Effect of HEMA on human gingival fibroblasts / Streptococcus mitis adhesion mediated by PKCα/ integrin β 1 intracellular signaling

Viviana Di Giacomo, Stephanie Pacella, Monica Rapino, Mara Di Giulio, Susi Zara, Guya Diletta Marconi & Amelia Cataldi
Human gingival fibroblasts are the major constituents of periodontal connective tissue, exposed to leachable form of dental restorative materials, such as HEMA, undergoing biological effects as reduction of proliferation, occurrence of apoptosis and inflammation. Integrin β 1 is a protein involved not only in the regulation of cell migration, proliferation , survival, apoptosis and differentiation but also in the adhesion eukaryotic/prokaryotic cells (Engels-Deutsch et al.,2011). Since previous reported evidences suggest PKC α as the main...
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