BDNF and FGF-2 in the development of human striatal primordium. An in vitro study

Erica Sarchielli, Mirca Marini, Ferdinando Paternostro, Emanuela Barletta, Pasquale Gallina & Gabriella B. Vannelli
Rebuilding brain structure and neural circuitries by transplantation of fetal tissue is a strategy to repair the damaged nervous system and is currently being investigated using striatal primordium in Huntington’s disease (HD) patients (Lancet Neurol 2011;10:83-98). We recently demonstrated that neuroblasts of a striatal primordium can develop within the diseased striatum of HD patients and move into the brain after neurotransplantation. Primordium development resulted in the building of a new structure with both morphological and...
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