Anatomical variations of the right renal and spermatic arteries: a case report

Giulia Adalgisa Mariani, Lorenzo Maroni, Lorenzo Bianchi, Enrico Lazzarini, Maria Carla Mazzotti, Carolina Moretti, Giacomo Nuvola, Matteo Zoli, Anna Maria Billi, Lucia Manzoli, Patrizia Santi & Lucio Cocco
Knowledge of the anatomy of renal vessels and their anatomical variations (diverse branching from abdominal aorta) represents an indispensable moment for planning and performing surgical operations in this area. Renal arteries originate from abdominal aorta at L1-L2 level. Normally the right renal artery passes behind inferior vena cava and right renal vein, the left one is shorter and passes behind left renal vein. Each renal artery gives inferior adrenal gland arteries and divides in four...
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