Osservazioni sui meccanismi di locomozione dell’autore della Pista A delle “Ciampate del diavolo”

Alessandro Mondanaro, Adolfo Panarello, Maria Modafferi, Marina Melchionna, Carmela Serio, Francesco Carotenuto, Stefano Tavani, Paolo Mietto & Pasquale Raia
The world-famous Roccamonfina site represents one among the very few opportunities to investigate about the evolution of bipedal locomotion of Middle Pleistocene humans. The site includes at least 80, finely preserved human footprints in anatomical position, divided into four trackways. We applied a biomechanical model to verify if the Roccamonfina’s individuals minimized energy expenditure during locomotion, moving downhill along an oblique route cutting the slope in order to avoid the steepest gradient. In keeping with...
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