Tissue remodelling in the colonic wall of patients with ulcerative colitis

Chiara Ippolito, Cristina Segnani, Sauro Dini, Barbara Battolla, Maura Castagna, Piero Buccianti, Amelio Dolfi & Nunzia Bernardini
Inflammation-driven tissue remodelling may develop to fibrotic rearrangement. With regard to inflammatory bowel diseases, fibrotic remodelling has been evaluated in Crohn’s disease, while little attention to such processes has been paid to ulcerative colitis (UC) [1]. The present study evaluated the distribution of connective tissue and angiogenesis in colon of patients with UC, paying particular attention to the tonaca muscularis, which is poorly considered in histopathological studies. Full-thickness left colonic samples were obtained from 10...
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