Sarcoglycans and integrins in masseter muscle of baboons: an immunohistochemical and molecular study

Giuseppe Anastasi, Angelo Favaloro, Debora Di Mauro, Giuseppina Rizzo, Francesco Speciale & Giuseppe Santoro
The sarcoglycans subcomplex consists of six transmenbrane proteins (α,β,δ,γ,ε,ζ), functionally connected by a bidirectional signalling with integrins, transmembrane receptors that play a key role in cell adhesion and differentiation. b1D-integrin is detected only in skeletal and cardiac muscle, while low amounts of b1A were detected in striated muscles. b1D was associated with α7A and α7B in adult skeletal. Although numerous studies have been carried out on these proteins in many muscle types, insufficient data exist...
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