Sialic acid expression in rat kidney urinary tubule after experimental polymicrobic sepsis

Eleonora Sgambati, Laura Bonaccin, Alessia Tani, Martina Margheri, Giorgia D. Zappoli Thyrion, Luca Vitali, Valentina Selmi, Alessandra Pacini & Chiara Adembri
Investigations have demonstrated that sialic acid play an important role in maintaining the structure and functionality of the kidney tubular wall. In several studies, performed on some renal pathologies, morpho-functional changes of the tubules showed a correlation with altered expression of sialic acid. In sepsis, morpho-functional changes in the tubules and proteoglycans alteration were also observed; no data are available on the expression of sialic acid in these kidney components. Therefore, the aim of this...
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