LFA-1 antigen identifies immature stages of human NK cell differentiation

Genny Del Zotto, Flavia Buccella, Barbara Canonico, Francesca Luchetti, Fulvio Palma, Stefano Papa & Loris Zamai
Background. Human Natural killer (NK) cells are characterized by NK cell receptors (NKRs) with inhibitory and activatory function that finely control their functional activities. In particular, they express inhibitory receptors for MHC class I molecules, named killer cell immunoglobulin (Ig)-like receptors (KIRs) and C-type lectin CD94-CD159a, and many triggering molecules like NKp30, NKp44, NKp46, (called natural cytotoxicity receptors, NCRs), NKG2D, CD161, and CD244. The majority of peripheral blood human NK cells are characterized by a...
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