Anatomical variations of the posterior circulation: case reports and a review of literature

Arturo Consoli, Matteo Cuccuini, Francesca Lorenzini, Andrea Bianchi, Giulia Grazzini, Giulia Scarpini, Ilaria Vitali, Alessandro Iacono, Valentina Mangiafico, Giannantonio Pellicanò & Leonardo Capaccioli
Introduction: The intracranial vascular anatomical variations, although rare, represent a interesting field of research, since many anomalous variants are possible and in most cases they remain asymptomatic. The capability of the cerebral circulation to adapt to several flow changes is confirmed by the fact that in several cases these anatomical variation compensate for an eventual unsuccessful development of the normal circulation, expecially in the posterior section of cerebral circulation.
Materials and Methods: A comprehensive review...
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