Immunohistochemical detection of progenitor cells in pterygium

M. Corrias, C. Maxia, P. Demurtas, N. Di Girolamo, I. Zucca, D. Murtas, F. Piras, S. Lai, P. Sirigu & M.T. Perra
Pterygium is a degenerative and hyperplastic ocular surface disorder characterized by excessive cell proliferation, inflammation, fibrosis, extracellular matrix remodelling and angiogenesis. Several factors have been thought to be involved in the development of pterygium, however the exact mechanism of its pathogenesis is still unclear. Nestin is almost an acronym for “neuroepithelial stem cell protein”. It is an intermediate filament (IF) protein expressed in proliferating cells during the developmental stages in a variety of embryonic and...
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