Sarcoglycan sub-complex in WAG/Rij rats, a model of absence epilepsy: an immunofluorescence study

Giuseppina Cutroneo, Giovanna Vermiglio, Debora Di Mauro, Giuseppina Rizzo, Elena Florio & Emanuele Magaudda
It is known that even in Central Nervous System the Dystrophin Glycoprotein Complex (DGC) exists but differs in composition from the DGC core present in muscle for the presence of several isoforms of dystrophin and for the existence of a sarcoglycan sub-complex which is made up only for ε- and ζ-sarcoglycans; for these reasons it was called “DGC-like”. Although that, in our previous studies we have found that all sarcoglycans are present in human cerebral...
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