbel, R. Natoli, K. Orlando, M. Rice, C. Weber & W. Weston-Dawkes
The Mongolian gazelle, Procapra gutturosa, resides in the immense and dynamic ecosystem of the Eastern Mongolian Steppe. The Mongolian Steppe ecosystem dynamics, including vegetation availability, change rapidly and dramatically due to unpredictable precipitation patterns. The Mongolian gazelle has adapted to this unpredictable vegetation availability by making long range nomadic movements. However, predicting these movements is challenging and requires a complex model. An accurate model of gazelle movements is needed, as rampant habitat fragmentation due to...
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