Extending Science from Lunar Laser Ranging

Vishnu Viswanathan, Erwan Mazarico, Stephen Merkowitz, James G. Williams, Slava G. Turyshev, Douglas G. Currie, Anton I. Ermakov, Nicolas Rambaux, Agnès Fienga, Clément Courde, Julien Chabé, Jean-Marie Torre, Adrien Bourgoin, Ulrich Schreiber, Thomas M. Eubanks, Chensheng Wu, Daniele Dequal, Simone Dell Agnello, Liliane Biskupek, Jürgen Müller & Sergei Kopeikin
The Lunar Laser Ranging (LLR) experiment has accumulated 50 years of range data of improving accuracy from ground stations to the laser retroreflector arrays (LRAs) on the lunar surface. The upcoming decade offers several opportunities to break new ground in data precision through the deployment of the next generation of single corner-cube lunar retroreflectors and active laser transponders. This is likely to expand the LLR station network. Lunar dynamical models and analysis tools have the...
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