Nuclear phospholipase Cβ1 interactome: a morphological and proteomic approach

Manuela Piazzi, Alberto Bavelloni, William Blalock, Roberta Fiume, Antonella D’Angelo, Alessandro Matteucci, Lucio Cocco & Irene Faenza
Inositide-dependent phospholipase Cβ1 (PI-PLCβ1b) has two isoforms generated by alternative splicing (PI-PLCβ1a and PI-PLCβ1b). In murine erythroleukemia (MEL) cells both the isoforms are present within the nucleus, but PI-PLCβ1b is exclusively nuclear. Our group has demonstrated that PI-PLCβ1 nuclear localisation is crucial for its function, although the mechanism by which PI-PLCβ1 is imported into the nucleus has never been carefully investigated. The purpose of the present study was to get more insights on the protein...
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