Rapamycin dose-dependently promotes differentiation and cell death in an in vitro model of malignant gliomas

Michela Ferrucci, Gloria Lazzeri, Francesca Biagioni, Alessandro Frati, Antonella Arcella, Marina Flaibani & Antonio Paparelli
Glioblastoma (GB, grade IV astrocytoma) is the most common and lethal brain tumor characterized by increased proliferation and resistance to chemotherapy and radiotherapy. GB infiltrates the brain, always relapses and leads to death within 2 years from diagnosis. At cellular level, relapse and infiltration are correlated with the presence of GB precursors stem-like cells. At molecular level, relapse and infiltration are correlated with upregulation of the mammalian target of rapamycin, mTOR which constantly characterizes malignant...
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