Critical effects of inorganic phosphate at threshold concentrations on cultured aortic valve interstitial cells. Macroautophagocytosis versus procalcific cell degeneration

Antonella Bonetti, Alberto Della Mora, Magali Contin, Franco Tubaro, Maurizio Marchin & Fulvia Ortolani
The conventional threshold values ascribed to inorganic phosphate concentration ([Pi]) in diagnosing normophosphatemia range between 0.8mM and 1.45mM to 2.0mM [Pi]. In cultures mimicking metastatic calcification ([Pi]=3.0mM) a major role was found to be played by [Pi] (Pi-cultures) in priming a procalcific cell degeneration of bovine aortic valve interstitial cells (bAVICs), with mineralization enhancing subsequent to superstimulation with bacterial lipopolysaccharide (LPS) plus conditioned medium from cultured LPS-stimulated macrophages (Pi-LPS-CM-cultures) [1]. Here, bAVIC primary cultures were...
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