Epithelium-stroma reciprocal influence in breast cancer. Focus on plasma membrane features related to cell migratory/invasive ability

Cristiana Angelucci, Gina Lama, Anna Colabianchi, Riccardo Masetti & Gigliola Sica
Interactions occurring between malignant cells and stromal microenvironment greatly influence progression of breast cancer. In a previous study, we co-cultured mammary cancer cells exhibiting different degrees of metastatic potential (MDA-MB- 231>MCF-7) with fibroblasts isolated from breast healthy skin (normal fibroblasts, NFs) or breast tumor stroma (cancer-associated fibroblasts, CAFs). In this system, we demonstrated the influence exerted in particular by CAFs on malignant cells, leading to the acquisition of a more aggressive/invasive phenotype (i.e. reduced adhesion,...
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